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  1. I've followed Jordon Rhodes' career and at one stage thought he would do a job for us at International level. Is hard to believe but would be fantastic if true. He's blown hot and cold recently but would score about 40 goals in our league and I'm not kidding.
  2. If ICT don't go up, could we get Billy McKay? He'd fit well into our team and has a great attitude, good brain and scores goals. He's from my town. I know his Dad; maybe I could have a word and convince him.
  3. Panels were the same thickness I think. The material was a bobbly cotton from memory. Loved the umbro logo in black down the sleeves.
  4. Very nice top. My favourite is the 70's striped one with the yellow stripe in the middle, where the badge used to be. Still have it somewhere.
  5. I remember writing a piece about Welsh and how we should never have let him go etc. Someone responded by saying 'thanks for that Sean'. Lol. The best player we've let go in many a year.
  6. McLean is a terrible ref towards us. Probably get Willie Colum on Friday to cheer me up even more. We looked good for 70 minutes and then lost belief for some reason. Tiff didn't look interested and I hope there's no ulterior motive for that. Not sure what was up with Bannigan either. The game seemed to pass him by, although maybe looked different at the game. Maybe he was blocking runs off the ball? No fun watching this team.
  7. Am in Glasgow this weekend, travelling up on Friday. Not sure I'll be in time to get to Inverness. Anyone know of a good place, that sells beer, to watch the game? If Firhill was open, I'd go there. Woodside or Station Bar maybe? Cheers Cotter
  8. It's clear that you see that particular song differently to me. I see it as our message that we are Thistle and don't care much for religion in football. That means we can sing it whoever the opposition. I can't stand Rangers and would love to beat them more than any other team, especially in a Cup Final. Of course I'd still enjoy beating East Fife or anyone else for that matter.
  9. Sport is made more special because of rivalry and football more so. I wouldn't even bother, if everybody liked each other. Disliking the opposition (a lot), adds extra spice to the occasion. I don't live my life hating the people who support other teams and have friends from both Celtic and Rangers but for those 90 minutes........... Who would you rather beat in the Cup Final, Rangers or East Fife?
  10. I think we'll get by Inverness but ultimately will fail to go up. Hope I'm wrong and this is Thistle we're talking about. All in all, I'd have taken 4th place at the start of the season but will admit we haven't done it the pretty way. Who knows what might happen next. Don't mind the carry on at the game. Guy shouts at a player and player pretends he wants to fight. Nothing to see really. I don't like Celtic or Rangers either. Maybe there's a nicer way we can tell them.
  11. Strange night if Murray Firth, and Lewis Mayo play.
  12. It's a tricky one to call. We've shown that on the wrong day, we can ship 4 or 5 goals. Haven't looked to see if Raith are capable of scoring as many but I'd rest a couple of 'injured' players and try and keep it tight. Don't think losing 1 or 2 nil does much to the confidence, if it's obvious we've rested one or two.
  13. Oh how we'd celebrate if they didn't, we did, Arbroath did and Dundee got relegated.
  14. I'm with you on that AJ. From the online stream, it looked like we were cruising to a 0-0 draw. Don't think anyone had a particularly bad game either. Their goal was pretty crushing however and I can see many a drink being taken tonight from the Firhill faithful. I still think we're play-off bound and doubt we could have asked for more at the start of the season. The disappointment maybe comes from the fact that just about everyone in the league has been below par for large chunks of the season. Most teams down top mid-table will be thinking they could have won it with even a slight improvement. Despite wanting to put this season behind me, can't put my finger on it but it's left me feeling underwhelmed and agitated, I still don't think the answer is to sack everyone and start again. It feels like a section of our fanbase are in some way looking for perfection from top to bottom. Thistle are not, and never have been perfect and that's the attraction for many of us. Give me a team to watch and a decent pitch and throw in a few highs now and again. This season may not yet disappoint.
  15. Extra money always good but was thinking more about the advantage of a home tie and massive support on a Friday night for the second leg of the tie. On a personal note, I'm in Glasgow that weekend for a gig and would love a walk up to Firhill too.