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  1. Probably in a minority but i like the large stealth bomber! Will be happy with either though
  2. T Shirts arrived. Great service again, thanks to BowenBoys again
  3. The lack of any direction or leadership from the SPFL/SFA is disappointing if not surprising. The SPFL will do anything they can to preserve their Sky deal. Anyone else think that they would have done nothing without being forced to by the ScottishGovernment.
  4. Think they will be using Hampden whilst work is finished on lesser Hampden
  5. No great expectations this year. We will probably end up winning all 4 games!
  6. What are the penalties for failing to fulfil a fixture? Given all clubs are pleading poverty a points deduction may be a more appropriate sanction than a fine or withholding Aberdeen's cut of the tv money. I see the game has been rearranged so Dungcaster & Co won't simply be award the points to St Johnstone.
  7. fifexile

    Away Kit

    Always told people it meant Forget The Old Firm....rarely was I believed!
  8. fifexile

    Away Kit

    Replaced Buddy Holly in the Crickets IIRC?
  9. fifexile

    Away Kit

    Not a Clash fan?
  10. fifexile

    Away Kit

    No worries none taken AJ. Any chance of a "I fought the law (and the law won)" t shirt from RedYellow?
  11. fifexile

    Away Kit

    Can't deny it.....sadly!
  12. fifexile

    Away Kit

    Looks like O'neills are kitting out another football team
  13. Despite Methil only being 30 mins away I'll pass!
  14. Maybe just boycott teams who play on plastic pitches. I think that only leaves Peterhead and Dumbarton playing on grass apart from us. Oh and dispensation for Falkirk?
  15. Wonder if the clubs will charge more when they play the ugly sisters?