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  1. Mansell scored at the weekend too. Isle of Man Pub league I assume
  2. 1 goal conceded in 6 A small improvement up front would make a huge difference
  3. Know what I would do to Rudden if I had an Iron Fist
  4. Yes I'm sure for everyone except the Premier it's a real possibility. Unless they can introduce testing down the leagues it probably should happen. Where else can you cram 20 guys into a room and hug a bunch of guys outdoors these days? The situation in January looks like being at least as bad as April 2020.
  5. .....are words no one has said on here before.
  6. Agree Drug companies are not trustworthy. It's a boy who cried wolf situation
  7. Hardly surprising My daughter's boyfriend plays for Elgin. 4 guys car sharing going to games etc All have other jobs s mixing all over the place. Do not understand why the lower leagues are still allowed to play when a barber can't open
  8. My 2nd ever Jags game was v East Fife in 1971. We won 4-1 with Jimmy Bone getting a hat trick. But even that amazing Thistle team probably weren't 8/15 favourites that day! What kind of price is that for a terrible team riddled with injury. 15/4 East Fife is crazy in a coin flip game
  9. Zero shots on target after 71 minutes Sounds shite
  10. Is anyone watching on their TV? Or is it laptops only?
  11. Have largely been paying no attention since May but now that actual competitive games are on the horizon I'm quite keen. Slightly disappointed to find Bannigan still kicking around but have no clue about signings etc Won at St Mirren the last 2 times I was there - Christie Elliot's terrible but ultimately great 1st touch after McDaid's handball in the build up. C'mon Thistle!