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  1. Of course the game should be discussed. But in my opinion....the early calls for Mcalls head are way over the top. The reality is that in the current financial climate that simply wont happen. I didnt see the game but I agree its worrying if any team appears fitter than us, part time or full time. However as always I'll judge the team and manager after we have played all the teams once.
  2. So I didnt see many of the doom and gloom merchants on here after Tuesdays game. But one game in to the league season after a 9 month competitive break and out you pop. Get a life chaps.
  3. dl1971

    QoS away

    Feared the worst but great result. Are we back in the championship now?
  4. 20,000. If the 0.4% proves accurate. Or 10 thistle fans based on 2500 fan base.
  5. Not one thistle fan at the time mourned nisbet going. Fans like managers simply get it wrong....often. Personally glad the guy has turned his career round.
  6. Not commented for a while. As I wearily make my way through the pseudo scientists and amateur politicians I remain aghast that world leaders dont simply ask those intelligensa on this forum to design our world. Would save a fortune on consultants but may of course be the end of mankind as we know it. Stick to the fitba boys would be my advice.
  7. Cult following for jlow...they are keeping a low profile that's for sure.
  8. I've bought my first season ticket ever after 50 years of supporting the team. I usually go to about 75% of home games and a few away games/cup ties. The main reason is the club need my support more than ever and yep, I feel we have been treated badly. Simple. I'm really hoping both factors will galvanise our performance on the pitch. I could be wrong of course.
  9. McCall managed Ayr to the league 1 title and the play offs in the championship. Is there any reason why that cant be reasonably achieved? No guarantees of course but is record is decent and I'm fairly confident the budget will give us more than a fighting chance.
  10. I meant in general. Getting promoted etc. Fully accept we move on as best we can. Roll on october ;-)
  11. Why support thistle then? Hope by in large is what keeps us coming back. Certainly in my 50 years of supporting the team. And for the record I still have hope that thistle will turn this objectionable decision around.
  12. It's not about whether fans would have stopped going or not, based on the legal route we decided to take. It's about the fans feeling we took a reasonable course of action with the cards we were dealt. I think it's fairly clear that the comfortable majority of fans supported the action, based on my own friends and reaction on social media. If we were to end up hamstrung financially I would agree it was not wise. However.......the only information we have is that our legal fees were being paid. I'd rather think positively rather that add in more concern at a sensitive time for our fan base. If it transpires that the SFA levy a fine of anything between £1 and a million pounds, I'm sure you will resurrect your " I told you so " mantra.
  13. Yep. I posted just before that...
  14. We were told our legal fees were being met. Hopefully iron clad.