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  1. She won’t step down mate unfortunately. For whatever reason and I still don’t fully understand what she is getting out of it - she seems determined to hang on. Maybe we will find out this week
  2. On holiday for a few days up north but completely agree. Also absolutely flabbergasted that the extra £60,000-£70000 potentially raised by TJF can he dismissed so easily by Low. Since when can any championship club dismiss a financial input like that. Just beggars belief. Though that’s even surpassed by the way those from TJF have been treated with contempt by the Chair and Shand
  3. You do remember surely that Sneddon has had howlers as well as recently as the playoffs
  4. Agree we weren’t brilliant but good Accies goal keeping, poor decision making in box and poorer finishing as well as conceding a complete and utter freak goal stopped what would have been a routine win Dont really get the comments from some about Accies being direct with their attacks as other than a freak goal Mitchell had next to nothing to do in contrast to Accies goalkeeper who produced a string of great saves
  5. Fantastic initiative- well done to the club and First Bus
  6. I dare say with the window open for a while and extra income maybe available for qualifying for next round we could get someone in- as apparently cup runs are never budgeted for and I think we get an extra £40,000 qualifying for the next round before we even play a team
  7. None at all. Though it seems to be more and more common now - I think Ayr, Dundee, Morton and Dunfermline all have brought out third strips
  8. When I was in the greaves shop it was interesting to hear that a third kit would be coming out soon. not the Kingsley strip as that will be separate but no clues given to me about the colours or design
  9. Leigh Griffiths signing for Hartlepool so nobody needs to worry about him rocking up at Firhill
  10. Don’t see what McCall has to do with it tbh. He is just the playing manager nothing to do with the running of the club Dont know if Britton has any say - does he not just get told what to do by the board
  11. I think the striker we hoped to sign was Adeloye but Swindon beat us to him
  12. Hopefully we give both teams the respect they deserve- and don’t expect a walkover. I think if we get through to the next round we get £40,000 alone - that’s a lot of money for us
  13. Agreed - a key player in keeping us from relegation. Prince Buaben was okay - not great but not too bad either
  14. looking at this link I don’t think Stanway will be out on loan and neither will McKenzie https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/20282578.ian-mccall-reveals-aidan-fitzpatrick-opted-firhill-despite-multiple-offers-elsewhere/?fbclid=IwAR1wjcdN1kfeulkoSfnqWdaiLHKt0XQilO-ounTHtDXAh5VXaoHUuTXHQSk&fs=e&s=cl