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  1. H H A A H A H A H H H A A H H A A H H H Cheers
  2. Simple suggestion. Move Saturday kick offs to 2pm in winter and save on floodlighting
  3. Wouldn't fancy being a Hamilton fan for many, many reasons but going to Auchinleck in the cup would be another....
  4. Here goes nothing H A A H A H H A H H H A A H H A H H A H
  5. fifexile


    This one? Taken from www.historicalkits.co.uk
  6. HHHAAAHAHHHAHHHHHAHHHHHAHAAHHA Some long trips so hope the home teams have a bit of an advantage
  7. I read that the Scottish V passport can be used in France where one is necessary to get into bars and restaurants never mind sports events and nightclubs
  8. Hope he has opposing forwards in his pocket
  9. Personally I've no concerns proving I have had both jabs if it means I can go to Firhill (or any other ground for that matter). We have just come through a season that we couldn't go to football games and I wouldn't want to have to go back to that if another lockdown is introduced.
  10. Finished 2 - 0 to Braga. Might be a long season for Maritimo at this rate. At least Thistle are flying high!
  11. Absolutely...its still 26°C. I'm pining for Arbroath in November....fitba isn't fit fitba unless your nagers are frozen and the pie grease is congealed
  12. ...in this case in Madeira on holiday and outside CS Maritimo's Estadio de Barrieros stadium ahead of their home game against Braga. Tickets €15 behind the goals of €25 in the main stand. Cracking 10,000 seater stadium relatively recently finished after a complete rebuild.
  13. Never saw that coming. Let's hope we don't screw up the season
  14. I think it's a condition all loan deals that players aren't allowed to play against their 'parent' club