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  1. It's payday so will stick another£10 in.
  2. IIRC He's under contract but been told he can find a new club
  3. I do believe I hear snickers in the background at some of these puns
  4. Tuesday v Highland league side as opposed to a Saturday against SPFL opposition maybe?
  5. Not sure on that ... I'm be-twix-ed and between
  6. I remember it being used in newspaper headlines when a team scored 5 in a game for example "Jags go Nap" after a 5-0 win
  7. As a change strip it's fine IMO
  8. Just a question re the donations. Is the Foundation able to register as a charity and claim back the tax on donations. I can't remember filling our a form for it when I signed up
  9. I assumed by refusing to display the sponsor's logo the blue arsecheek would not be receiving any of the sponsorship money?
  10. So am I. They are wearing far better!
  11. Club was owned by Owen Oysten and his family. He was accused of mismanagement around the time Blackpool were promoted to the Premier league. IIRC there were claims some of the money that the club got on promotion and the equally swift relegation went missing. Owen was convicted of rape snd sexual assault of a 16 yr old and seved 3½ years.
  12. Out of likes. Been impressed withe the O'Neills range and Greaves is a good partner. It would be great if the club and Greaves could arrange a pop up shop at Firhill to improve the range in the current shop