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  1. They were true. I know for a fact they were. Far better money on offer, Dundee United are throwing a few quid about at the moment. Tony Watt ran to Dundee from Motherwell. There’s a reason why. ££££££££
  2. Thistle88


    Your boring asf !
  3. Agree completely, but 9 times out of 10 Rumours actually do have something in them. I Reckon Rhodes could go to anyone bar Rangers and Celtic easily. Seems like someone Hearts/Aberdeen would be after.
  4. Elliot was a complete guess from me, just noticed he wasn’t playing for Dundee and would fill the gap Foster has left but I’d expect a first choice right back in also if we are taking him. Think who ever mention Jason Naismith made a great shout anytime I watched him I was always impressed, he got a move down south and got a bad injury a year or 2 back though and I have no idea what he’s like now. Davis I have no idea if he is even leaving Rangers? Rangers fans I know have said he deserves one more year. I’ve watched a few Rangers games this year and In our midfield I probably would take him. I reckon him and Jordan Rhodes might just be complete rumours though?
  5. Lawless is a bit of a surprise to me, I’d have taken him in January because we were short on wide players. He’s a clever player and would be decent to have in the squad but he’s not as quick as he used to be.
  6. Personally I’d rather he didn’t come back, just because of how he left. On the other hand you know what your getting with him and he banged in 10 goals in half a season. And I doubt McIver would have bring money in. Tough decision if it’s true !
  7. Signs a 2 year deal, he still has potential to make us money. I think McCall will take him back if this even has any truth in it though.
  8. I have no idea Haha, I don’t even know if I’d take him back. I’m just the messenger lol. Dunno how I even feel about him returning.
  9. Yeah I’ve always liked him, just an out and out goal scorer no idea how much truth is in it. I’d imagine coming up from England would be a massive wage drop. Never know,
  10. The Rudden rumours from a guy that speaks To McCall and Archie. And he’s apparently (Desperate) to come back.
  11. Heard a few names, Easton from Airdrie apparently already signed up, also heard Lawless is also. Elliot apparently is being spoken to. Rudden apparently wants to stay and cancel his pre-contract. These 2 I find hard to believe but .. Jordan Rhodes and apparently Davis from Rangers. Are rumoured targets. Dont take my word for these just passing what I’ve been told.
  12. 3 years younger than Naismith. I’d prefer Naismith. McMillan was highly regarded ? By Caldwell maybe !