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  1. Tough game on Tuesday but if we win it, I think we'll win the league.
  2. Probably just me and laukat. Nice that we're all on the same page, at least for now.
  3. A great thing about Ruddens rocket was how well it was teed up by Graham. I've watched strikers on many occasions, just not quite give the perfect pass because they want it back so they can score themselves. Graham passed a ball with a perfect weight and angle that could only be hit towards goal. It was unselfish and showed team spirit.
  4. P.S. I'm on the dark rum and fresh orange. Hope I haven't jumped the gun.
  5. I wouldn't want to see them score next as they look capable as a team. Don't know why but I think we need a third.
  6. Goals are brilliant and his link-up play is unreal as well.
  7. Great goal. Fantastic pass from our CB. Was it Brownlie or Bell?
  8. I think Murray and McKenna might be being rested for other reasons than just being tired. Murray in particular had a bad game on Tuesday.
  9. Showing our hand early in this one. With two up front from the off, we'll need to take advantage early. We've lost an element of positive change for if things aren't going too well. Having said that, we have Cardle to bring on.