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  1. Are you sure it was tonight? I thought it was Monday
  2. Did he not give an example of Queen of the south travelling to Elgin and vice versa, though slightly confusing as they are not in same league
  3. I thought he was a terrible jags manager but has been excellent pretty much everywhere else - I would say dick Campbell can be quite eccentric
  4. It’s the home and away top but specifically marked 1-100 as far as I can tell and only one of each number
  5. Didn’t know about Rhodes wanting to manage us, was he a supporter when he was young?
  6. Who was the co manager and what role was he moved upstairs too?
  7. According to Alan Rough, McCall had persuaded Bruce Anderson of Aberdeen to join us in January. The deal only fell apart because of the suspension of our leagues. He would have been more than competent at scoring goals in our division
  8. Any reason why the op has asked this as pretty sure McCall is not going anywhere l. If a vacancy did arrive I’d certainly rather have kettlewell than the other same old tired names that pop up as soon as we have a vacancy eg Jim Duffy, Danny Lennon, jim McIntyre
  9. Have you be men given any indication at all as to when you might be able to return to the UK, catch up with family etc?
  10. Spittal not in the county squad tonight
  11. This Jags fans is raising funds for the go fund me by auctioning off this framed print https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Partick-Thistle-framed-print-1971-League-Cup-Final-/254853618696?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292&fbclid=IwAR2jtEQQnGuh6yXvlh_WWnPk1Ye_rlf512Lb7Np2RgsX90IuPsoQDelI0xM
  12. Did we get a share of stokes fee to Barnsley? I’m trying to remember
  13. Which Dundee will get a percentage of
  14. Slightly jags related in that Hibs have received a £2 million offer for Kevin Nisbet