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  1. 100% agree -and its been the case for a number of years predating Colly - we are signing players for availability- not ability
  2. I would have 100% signed Paton - instead we have Banzo
  3. We just got beat by our Local Rivals who are Part Time - they are also one game into the Season after 9 Months Competitive Break and looked Fitter Faster & Sharper - that for any Jags Fan is something they have a right to question - this is a Thistle Fans Forum - what else do you suggest we discuss when "getting a life "
  4. Agree totally - we are becoming an irrelevance
  5. As a Child I was fascinated by the Fact that Twin Brothers ( Donnie & Ronnie ) could play against each other in opposite Teams - it somehow just didn't seem right !! Plus His Testimonial Match will live forever in my Memory - George Best one on one with Big Roughie Happy Birthday El Don
  6. Not convinced - the actual Ownership of the Club is a Mute point - its how much influence the Fans can have on the Club And under OneThistle they had a Major Influence on Matchday - everything from Matchday Experience - Catering - Stewarding all with direct influence from the Fans However there was a change of who was influencing and controlling things at the Club and OneThistle etc were deemed not required It is however worth noting that the OneThistle Concept made its way into a EUFA Handbook of Best Practice for Fan Engagement - Just Scottish Football is all about Wee Empires & Egos Will we ever see true Fan Ownership at PTFC - not convinced
  7. After the First Season in the Premier there was a change in Policy - and it was decided that the Club would take on Full Time Staff to fulfil the roles that OneThistle had been carrying out for Free - there were also changes on the Board and Fan Marketing / Promotion / Matchday Experience came under the remit of a Director Similar happened on Matchday Operations / Management also carried out for Free So the OneThistle Team were told they were surplus to requirements and a number of Volunteers told they were no longer required - as there Role was being replaced by "Professionals"
  8. Martin - in the Promotion Year we had a blend of the Board - the Team and Fans via Volunteers and OneThistle making key decisions on things that affected the Fans - it covered everything you have stated - and it didn't need "Fan Ownership" ................
  9. Martin - in a small Club it gets down to one thing - Money - and balancing the books its as simple as that - Yes people have things to offer but your core has to be people who know how to generate revenue - its as brutal as that
  10. After the previous owner handed over a debt free Club - I never said its not possible - just very rarely does it work - I think outwith the Premier you simply dint have the ability to balance the books without external financial support and you have to have very experienced business people at the helm to do that
  11. This is not about Fan Ownership - thats not whats being discussed its who is best suited for Running a Football Club The same Chinese Owners got Espanyol into the EUFA Cup - Espanyol have narrowly avoided Relegation on numerous occasions under previous owners - including a 90 th minute Goal Saving them - they simply ran out of luck - the Owners being Chinese had zero to do with it Our Owners are not Chinese we have been relegated twice in the last few Years - we are in Tier £ of Scottish Football - but I forgot - its a Grand Conspiracy from Corrupt Scottish Football
  12. And run by very Wealthy Individuals - the question was running the Club - Not Owning it a Football Club is a Business - you Run it like a Business - and you should have experienced people doing that - who owns it is not relevant
  13. Show me an instance where a Club is successful without them at the helm ?
  14. Eh No - 2007 was when it fell apart - it didnt happen overnight