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  1. No doubt, but we've had our fill of DU away in Cups over the years, or at least it feels that way. I'm pretty sure they've found a way of seeding these Cup draws unofficially. Be interested to see a snap shot of the last 20 years of who got who in this round. Celtic - anyone within 10 miles of Parkhead. Rangers - anyone at home, who are completely p1sh and preferably have the name Rangers in their title. Thistle - someone decent from the North East, preferably with Dundee in their title.
  2. Does the monthly and weekly draw money (prize money aside), end up in the same pot as these donations, or is there different pots of money for different things? All great stuff btw, keep it going everyone. I've long since felt that the governing bodies wouldn't care if we didn't exist. Let's make sure that never happens.
  3. I don't mind the cold and enjoy watching a game in it. There are not enough games called off for Thistle in any normal year for me to want to switch to Summer football. Preferring milder weather isn't a good enough reason. If the whole Winter schedule was cancelled every year, that would be different.
  4. I agree but I don't think many clubs are putting much effort or adding cost, in order for games to be on. It's also been very cold and maybe many of these games would have been off in any year. I still don't think that losing some games each winter, would make me want to switch to summer football.
  5. Surprise surprise. Was shouting please not us, after Dundee Utd were drawn at home. Another shocker, as Rangers get a game at home against a team with Rangers in their name. I'm not sure it can be that easy to cheat the draw but it has a familiar look about it.
  6. How many games are cancelled because of the winter weather? If fans could have been in attendance this winter, we'd have put the ush on. Many other teams have sh1tty plastic pitches which are playable in most conditions. I'm happy with things as they are.
  7. Have to agree. Don't know why, but summer football seems artificial in some way to me. Nothing better than getting your scarf, hat and warm coat on and bounding up the road to Firhill from the pub and then back again. Gives you something to look forward to at a time of year that can be otherwise uneventful.
  8. Any idea what the 2nd prize might be these days? My mum won it last week but haven't heard yet due to the holidays'. Cheers Cotter
  9. Not sure but guessing it's frosty and maybe snowy up the road. I'm 350 miles to the South and it's pretty cold here as well.
  10. Do you think it will be off?
  11. Happy New Year one and all. Can't wait for the game tomorrow.