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  1. Is anyone watching on their TV? Or is it laptops only?
  2. Have largely been paying no attention since May but now that actual competitive games are on the horizon I'm quite keen. Slightly disappointed to find Bannigan still kicking around but have no clue about signings etc Won at St Mirren the last 2 times I was there - Christie Elliot's terrible but ultimately great 1st touch after McDaid's handball in the build up. C'mon Thistle!
  3. This topic is about stadiums reopening, right?
  4. I have nothing against the club taking legal action but all of the above seems sensible, sadly.
  5. I know, but it’s Belarus!! I didn’t care before and it’s impossible to care now. I am filling the void with doing more of the things I actually enjoyed before lockdown
  6. Can’t get excited at the thought of football in Belarus or Germany without fans. Glad they are finishing their season though. But that would have been impossible here, right?
  7. Dynamo Dresden are isolating after some players tested positive. So that's a massive spanner in the works for Bundesliga 2
  8. Support the team if you can. Don't hold grudges against other teams or fans. Let's see the extent of the mess and do what we can financially. If we were 9th we would have voted yes so forget the moral high ground route I might buy a season for the first time ever for example.
  9. I don't think the historic injustice involving ICT would have stopped us grabbing a lifeline if we were in 9th. I 'm not happy but definitely not enraged. Temporarily restructuring the league for a 1 season no relegation option which would bring justice to Thistle, Hearts, Stranraer and Falkirk makes sense to me but will only go through if premiership teams don't lose financially. Even then 9 out of 12 would need to agree. 11 out of 12 is required for restructuring without financial tie ins. I may be wrong though tbf
  10. We would have voted Yes in a heartbeat. That's why I'm less enraged than some.
  11. You can't bring up those 45 minutes enough. I was 7 and went with my dad and his pal. As we took our seats his encouraging words to me were "Don't be too disappointed when Thistle lose" One of my only memories of that day. The other was the wee inflatable Celtic men that were in vogue and in the crowd. Don't remember the goals or presentations. Do remember Roughie maving a save
  12. Not a Firhill but at the Bernabeau watching Real v Socieodad There was a guy near us shouting witticisms at one of the Madrid players constantly. Everyone around was in stitches. Even me and the wife who had no idea what was being said. It was infectious.
  13. Thoughts: You're an idiot
  14. Billy Abercrombie C**t