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  1. Scottish football is utterly corrupt.
  2. Fixtures are. 15th July Peterhead (A) 18th July Dundee United (A) on TV 22nd July Falkirk (H) 29th Spartans (H)
  3. Get back to school and stop slacking young man!
  4. I see Ross Forbes has signed for Clyde. A missed opportunity Dools!!
  5. On the price of the tickets. Thistle £330 for 18 games = £18. 33 per game. My mate is a season ticket holder at Ipswich. Ipswich Town £ 360 for 23 games = £15.65 per game. Now, who is getting the better deal?
  6. On one of your points, has it been said that Paul is staying as assistant and leaving academy or combining both.
  7. Same here. My sleep, particularly on Sunday night, was hellish.
  8. Now Sandy, be fair, she did raise the ground value to 14 million. We are rolling in it.
  9. Now. Who could have done that? The name evades me right now!
  10. Don't see us hanging onto Turner. Too good for Championship.
  11. Yes. That is probably the situation. If Milne comes back to playing as he was before injury, he will be off. McMillan would do well at bottom half of Premiership. Fitzpatrick, not sure, he still seems to be learning a lot about his all round game under Doolan.
  12. Those leaving the club, probably aren't a surprise. As for in talks. I think we will probably lose Sneddon, Holt, Docherty,Turner. Interesting that we don't have a single CB signed up.
  13. Actually. From £10 to £30. I know I am a moaning Auld git. But I do love Thistle.
  14. Season ticket prices now on official site. Seems to be an increase.
  15. The Spartans. Yes. Befits our financial position. Very Spartan.
  16. Fantastic news. I have personally increased my monthly contributions.
  17. I have, on here, commented that McCall assembled a good squad. But he was failing with it. 1 point off 4th, yes, but on the back of 2 home defeats in a row against the 2 bottom( ultimately relegated) sides. A 95th goalkeeper header seemingly saved his job. We were going in the wrong direction with the squad he assembled. Regards the board, there have been numerous comments on this site making it clear the utter contempt we had for the bunch of charlatans they were. And our Chief Executive should follow them out the door. No one on here has offered different rules for the directors. Unfortunately the mess of governance in football lends itself to incompetent ego driven, corrupt directors who calmly walk away when the actions they committed put the club(s) existence in peril.
  18. Indeed. McCall's squad took us within a sitter miss from Bannigan of the top flight, but it wasn't McCall who took us there!
  19. I would think he knows what he has to work with, hence he has been talking to them.
  20. Back to sniffing out Juniors gems like Doolan and Erskine.
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