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  1. Aww! Sandy! You' ve just spoiled my night.
  2. Night and day performance. Much better.
  3. Deserved lead. Should be more. Certainly looking better. Williams doing a decent job at RWB.
  4. In your head obviously. Must admit I don't remember having this forum as long as that!
  5. Have been since 1969 and are now. Another silly , non relevant question from a fanboy.
  6. Hahaha. Another silly person. Supported them since 1969. Just because I am not a fan boy like half of the people on here! Oh dear!..ETA. whole family are/ were Thistle fans. Through 4 generations.
  7. Now, you are just being a rather silly person.
  8. Hopefully we can smoke out at least a point today. I would be happy with a point.
  9. Haha. A blind man and his dog can see that.
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