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  1. No he had the option but was still keen to join us and work with McCall which he deserves plaudits for
  2. I think similarly to when they used to rely so much on Boyd for goals killie are again relying on one player, this time lafferty who was firing in goals and moving them up the table again, but now he is injured they are struggling again
  3. He did the exact same in 2013 when we won the league against his Falkirk team - not a single word of congratulations
  4. Well done McCall, coaches, players, board and of course fans. everyone played their part we go from strength to strength
  5. No Falkirks target against us will be victory simple as that. They will go full pelt to achieve that
  6. Airdrie will understandably rest players for the playoffs and Montrose might not be up for the games if they can’t make the playoffs
  7. Airdrie will rest players for the playoffs
  8. Not quite because if we lose on Thursday Falkirk still have 2 games left after that which if they additionally won would make them champions
  9. That’s my worry too and they will have had a few days extra rest. The layout of the last 4 games seems to benefit the team that was second
  10. Potentially we were denied a penalty at the end and the ball may have crossed the line again- we don’t seem to get the benefit of any decisions from the officials
  11. Leave this until we have actually won the league
  12. Which Airdrie players are part time? none I can think of and they also have a very good team Robert went on trial at Celtic and Livingston have put in an offer for him Callum Gallagher was a regular at st Mirren they have Kyle Turner on loan who has been a stand out at championship level was Thistle weir originally and is only being loaned to Airdrie because he had a fall out seemingly with pars manager about signing a new contract they have a player from Hamilton Accies who is highly rated, Kerr from Killie who is also highly rated theres several others who are decent including the goalkeeper who probably stopped them being 3-0 down by half time
  13. Hopefully get good numbers buying the package for Thursday which will also bring in some good income for the club
  14. Cove have a mixture of full and part time players I’m sure
  15. Agree and he wants to go into coaching as well, maybe player coach also with Thistle Weir. Can’t remember if it’s East Kilbride or BSC he is with but we would presumably have to pay some compensation. as someone who was critical of Richard Foster in first couple of games of season he has also become a hugely important player for us and might be well worth keeping on