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  1. Good solid performance. Should have scored a few more. Onwards
  2. Ah the olde must win game cliche. If I had a pound for every occasion this has been stated for PTFC games I would be a rich man indeed. Whatever the result is on Saturday it's certainly not a must win game. I hope we win it but win, lose or draw it wont determine if we challenge for promotion or fight relegation.
  3. I think you'll find Bobby that a huge number of thistle fans are massive Scotland fans. So cheers for the insult. Fantastic we got through and a composed performance. Bring it on next year.
  4. It's difficult but not impossible as some of the doomsday scenarios punted on here. Sooner or later the tide will turn. Who predicted lambies back to back promotions, our superb team under McNamara/Archibald and getting top 6? Virtually no one. I'd love us to be far more stable thats for sure but I'd find it difficult to continually support the club where I didnt imagine better days.
  5. Same could be said of many clubs. Falkirk, Airdrie etc. Yet still they survive. So will we.
  6. And the money is coming from where? Easy to say what you are suggesting but you must know we are skint. Even more so that normal. So empty rhetoric really or do you have a plan b in the financial world?
  7. Agree with the last two paragraphs. I'll say it again, in the current financial climate managers wont be so readily sacked. So little point in stating it in my opinion. I'm gutted we lost in the manner we did and I suspect if it had ended 0 -0 the comments would have been different. Overall still a poor thistle team though.
  8. Truly awful to watch. They had one chance. Took it. What was docherty thinking about.....the team have no guile. I agree mccall should have changed it with 20 to go.
  9. If that figure is correct.....probably better to lock fans out from a financial perspective.! Be very interested to know what other teams figures are.
  10. Bad timing. We were dire last 20 and average to poor first 70. But....we won. Cove game will tell us more.
  11. Terrible last 20 mins but I'll take the win.
  12. Sorted now. Phew. I can imagine lots of calls to office today.....