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  1. Young Adam’s misdemeanours stemmed from having a severe gambling problem , he was a fantastic lad who touched everyone he met but an addiction made him desperate , things he done was solely down to desperation RIP Adam gone too soon
  2. paragraph or 10 would would be good
  3. Call that a result considering the boy couldn’t get a game with our 18s team
  4. I can see that ! Do you have the big shoes to go with costume
  5. Just a realist , Sena away today PMSL
  6. Not kicked his arse and we take him back , I hope NOT
  7. Failed down south then failed at QOS and he’s trialist tonight, WTF is McCall smoking FFS , It’s certainly no fags
  8. McCall hopeless, you really need to listen to his videos when he’s discussed player’s ability and what he thinks of them , basically they have all turned out shite
  9. and it’s certainly not Moi
  10. McCall should be sacked for that signing
  11. Take up another sport to watch clown
  12. never one to be fooled by a bit of spin when shelling out thousands per season following the team I see you fell for the spin like numerous others , me i personally look at ability and what players bring to the team , Are we not a football club ?
  13. Good Evening, have you sorted out those cataracts
  14. Still sure about that ?
  15. He couldn’t hit a cows arse with a machine gun
  16. Colombian is fxckin atrocious
  17. Cargo will be getting tanned early if games off FFS
  18. so didn’t travel due to music being cancelled FFS , What about the game FFS
  19. 7 pints doon in the toon and it’s off to the match
  20. Have you all missed me ?
  21. Battered then for 30 min and then fxcked
  22. That performance done my tits right in today