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  1. Thistle88

    QP away

    Defence is ******* Atrocious, any one wanna bet money McCall will mention the weather?
  2. Thistle88

    QP away

    They completely deserve to be winning.
  3. I’ll complain especially about the 2 interviews from McCall and Holt. Utter pish they are talking !
  4. From what most people have said I must be expecting too much, I’m rarely overly negative. I just thought we were really poor today. I don’t expect us to play like Barca or nothing it was how cheaply we gave the ball away that done my head in.
  5. No idea but individually I wouldn’t even say anyone stood out as particularly bad, so many times we gave the ball away stupidly when we were trying to build from midfield to attack. I think he should have bring another striker on earlier to have someone closer to Graham because I felt like we weren’t troubling them enough and their 3 CBS weren’t being put under much pressure.
  6. Don’t know why he didn’t bring Dowds on with amount of aimless punts up the park to be honest.
  7. I genuinely couldn’t see us scoring, Hamilton sat back and defended pretty well and made it a scrappy game but I felt there was a complete lack of ideas when we got the ball in their half.
  8. Must have watched a different game, two 15minute spells over the 90mins I thought we were decent. Apart from that I seen nothing to be optimistic about.. Lack of movement from the front 3, lack of runs from midfield and just the most infuriating was the way we constantly cheaply have the ball away. I hope we get better, I think we have a good team this season. But that performance was shite.
  9. We may aswell just give them the ball back when we get a corner. I’m usually quite optimistic mate but that was ******* Dire.
  10. Are you telling me you watched that and thought we kept the ball well ? We had might have had 70% possession but we couldn’t keep it for more than 3/4 passes and most of the time it was punted back towards our defence and we had to try and rebuild again. Hamilton are pish, a better team could have took a few off us today the way we played.
  11. We are quite effective breaking away but keeping the ball isn’t our thing, the amount of times lawless and Fitz got it into their feet and gave it away was infuriating. Not just them though the midfield aswell are just incapable of keeping the ball for more than 2/3 passes without giving it away. Really need to work on building from the back, it was so repetitive watching us having to start from the back again and again and again because we gave the ball away so cheaply.
  12. The link between midfield and attack today was terrible. We are terrible at keeping possession and building from the back, so the ball constantly ends up going backwards and side ways. Shite to watch.
  13. Cheers we might end up needing one more player than we thought by the looks of things.
  14. What’s the story with injuries anyway .. Hope Brownlie hasn’t had a set back Knee wise. Reckon him or Muirhead would have helped us avoid those goals today at the end.