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  1. Never saw that coming. Let's hope we don't screw up the season
  2. I think it's a condition all loan deals that players aren't allowed to play against their 'parent' club
  3. For years the narrative has been too many clubs and not enough money to go round. Now suddenly there are not enough clubs....unless it's the first move to get the blue and green arse cheeks into the SPFL ahead of their bigger teams pissing off to another league
  4. First 10 mins he was a bit shaky but looked solid after that. Played some good passes. Depends who else McColl has his sights on but worth another look IMO
  5. What disappointed me most was the poor defending in the 3 games. I'd hoped we would at least be difficult to beat and we weren't. A half decent England performance and we would have lost that one too. Gilmour's performance in that game was a positive in a tournament that was ultimately disappointing.
  6. Expect Sh1tloads to the Premier league teams small change to the rest. Probably divvied up based on league positions
  7. Yup. One sprint the length of the pitch to join in the celebrations against Falkirk!
  8. With the rest. Getting fitted for a new blazer
  9. Renewed online yesterday with no issues. Done and dusted in 5 minutes
  10. Belive they go on sale from 1pm
  11. New signing or contract extention?
  12. Latest tshirts arrived, they look great!Thanks BowenBoys.
  13. It's for one season only. No mention of what happens after but I expect another vote this time next year by the Lowland League making their membership permanent then over to the spfl/sfa to decide if they will accept either in league 2 if they win a play off....or if an expanded league 2 that was rejected this year is actually a really good idea after all.