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  1. Everyone deserves a second chance. Even you Bobby....
  2. I agree we have been rubbish since January Not enjoyed it at all Could another manager done better. Maybe.
  3. Last 10 games I agree the momentum is not with us, but base that on a longer period it is. Just depends on how you view it.
  4. What you are saying is fundamentally true, but every single support says that about their team if there are not promoted, mid table obscurity or relegation fodder. I think McCall deserves and will be given the August to January period to see what occurs. I certainly don't want a hibs scenario where they spend millions paying of managers. Only a fool would wish that on our club
  5. I hate to say it but banzo is just not an automatic starter anymore. Pool player yes. We can't afford midfield players who don't score and simply don't create enough. I'm not a huge fan of doc but he has scored a decent few and if you watch closely he does win plenty of tackles. I'm hoping Turner will prove himself. Looking forward to our loanees being returned. All in all we have progressed last 2 seasons. I expect a big challenge next year. Our signings of dowds and milne appear excellent so some good signs. Enjoy the close season everyone. Nb looking forward to that home game v Dundee!
  6. Just don't have the quality in the final third. Hope we come back stronger next year. I think we will but lots of this team can't cut it.
  7. Graham and Tiff not at the races. I'm not sure they are fully fit tbh. Apart from the mistake I thought doc probably the best of a very average midfield. Still have a slim chance especially if we score first.
  8. Allegria miss killed us. But they were better than us. We did show some fight but ultimately we are just not good enough.
  9. I'll be there. With hope and limited expectation!
  10. Completely out of order. That so called fan should be banned for life.
  11. Let the torture continue. Can only hope that tiffoney and Graham are fit for Tuesday. If not we are truly doomed.
  12. Ah but we are 3 0 down resting everyone it seems.
  13. Always enjoy the fact that when we win our arch critics ( within our support) some how cannot bring themselves to say something positive.
  14. I've no idea how we played....but we won. Onwards