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  1. Plenty GRE2! I'll start with Duncaster and Maxwell!
  2. You would be better aiming your ire at the SPFL and SFA. They are the ones who should be putting proposals forward to safely restart the lower leagues, not sitting on their well paid @rses pretending they are competent.
  3. In their eyes it was a job well done...they saved their only sponsorship deal. Admittedly they were happy to screw over the majority of their members but hey the ugly sisters are happy. The only change I can see coming is a strengthening of the power vested in the premier league at the expense of all other leagues
  4. Think the part time thing is a bit of a red herring here. While there is more risk for p/t players catching Covid if they are working outside football , if a regular testing regime was in place positive tests would be picked up and the players told to isolate. The potential risk is several players in the same team test positive and games need to be postponed. Think only Clyde had to postponed league game to date.
  5. Agree LIB. Can see another rerun of last season with it finishing in November. As to the league season. I wonder how much, if any lobbying was done by the SPFL about to restart the diddy leagues?
  6. His discipline was poor. He was always up in front of the beaks
  7. Geese a break from all these bad puns guys
  8. I'd imagine that there will be a campaign to encourage postal votes and IIRC there has been some discussions about holding the election over two days. With the correct protocols in place there's no reason the election in Scotland, or the local elections in England on the same day for that matter shouldn't go ahead.
  9. Yeah split it among the teams that have been playing.....in the premier and championship....feck the diddy teams
  10. Agree LIB. If we didn't know before we are basically irrelevant to the SPFL and I suspect the SFA. A reduction of senior clubs will suit both as there's fewer clubs to share whatever money comes in. If clubs can survive with no financial support from SFA/SPFL they will be fine but those in the middle will struggle.
  11. I wonder exactly how hard the SPFL/SFA lobbied for a return. SG 'So do you think the wee diddy clubs should restart?' SPFL 'No bothered as long as you let the big teams keep going'
  12. All about protecting the sky £££. I'm sure SPFL have been lobbying hard to keep going as they need the TV money to stop clubs going bust. When they mean protect their cartel and feck the 'wee diddy' clubs.
  13. TBH much as I'd like to be able to go to a game looking at the weather today (blowing a gale and can't make its mind up to rain or snow) the thought of a 100 mile round trip to firhill isn't exactly appealing regardless of the quality or otherwise on the pitch.