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  1. H H H please BB. How is downtown Doha tonight?
  2. There's not much to be cheerful about around Firhill these days but this made me smile. One of my first Thistle heroes and a great choice for the next TJF pin.
  3. My doomsday scenario is the land is sold and more student accommodation is built leaving Thistle homeless. There is precedent for that type of development in the surrounding area and there's no doubt there is a huge lack of student accommodation.
  4. Maybe selling the land not the football club is the end game
  5. Another fascinating article. Thanks @The Thistle Archive
  6. Thanks for organising BB A: 3 4 2 1 B: 1 4 2 3 C: 1 4 3 2 D: 1 3 2 4 E: 2 4 1 3 F: 1 4 3 2 G: 1 3 2 4 H: 1 4 2 3
  7. I think so. The law states that the data holder (PTFC) have to state what the information will be held for, in this case administration and sales of season tickets. Using it for anything else will be a breach which makes what @dpj says makes sense. If the vast majority of season ticket holders agree then they are fine but if a large minority or even a majority refuse to allow their information passed on the Trust will struggle to claim to speak for the fans.
  8. How will they share the information without breaching the Data Protection act? . I dont recall seeing anything in the season ticket T&Cs that state personal data will be shared with any other organisation. In any case IIRC the club would need to get express consent to share the data.
  9. The quality of the football in every league we have played in from Premier to the 1st had been called dreadful. It depends who or what league we compare against. The best two teams in Scotland are dreadful in the champions league this season. Historically we in Scotland always compared our football to that in England. Now we can compare it to football all round the world and inevitability it doesn't look good. Genuine question. What should we use to compare our league against another?
  10. Listened to the commentary. It wasn't a lucky win by any means, the Saltires gave them a right doing. Great to listen to 5 live and they gave full credit to the Scottish team. None of the condescending shite we often hear from English commentators. At the end WI were only trying to improve their run rate (a bit like football teans looking for a consolation goal.) Great job Saltires.
  12. In the day to day (non-football) meaning of the word, I can't "support" the club as it is and that fuzzy feeling of making the right choice is totally absent. It's weird, I still want the team to do well but I'm not comfortable showing that support in any vocal, financial or meaningful way right now. It's all jumbled together. Totally agree @marcia blaine I struggle to drum up any enthusiasm for being a Thistle fan with the off pitch goings on while wanting the team win every week. As to supporting another team, I can't see me ever doing that. I hope this all gets resolved with proper fan ownership, not the sham we have just now and that the pull of the Jags comes back but meanwhile I can watch any number of senior and junior teams that are much closer to home than Firhill if I want an afternoon out.
  13. TBH I think the famous five would be out their depth in a paddling pool
  14. I'd like to hear him and Low questioned by Spiers which is why it will never happen unless they can say 'no comment it's commercially sensitive' at every turn.