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  1. There is still plenty of room to keep sinking.
  2. I get that. Which means we are disappearing down the plughole.
  3. Now our season looks almost done isnt it time for a clear out?
  4. I dont think it is astounding in the least. Absolutely unsurprised at whatever SPFL/SFA do. They are determined to streamline the leagues where they get 1 elite league with no relegation/ promotion. Invitation only. Scottish football is utterly dead and never coming back.
  5. Back to where it all started for him. He must be gutted he didn't stay on our incredible journey while he was stuck in the Premiership.
  6. He went off in the last game with a knee injury. Had a scan. Might be cruciate ligament.
  7. Indeed. No petulant, spitting the dummy out , woe is us garbage spouted by a totally inept and amateurish board.
  8. If Dundee log in 3 days late will their opinion still count?
  9. Jings! That's J. Low will be voicing her sanctimonious opinion. Oh dear! We are well and truly knackered.
  10. I think we might just hang on, but a much smaller club than we are now.
  11. What utter self opinionated Rangers like embarrassing pish that is.