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  1. Well if McCall sees potential in him that he can improve after a loan spell then yes. If He has a number one lined up and we can get a goalkeeper on loan as a back up and get Sneddon regular football somewhere then it’s win win in my eyes. Sneddon has actually had same very steady games for us and like someone has mentioned our defence over the last few years has been awful.
  2. Possibly he’s still very young and could do with a loan for more experience?
  3. Curious about the goalkeeper situation as McCall said he has one lined up on the update. Nothing been said about Sneddon getting a new contract either, hopefully we don’t just punt him, if he has a keeper lined up and if we could get Wright back from Rangers on loan then maybe we could put Sneddon out on loan?
  4. It could take another 2 years to find Penrice a position in the team.. although the most annoying thing about him leaving was watching him in that Falkirk game, Did McCall just find his best position then swap him for a player only proven in league 1? I couldn’t be happier with the business we have done so far, and I genuinely think the boy turner could turn out to be a diamond ba boom boom . First time in years I’ve been genuinely excited for a season to start, McCall really looks as if he’s learned a lot over the years and things are looking up.
  5. I actually think what McCall said about him was near spot on, it was a shite time for him to come through at the club.. I think this move will be the making of Penrice .. He came through looking great and I reckon at the time fans thought so much of him that we kind of expected him to be our shining light in bad times.
  6. I think he looks like he could be a very decent midfielder, that’s where he was used when he played away on loan and for our youth teams I’m pretty sure. I Genuinely think we have a decent player in the making with him, just where on the park he ends up I don’t know..
  7. Jeez 2 former jags on the score sheet for Scotland tonight
  8. ******* thrilled with that. And yeah Penrice has joined Livi good luck to him.
  9. Wasn’t a dig at Senna to be honest. I’d just rather see him in midfield were I think he will develop into a good player. I just don’t think he suited CB, always wanted an extra touch when it was wiser to hoof it. That’s just my opinion.
  10. I really hope not to see Niang at CB again to be honest. I think he’s a decent back up for midfield but at CB no no no no !
  11. I’d say who we get in Goalkeeper wise will depend on who sign to finish off our defence, I’d take Wright back from Rangers If we get enough experience heads in defence I’d be happy with 2 youngish goalkeepers.
  12. If Tiff signs our starting 11 is starting to look very promising. I’d guess 2 Center backs and 2 winger/attacking players in now. Wonder if Penrice leaving would mean another player coming in? Yeah surely it’s time for O’ware to move on.. Im really disappointed it didn’t work out for him because I was always a fan of his when he played for Morton.
  13. Really happy with that.. Fingers crossed more news tomorrow.
  14. UOut of the more experienced guys mentioned I’d really like it if we managed to get Mulgrew in, I just think he’d be an ideal signing even at his age. Feel like he would bring quite a lot to the team.. Experienced, good in the air and he has a great left peg for free kicks.
  15. Tiffoney gets it for me.. was between him and Bell for me. Can say the whole team blah blah blah. But without those 2 players our season wouldn’t have changed and we would have struggled to get over the line.