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  1. I have said it before there is absolutely NO BALLS on the team and that is worse than a lck of talent.
  2. Change the team name to Partick Eunuchs. There is absolutely zero balls in the team and there has been none since before Caldwell!!!!

  3. Goals against from set pieces did not start with McCall it started with Archibald. Has not improved with McCall probably because Archibald is still collecting a wage for doing nothing.
  4. Not even a shot at goal in the second half.
  5. We definitely don’t want Archibald!!!!!!!
  6. The answer is obvious!!!!
  7. Get Frank Lampard up and let him ask the players the question he asked the Everton players.
  8. When will Jacquie Low, Gerry Britton and Ian McCall admit to their input into this disgrace? The team is now worse than the pitch!!!
  9. Why no live reporting from the BBC???
  10. PTFC1942


    I don’t think it is a coincidence that Aberdeen have the three dirtiest players in the league. Brown, Hayes and McCrorie with Hayes the worst in the league.
  11. No real mention of Tiff, can he be signed before May 31?
  12. Dave McParland played left wing when he first played for the Jags he lost his place to Tommy Ewing, also from Larkhall and that's when he moved to inside forward and later to half back.
  13. I remember an Easter Monday game against Hibs the goalie was Tommy Younger, I believe the Scotland goalie at the time. Thistle had a free kick about 25 yards from the Hibs goal, Younger waived away the Hibs players trying to make a wall, bad move GOAL. Later Thistle had another free kick in the same area, Younger had a wall of about 5 players guess what GOAL. The best free kick I ever seen was in the League Cup semi final replay at Ibrox, with seconds and everybody screaming at Jimmy to murder the ball he placed it in the top right corner. Bill brown could only watch. Pure Dead Brilliant. GOAT
  14. The best penalty kick and free kick taker Thistle ever had!!!! http://www.thethistlearchive.net/jimmy-davidson
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