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  1. All done and dusted. Nothing to see hear! Big game on Friday in the prestigious Trust Trophy . Show your true worth as a Jags fan and get behind the team and drive us to glory. Champions League in 2024 lads.
  2. He had no involvement, but brought the parties together? Yeah! Makes sense!!!
  3. It is obvious that Stewart McGregor is up to his neck in it. Even though he has denied that. And why would he personally message myself weeks ago after I criticised PTFC Trust on Facebook vehemently denying he had anything to do with the trust.? This guy is behind all this. And the club itself is knee deep in his involvement with players he represents at the club. Makes you wonder why the likes of Milne chose us in preference to possible moves to Aberdeen and Hibs. It all stinks to high heaven. Club is rotten from top to bottom.
  4. Oh! Barney. You dream too much mate.
  5. Average temperature in Aberdeen in October is 1 degree above Glasgow at its highest and 2 degrees colder at its lowest.
  6. McKinnon 's goal was sublime. Fantastic footwork by the boy.
  7. Nope. They are showing Dundee game live on the Friday.