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  1. Yeah. They look like becoming Glasgow's Great Alternative and the third team in the city, making us go the way of Clyde.
  2. No thanks. He's pish! First you wanted Lawless back, now Elliot. Next you will want Balatoni back!
  3. Still waiting on an e-mail for voting. Have checked all my folders and nothing! Ah well!
  4. You go to the toilet? You leave a deposit!
  5. Well, she certainly talks a lot of deposit!
  6. McCall has proved he can sign good players. Tiffoney, Smith, Mayo, Holt, Turner, Graham etc. But he hasn't a clue on how to play them. Therein is the problem. The manager.
  7. My dad played for Bristol Rovers. Always look for their results.
  8. Well lads! Season over( not unexpected). Have a great close season. Maybe best we have been found out. We are a mess of a club who are going nowhere. See ya.
  9. Thought you had been binned?
  10. The shirts that are in my wardrobe are Thistle x 3, Ipswich and Germany.