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  1. Very positive comments. Season ticket will be purchased
  2. Been going to Firhill since 1971. Never had a season ticket. Thinking about it this year. Can't decide. I play in a band and rehearsals and gigs are generally on a Saturday so definitely can't make every game. Help?
  3. Stream packed in at 90 mins. Fair result Thought they won on points
  4. You were right. You are an actual oracle/fount of knowledge/mensa shoe in
  5. We must put everything into beating Airdrie and hoping Cove and Falkirk draw
  6. Falkirk had no shots on target tonight. Looks like their form has crashed at the perfect time for us.
  7. Hamilton at Firhill Doolan x4
  8. Never found an explanation for the m/n anomaly and they need to be punished severely for such nonsense. Same team as Thursday please
  9. Montrose and Airdrie and Peterhead did
  10. Looked at the table Dumbarton have only scored 6 goals all season!!! but have 3 wins and 4 draws...impressive in a very negative way
  11. Too many draws No one has less defeats than us but here we are pathetically struggling for top 4
  12. Not streamed a game yet but as my daughter is going out with a Peterhead player I get the option of a free stream on Saturday. Not sure I want to reading this thread. We do seem to be descending to Bryce like levels of abysmality.
  13. We should definitely rest our key players today Wait a minute we don't have any