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  1. Maybe not a glamour tie but felt I should start this thread, as I'll be up for the game. 4 of us going, including my nephew, to his first ever Thistle game. Looking forward to a good trip and a nice win.
  2. I can only formulate an opinion from what I've read, as didn't see the game but it seems we tried to turn on the fancy stuff before we were out of sight. I think we thought we had it won at 2-0 but as we've seen that's not enough to take your foot off the gas. My method would be to obliterate teams and score as many as possible but reading about 3 early subs and ball greedy players and others doing back heels, makes me think we thought we were too good. Part of me is happy that we have belief and a wee bit of a swagger but let's just hammer teams whenever we can. Match days are not the time to muck about.
  3. I see Love and Money are on that album. Really enjoy their music and see that James Grant is playing in Glasgow this Sunday. Well worth a look.
  4. I hope Weston plays next week also. He was due to come on and was at the side of the pitch the other week and was told to sit back down. A bit ridiculous really.
  5. Great build up play from Tiff and Graham and what a finish.
  6. Yesssss. Lawless. Brilliant.
  7. Not wishing to add to or detract from the argument of fan ownership but will give a personal point or two around the subject, that maybe applies to the majority, who knows, of our support. I personally, want nothing to do with 'owning' the club. I contribute through ST's and other ways, as do a lot of others but even if I had huge sums of money, I'd try and benefit Thistle, without becoming an owner of some kind. The reason for this, and it becomes more difficult as you get older, is that I hanker for the days when as a child, I adored everything about this Club. And I mean everything. It's clear from reading some posts from denismcquade, and some of the responses, that others feel similarly. IMO, this feeling can only come from a place that puts the Club above the fan and that's how I want it to be. I support Thistle and have no wish to become Thistle. It takes a special character to run any business and most people are not of that character. It frightens the life out of me, to think that a bunch of 'us', could be running the Club I love. A vote about certain things here and there, but that's it for me. Leave the running of the Club to the experts - I realise many will have views here as to whether or not they are experts...... I'm sure Colin Weirs legacy was about protecting the Club, by putting it in the hands of the people that care most and I'm also sure he wouldn't have expected the result to be so divisive. I hope a resolution comes about reasonably quickly and we can start to enjoy this season a bit more. Afterall, this could be a big one. I just have a sneaky feeling about that.
  8. Great article and one I feel many of us could have written, using other examples that are equally disgusting. They are most definitely a disgrace.
  9. Yessss. Well done Thistle. Have a stinking chest cold but that's cheered me up. Maybe a Whisky will help shift it.
  10. Thinking the same. A draw there can never be a bad result
  11. Maybe so, and I was surprised enough at that. I'd go as far to say though, that if we'd had the helping hand that Rangers get every year in every cup, we'd make a few semi-finals and maybe even a final or two. I thought this could be the year.
  12. Not sure it could have been much worse. Let's face it, there was only one team in the hat who were getting Dundee at home. We were odds on to get Aberdeen or Dundee United away. For once in a long time, I think we have the team to win this game but it would be nice to get a helping hand in the draw now and again.
  13. I'd add Aberdeen away to that list. Any of the Dundee's or Killie at home be ok. If not, then either of the OF away. Dundee at Firhill is my number one pick.