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  1. If all goes to form, the top two represent the only chance of an easyish game in the next round. The whole thing almost looks seeded.
  2. Did you win elevenone? Not sure why I'm excited that you might have, but I am.
  3. MY NEW FAVOURITE FOOTBALL TEAM!!!! Partick Thistle v Dunfermline, Scottish Cup - YouTube Well done to all the fans in the JL Stand. Great to see we have a young support in there to serve Thistle well into the future. Up The Jags.
  4. Cheers. A win here and no goals conceded keeps our run going.
  5. Lots of us do. Or do you mean you're happy we scored but aren't bothered who it was?
  6. Trying to make sense of the latest announcement, as due to travel to Scotland next month. Are the Government saying that you will not require a Covid passport from 6th Dec unless it all kicks off again and they change their minds? Just need a LFT from 6th Dec. I thought that was the case but Glenn Campbell of the BBC seems to see it differently. He thinks you need a LFT and a passport for venues that currently require one.
  7. Prefer to buy than borrow but maybe Davie Moyes could lend us someone for the rest of the season, or at least put us in the right direction. I'm sure there are some players with the ability of Akinola that would benefit from playing in our league for a while. Do we need two players? Be a shock if we didn't.
  8. And 1 point separating the bottom 5. Incredible really. Fantastic run of results for us. No shots on target from Hamilton. It might not have been silky but we're doing something right.
  9. My non prediction of the score seems to be working. Up The Jags.
  10. Watched some Queens Park highlights at Firhill. Compare our pitch to Ayr's and it looks terrible. Looks like it had a million divots on it. Maybe why we're hammering teams on plastic, as much as I hate it and on good pitches.
  11. Looks ok but I think the ball bobbles a lot on our surface. Plenty of green but doesn't seem flat. As if it's not being rolled or something.
  12. Very nice looking surface to play on. I hope ours holds up and allows us to play our passing game at home.
  13. It doesn't. Never thought I supported two teams that keep so many clean sheets. Long may it continue.
  14. Last week I tried posting without making a score prediction. I'll do the same again. Up The Jags.
  15. Watched a few bits on YouTube including a piece from Footy Adventures that was quite interesting. He goes round the grounds and seems to support the home team mostly. TOP OF THE LEAGUE BUT BOOS AT FULL TIME?!?!? Kilmarnock v Partick Thistle - YouTube Also watched Tommy Wrights' take on things. I suppose he's there to talk about his own team and maybe he's right to only do that but I feel other managers give a nod to the opposition. He certainly doesn't ever seem to. I guess that makes it even more enjoyable beating them.
  16. I don't do too well with score predictions, so am biting my tongue on this one. We played well on plastic at Hamilton though. Up the Jags.
  17. First live game for me last week and although the play wasn't great, it was a good day. Started with a short Subway trip to St. Georges Cross from Buchanan Street. I'm originally from the area on Garscube Road near to Ceder Court (the high flats), and love walking up the stairs to street level from the Subway. Had two pals with me. One a Rangers fan (never mind) and the other a non football fan, who's only other live game was Barca v Ajax in the Champions League. Messi scored a hat-rick that night, so not much to live up to then - I was at that game too and had convinced him Thistle were the best team he'd ever see in Red and Yellow.... In to the Woodside to meet my Uncle and in true Woodside Inn fashion, we were served and drinking our first pint within 1 minute of entering the premises. It's a fantastic pub and the bar staff are exceptional there. Watched a bit of the Man City v Norwich game but all thoughts and talk are about Thistle and the hammering of Hamilton the previous week. Great also to catch up with a couple of old Thistle pals who drink there on match days. Then the walk to the game. My favourite bit, as we weave through the back courts and onto Firhill Road where we catch a first glimpse of the best stadium anywhere. A walk up the hill past the brilliantly presented murals, an obligatory purchase of 50/50 tickets and off to my seat. Great to see the 71 Cup Final Team and the respect from the fans towards them. Not too much to say about the game itself although 0-0 was about right in the end. Some good performances and potential with Akinola looking like he'll be a player. A walk back down the road and a few beers in Glasgow to follow. What could be better. P.S. The pies at Firhill are top notch also. If only Thistle had got the goal.
  18. Lots to be positive about, although feels a bit flat on here today. Win today, and I think we will, and we're right in with a shout. Staying in touch while we find a way to win this league is where it's at. The 2 recent draws probably don't seem the best but those teams are making a habit of denying wins with turgid play. 12 draws between them both in 22 games. Cally won't play the same way and things will open up more for us I feel. I'm going 3-1 Thistle today, followed by a real push for the title. We might just fall short if Killie keep doing a Rangers. What time's their penalty today?
  19. That's probably for another year. Had some great Promotion parties over the years but a Cup win would top the lot imo. Who's to say it won't be our turn in the next 5 years. When I think of some of the other teams that have won the Cups', we have a chance.
  20. It might not be everybody's cup of tea but it currently represents the only chance we have of winning something. Well at least it did...... Pretty sure if we'd made it to the final versus Kilmarnock, it would have been some day for both sets of fans.
  21. Thanks FT, it's up now. Not only that, I got 3rd place. Great stuff. Will spend that at my first game of the season v Dunfermline.
  22. My closest is Northampton Town at about 35 mins with Leicester about 45mins. No thanks.