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  1. To be honest I didn’t think he was great either and don’t particularly want him back. I had just wondered if that was who DD had been referring too
  2. Is that Danny Devine who played or us in the premier league
  3. Agree they would be decent signings. Queen’s Park have still not currently secured their status yet in the championship and not sure those 2 players would stay if they went down
  4. How long is Wasiri Williams out for? Will he be back for the playoffs?
  5. I’m pretty sure we can’t get Dowds back it was mentioned. Something about we had to enact a recall clause a few months ago which we didn’t do
  6. Ayr also have Dundee United next week which won’t be an easy game for them
  7. Completely agree mate - £90,000 at stake for third and fourth a massive amount for either club. Given we budgeted for 5th and look to have got at least a wee boost and given importance of next week hopefully as Fawlty Towers says a bigger crowd, will try and get a few neutrals along. Given injuries a very decent result today. Nothing we can do about Airdries run of form
  8. It would also be nice to beat Raith this season too
  9. Your right although we may well be pipped to third place - as Airdrie really are on an impressive run which would be a pity due to the financial diference between third and fourth. Though as i said previously we should hopefully have a healthy gate against them a week on saturday in what will be a big game for both teams
  10. Robinson picks up McCrea FS Player of the Month prize for March | Partick Thistle FC (ptfc.co.uk) I see Scott Robinson deservedly got player of the month for March. Well done to Scott. I had been critical at the time of Doolan for the signing not for his ability but due to the injury record as was concerned we were signing someone who looked like they were not going to be able to play. However he has like many others made me eat my words and turned out to be a very key player for us who if we manag to qualify for the playoffs will certainly have played his part. On another note just reading in there that his mother had had some health issues over the last year. Hoping that she has made a full recovery and is feeling much better. Keep up the great work Scott
  11. Finishing third and that extra money just got that more difficult though here’s hoping we get a good sized crowd at home to Airdrie a week on Saturday for extra cash
  12. If we do somehow manage to hang onto third his goals for Ayr against Airdrie in the previous games will have helped
  13. Airdrie once again beating Raith, why can we never do that? Time to make amends this Saturday
  14. As echoed by others terrible news not least for Stevie. Hoping for a speedy recovery for him
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