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  1. Season loan according to the OS. Assuming that means there isnt a recall option.
  2. If we are going far flung CS Maritimo in Madeira would be my choice. Cracking 10k all seater stadium close to Funchal town centre, cheap tickets (€15-€25) for most games and the option to have a beer. Oh, and the weather is great all year round.
  3. For cod sake can the puns get worse?
  4. If the worst happened and Thistle were no more I couldn't see myself going to watch another senior team but would probably go to some of the junior teams locally. Being in Fife there's plenty to choose from. I've a soft spot for a couple of non league teams in England so could end up having a few weekends away.
  5. I can see a lot of fans switching to the train where they can generally bevvy away to their hearts content
  6. I feel naming (or renaming) a part of the stadium doesnt do justice to what McParland achieved as a player and manager I'd be supportive of a statue placed outside the JHS near the entrance to hospitality. Appreciate there's the possibility of it being damaged if it's outside (as opposed to somewhere inside the stadium), but any tribute needs to be easily seen by anyone coming to Firhill.
  7. McCulloch and Rae were as hard as they come. So was Danny Kellachan who looked like a strong wind would snap him on two but was hard as nails.
  8. Think Ian was a Thistle fan, he was a local lad, went to North Kelvinside Secondary.
  9. The guys behind Kelty's rise from Fife Junior league to League 1 moved to take over Raith Rovers at the end of last season. They have a good level of money and resources for our level behind them. I'd be surprised if our budget is the same or more given the deficit we were left with by the old board.
  10. Worth chasing the office up. I got mine through a few weeks ago.
  11. He said he reckoned one more game and he would be back. Guess he's aiming for the hertz game
  12. You will thank her when she takes you in the future....I started taking my nephew when he was 4....he's 22 now. Hoping he will get a move on and pass his driving test so he can be the designated driver!
  13. I'm planning to get a blazer....bound to get on a SFA gravy train with one
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