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  1. Cheers Billy. Hope to catch you next time your up in Glasgow.
  2. Dougie Lochhead now aged 59. Born in Govan to a Partick Thistle supporting father who loathed the OF and steered me on the right path. Was a member of the Erskine thistle supporters bus in the 70s and 80s and I know a few of the guys are on here. A regular at most home games and some away. The eternal optimist.
  3. Well as someone once said you can't please all of the people all of the time. As someone said earlier one league defeat in last 18 games. 6 wins out of last 7 and goals galore. Maybe a double promotion might get you onside?
  4. I'll still be talking about one of the most miraculous thistle comebacks of my time watching them. Looking forward to mccall keeping the team moving forward and I think we may surprise a few teams next year. We have won double promotions before, so why not.
  5. Great night. What a turnaround. Now let's build on it and challenge next year. Nb anyone seen mccall out lately?
  6. Fitness wasn't an issue. I thought cove played better than us, but we still looked dangerous when we got forward. I do think we need to freshen it up on Thursday as much we can. Difficult to say how decent Falkirk will be. They have to go for it so may suit us.
  7. Score early v Falkirk and I can't see them coming back. Let's hope banzo is fit though
  8. Didn't really get going. A good point.
  9. I think they tried to win the game in the first half and maybe didn't pace it quite right? Maybe the efforts of the previous 10 days just caught up with us. Who knows tbh but fatigue for all teams will be a factor this week.
  10. Great first half. Awful second....but yes!
  11. Despair ye not as I'm in your camp that no matter the result there is always a must win games round the corner. Many fans alas are not so optimistic...
  12. Pressure on both teams. More on airdrie as they can't afford to lose from a title aspiration perspective. If we play at our best we will win. Can we really win 5 must win games on the trot....