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  1. Over the league in those seasons we won promotion. True. Last season and tonight in a straight shootout we bottled it.
  2. Ah well. It's only 3 years in a row lads failing in the play offs. Here's to next season. God help us. Enjoy your summer. At least we have the Euros to look forward to.
  3. You are joking aren't you? Last season we we 3 up on aggregate with 20 minutes left. Our bottle utterly crashed. Then another crumble at the penalties. Tonight, putting a 19 year old with so few games under his belt at the 5th penalty? His miss cost the tie. How on earth do you think he feels tonight? Awful management.
  4. He put an inexperienced lad at the 5th penalty. His miss cost us. A ridiculous choice. We have plenty more experienced players to take them.
  5. There we go lads. Perennial bottlers. Diack should never have been put in that position. Doolan culpable.
  6. As this will be only my 4th post since October on here, you must have been desperately waiting to see me post. I admire your patience in your stalking over me. Have you missed me? Xxx
  7. Aww! Sandy! You' ve just spoiled my night.
  8. Night and day performance. Much better.
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