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  1. If only we had a Rae, McQuade, Lawrie and Bone playing for us.
  2. I assume that Holt is out for this. So the only change would be Mckenna at right back and Foster to left back. With two huge victories in the last games it is sensible to go with same team.
  3. I tend to agree with Dick Dastardly. Women's football just leaves me cold. Apologies to anyone who may be offended by that.
  4. That is a masterstroke. Just don't let then near our bing gnomes.
  5. Tarpaulin roof? That might 'stretch' the budget a bit. Corrugated iron. Put the away support in there, so when it pours, it deafens them!
  6. 1) Tommy Bryce/ Don't know 2) Kyle Turner 3) Don't know 4)Celtic, Wolves, Falkirk, Aberdeen 5) Haven't got a scooby.
  7. All in all above my expectations. Showing we have enough to survive mid table with us beating all bottom 5 teams convincingly except QOS( but that was the 1st game). Last 2 games scoring 10 and conceding 1 is maybe showing McCall has found his shape. I was worried when we lost Holt the other night, but they cope well. This back 4 can only improve and Sneddon was flawless on Friday. As McCall said he is looking for better points total in the next 3 quarters. If we can get to grips with playing the 4 teams around us, we have a chance of top 4. And we have Brownlie to come back.
  8. I believe it was meant to be firmly tongue in cheek, but he should be more careful about quips like that.
  9. I spat out my brandy at that. Hehe
  10. Well. What can you say about that. Accies were woeful, but Jags were ruthless in front of goal . Brilliant. Played some great stuff. Well done McCall and boys.
  11. I can't stop looking at that scoreline. Hee hee.
  12. Sneddon has been excellent tonight.