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  1. Guaranteed that if one of them win the Lowland league they will demand to be allowed into a play off. If they are admitted it should be on the basis that they can't be promoted and otherwise follow all other rules including transfer windows. They should operate separately from the parent club.
  2. Or maybe he decided that given he was out of contract and his previous employer was not obliged to offer him furlough Thistle were prepared to honour the contract and pay him he should honour it too?
  3. Think a lot will depend which players have relegation clauses in their contracts or whose contracts are up and don't resign. Whichever team(s)comes down will likely have a big turnover of staff.
  4. Think it will also depend on the length of the contracts on offer. I remember talking to a ex Thistle player who turned down a 1 year contract for a 2yr one elsewhere on a bit less money. His reasoning was having the extra years security was better than the extra few quid on offer on the 1 year contract.
  5. Close elevenone. East Fife fined £11k (£10k suspended). Game rescheduled for 6th May. Hope EF decide to appeal the fine. It can't be right that they are penalised for trying to protect their players and wider contacts.
  6. 4 wins in 27 games last season 1 in 17 this season, and I thought Thistle was a tough watch! Anyone else feel certain that they will escape a at off again this year?
  7. 21st Jan 2015. Eccleston got the 5th.
  8. If I read this correctly Finish third and we are playing Sat, Tue, Thu, Sat?
  9. I've bought a few different sized t-shirts for myself and family and would say the size charts are accurate.
  10. Got the Tell Him He's Pele and the 50 and Counting tshirts. Another from me