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  1. Avoided the nightmare scenarios of away ties in Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth or Livingston. Happy, but I'll be at Holm Park.
  2. Didn't even know this was tonight. Thought it was in Dunfermline tomorrow. This is what our pathetic recent cup record has done. Come on Clydebank v Clyde tomorrow
  3. Graham celebrates as if he's scored. Decoy run to back stick from training?
  4. They had a great header that missed by a baw hair
  5. Everything says home win. Just like Kilmarnock v Thistle and ICT v Dunfermline and Portugal v Serbia If the mindset is right we should be ok
  6. Tiffoney getting all this stick? Why? The only one doing/trying anything and with zero support. Rudden was an absolute joke today. Graham invisible. Mayo my MOTM. Got in a lot of vital blocks etc Actually enjoyed ICT without the pain of actually losing. Decent team: first to everything and quick on the break.
  7. Haven't lost for a while: bad omen. 1 goal conceded in 4: bad omen. On the other hand we are due a narrow win. Who knows?
  8. Been watching the highlights for a while and will definitely get to some games in the near future.
  9. Easy win for Killie. After 25 minutes they were winning every ball, closing us down effectively and we had no answer to it. Long punts and crosses from miles away were never going to cut it. Fair play to Sneddon. He was MOTM for us easily.
  10. What is wrong with Ipswich Town? Downward spiral...the Falkirk of English football.
  11. Not convinced by Sneddon. Give Stone another chance
  12. Going back to Firhill tomorrow for the first time. Using my first ever season ticket. Watched the Arbroath goals today - that was some bad goalkeeping. Prediction: 2-1 tortuous win
  13. Finally arrived 50 years and 1st Season Ticket!
  14. When my first ever season ticket finally arrives do I get Jagzone commentaries as part of the package?
  15. Who is Turner and why is he captain?