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  1. The end point for McCall is the relevant point. We were falling away from the title challenge, setting us back from teams starting to overhaul us. McCall was taking us nowhere, he wasn't able to stop the slide. A change was needed. Should have been sooner, but it was needed. We now have a chance to make play offs whereas with McCall it was slipping away.
  2. McCall 's last 8 games he got 13 out of 24, including blowing 8 points against Cove and Accies. Goals for -14 against 9. Doolan. 15 points from 8 games. Goals scored -12 Against 2. And Doolan has done this with McCall's players. And actually beat Cove Rangers with them. Why couldn't McCall, more experienced, 2 assistants and his squad not do better? We were failing hnder McCall. That much was obvious.
  3. You still hurting over your beloved McCall deservedly getting the boot?
  4. A nice 5-0 today for Jags. A wee brandy tonight methinks.
  5. Nice to see us scoring and actually beating Cove for now.
  6. Unfortunately we probably can't afford to pay them off. Can see Milne moving on too.
  7. Mitchell, Muirhead, Brownlie, Bannigan, Docherty, Fitzpatrick, Dowds,Mullen can all go. Can see Archibald, now at Motherwell, maybe try to take the likes of Tiffoney. Graham to retire and join coaching staff. ETA. Lawless too.
  8. Goodness Barney, you now how to hurt a person!
  9. I would bet that remaining in the Championship we will downgrade our squad and struggle to mount any challenge.
  10. Oh dear! Deflection because you know it's true!
  11. Truth hurts does it? This is the squad McCall assembled and it's woeful.
  12. Hopefully. We would only be embarrassed in the play offs.
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