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  1. Loving reading through the random facts but this one really caught my eye Anyone explain why the pitch markings were red? Can't because of a frozen or snow covered pitch going by the date
  2. I understand the SPFL and SFA have a rule that kick off times will only be changed when Sky or another TV broadcaster decides they are televising the game or when they can inconvenience and piss off fans. Similar rule applies when arranging fixtures around the festive period 'no club will have an away fixture less than 100 miles from their home ground unless there is restricted public transport where the minimum travel will be 200 miles.
  3. Just like watching Thistle...except the wonderful result bit
  4. Some cracking new merch. That's a load of Christmas presents sorted!
  5. Other than keeping the Premier league going to protect their only sponsorship deal from disappearing I don't think the SPFL give a toss about any of the other clubs...unless they decide to sue them for failing to fulfill fixtures.
  6. Streaming has been fine for me and much better quality than the pre season stuff. Pity the football hasn't improved....yet
  7. Please tell me Saturday won't be as painful as the 90 minutes I've just spent trying to figure this out...
  8. BBC reporting all 42 clubs are being canvassed on their views for how the current season should be ended if it becomes necessary. Apparently if there is a consensus then the clubs will be asked to vote. Any chance of 42 clubs coming together to agree given the shambles ending last season?
  9. ahh but when you got your oie and bovril where better to rest them than on the concrete barriers. Perfect width for the bit of cardboard torn from the qwenchy cup boxes that the pies were handed over on!
  10. Turn it around a bit more and all Thistle's players and matchday staff have to be at a higher risk. Whilst I accept there can be a degree of separation between coaching staff, players must be at an increased risk.
  11. Thanks AFK . So don't start the season and get automatically relegated to league 2. (Not a huge penalty for current league 2 clubs) but fail to finish the season and suffer some unknown punishment. Guess if a team has folded (and I hope none do) any punishment is a moot point.
  12. My dad and I used to stand at the 2nd barrier up behind the goal so I could watch Roughy in the hope it would make me a better goalkeeper for my BB team....Needless to say it didn't!
  13. I may have missed it but did the SPFL recently say clubs not completing the season would face disciplinary action? I'm sure I saw it somewhere but can't remember the detail.