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  1. My God Sandy - is that not the most Cringe worthy TV Spectacle ever to grace our Screens - I had forgotten all about it
  2. Thats madness - paper tickets - no wonder there were forgeries so at the Europa Final Tickets were on the EUFA App - impossible to forge - but at the Champions League EUFA have paper tickets ?
  3. Additional bit of info Sandy regards the supposed Ticket Fraud - your ticket was on your Phone from the EUFA ticket App to make it “ Go Live” you had to switch on your Blue Tooth near the Stadium - this was stated in small print Andy Robertson said he gave his mate a Ticket and his Mate was told it was fraudulent / but if he hadnt turned on his Blue Tooth and the Police Checking Tickets were not briefed properly - then it would have looked to be a Fraudulent Ticket
  4. In what way have they not been “ well served “ ? By the Establishment ? Are you suggesting a wilful plan to undermine Liverpool by some shadowy Hierarchy ?
  5. I think that to a lot of people -they give the impression of being perpetual “ Victims” and have been dealt a rough deal by Tory Governments - and every one is against them - whereas in reality its a reasonably prosperous City -the Coastal Towns of England have been thrown under a Bus in comparison As for being Socialists - they will have all the consumer trappings same as any other part of the UK - boo all they want - but they are as Socialist as I am ..
  6. 100,000 Rangers Fans in Seville - Zero Arrests - the Searches and Heavy Handed Policing seen in Paris were identical in Seville -Rangers Fans stood patiently in 34oC Heat -taking over two hours to get through Security - penned in by Riot Police - they had Bottles of Water removed in Searches- and then zero water in the Stadium - They shook hands with Frankfurt Fans Post Match and were a Credit to Scotland and there Club -the Handling of the Game in Paris was shambolic - but Seville was no better Yet virtually no comment from the Scottish Government or Media on the expelmary behaviour As for Liverpool Fans - they get sympathy for Hillsborough - yet Hesyl rarely mentioned - in Scotland you would think that Old Firm Games were World War Three the way people go on about them - Rangers or Celtic have never caused a Hesyel - lets not forget that - there Fans will be Freinds - Family and Work Collegues of all Jags Fans - our City Rivals - 100% but some of the comments on OF Fans are way over the top IMHO
  7. Whilst I agree its a strange position - the names dont really matter - everyone knows the position of who is who - its not getting the Shares Transferred ? The recent statement implies a third party who has registered an interest for the Shares - as its Colin Weirs express wish that they go to a Fans Group - then that leaves the Thistle Trust - or the Jags Trust ( the latter is unlikely ) or possibly a yet as unknown Supporters Group However TJF will be the only Fans Group with a mandate from the Support - any other Group is therefore unlikely to get the full backing from the Fans - which is to the detriment of PTFC ( ref the Jags Trust its my belief that if there is a properly constructed Fan Group who recieve the Shares - the Jags Trust would most likely transfer there Shares to that body ) We would however reasonably expect to see a Statement from the Thistle Trust - who have two Directors on the Board & from "Thistle Forever" - who have one Director on the Board- as to there views on the Current Scenario - the whole point of "Fans Directors" is for there to be a link to the Fans & open & regular communications Whilst collective responsibilty applies in a Boardroom - if they are not in Agreement - they have the option to resign
  8. No one is saying its Bad News - however given the fact that there is a complete breakdown between the Organisation Set Up with the Club ( TJF ) to transfer the Shares - and 3BC ( the Club Owners) then its right to qualify what appears on the surface to be "Good News" we still have no idea of the Club Finances However it does simplify any share transfer to the Fans as all Assetts are owned by the Club - and for the avoidance of doubt - Im still not convinced in Fan Ownership - however the success of Hearts & Motherwell show it can be done - my concern is that we become Stirling Albion - however Im fully supportive of TJF re-elections as it gives a Democratic Mandate for Negotiations
  9. If the PTFC Trust & any other "Fan" Directors are in disagreement with the Current position - they can step down from the Club Board - Collective Responsibility applies to Board Decisions - however they have the option to Resign- if they strongly disagree
  10. Could it be that TJF Directors entered NDA when negotiating with the Club - which would be standard practice
  11. I thought there were Two Trust Directors & One from " Thistle Forever" ?
  12. The No Debt was already there prior to the takeover by 3BC Sure there will be increased assets with full Stadium Ownership but the issue of Cashflow will remain Also the Question of who runs the Club will remain
  13. This may be the case - however it doesn't prevent there being full disclosure on the Finances via Due Diligence - in addition Im not seeing anyone on our Board that could not be replaced by Competent Individuals from our Fan Base The Jags Foundation Concept was pushed by the Board as the acceptable vehicle for Fan Ownership - it wasnt via the Fans - so the Board are in No Position to have No Faith in a Structure of there own making My View for what its worth - we are not in a Position for Fan Ownership ( Yet ) we however require a Half Way House of Thistle Fans with the expertise to run the Club and have a phased Handover to the Fans - this means 3BC are no longer in the mix or the Current Board - and having an interim Board - who will facilitate the Transfer of Power to an elected Board - reduces risk and allows TJF to build its membership
  14. It has and always will be about Cashflow at PTFC - anyone who doesn't grasp that you have to wonder if they are actually a Thistle Fan - its never been a secret that we struggle with CashFlow
  15. Sandy - cant answer for Jaf - but the simple fact is that we have always struggled to raise enough Revenue to Cover our Costs - key to this is a shrinking ( and age-ing ) Fanbase Add to this Financial Pressures of Covid on Businesses ref any Commercial Deals And there you have the Main Risk ie balancing the books Plus we dont have Gary Harkins or Big Twadds to sell - to cover any large finance demands