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  1. Can we give Smith away? Or... I will chip in £10 to pay him not to play. Anyone else able to contribute? Get Welsh back.
  2. You're not sure about Smith!! He should be off the payroll at midnight
  3. At the start of the season I would have accepted any scenario where we weren't involved in a relegation fight. Big changes needed if we are to be challenging again next season. As for tonight: Inverness will probably progress pretty comfortably
  4. I'm not making the effort. With Turner out Smith will probably play and that's just waving the white flag
  5. Ditto a decent centre back partnership
  6. Since the midfield creativity and forward threat has been absent for the last 6 months and since the clean sheet count has been high I would give the award jointly to Holt and Mayo who have also both contributed match winning goals. Team spirit has taken us a long way since October.
  7. Terrible standard of football on display today. Deserved the win though. Can't say I'm buzzing for the play offs.
  8. Not wildly excited about another 1-0, 0-0, 0-1 But missed last week so might just about manage.
  9. Don't remember anyone complaining about the rules when we were the Premier league team in the play offs.
  10. After the spring sunshine and a nostalgic pint in Tennants en route to Firhill last week I have rekindled my enthusiasm for making the play offs. Peterhead v Thistle and Billy Gibson proved that anything can happen. And there's a few quid to be had as well. We're due a win, Queens are quite shite....2-0 home win guaranteed
  11. Apathy has well and truly engulfed me. I patched the Inverness game, the Hamilton game and didn't even know we were at home tomorrow until 5 minutes ago. But thinking about going tomorrow. Getting to the play offs is important even though we have no chance of going up.
  12. Who do we bring in? Genuinely can't name anyone. Think we have over performed this season with my expectations exceeded massively. If we can get someone better great, but bringing in one of the usual donkeys should not be considered
  13. Dunfermline game on Tuesday is still being televised. We are going to have to get off our knees for that
  14. Stayed at home today Season is basically over: if we make the playoffs the cash will be welcome but getting through 6 games successfully is way beyond us. Pitch also added to the general apathy
  15. Heavy snow forecast for Fife on Friday. Not looking good.