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  1. Morrison would be a great signing mate. It looks like Hastie is returning during the window and giving things have not quite worked out for Hastie here unfortunately Morrison would be a fantastic coup if we could get him
  2. Great result to get especially as a tribute to Bertie
  3. Was absolutely delighted when Smith signed for us but he has been completely and utterly underwhelming since he joined. Is not deserving of a starting place based on his performances since he joined
  4. Our finishing was appalling as was our defending. Far too much time for Connolly for first goal. mciver was average in league one - we will be lucky if he scores for us this season. No idea what McCall was thinking bringing him on
  5. I thought the lad Adeloye has scored a number of goals for them up front? Wouldn’t say they have nothing going forward
  6. Smith looked a key signing but has been mediocre and has not been on the score sheet. Also wondering the point in signing Mciver
  7. Mcglynn must love playing McCall- no matter what squad he has he always gets the better of him. a few of our experienced players need a long hard look at themselves too. Docherty, Foster, Graham have been awful recently and can’t claim they are young players settling in. Time for Hendrie to get a chance over foster Was delighted when we signed Cammy Smith but has been completely woeful since he came in
  8. I’m guessing this might be outside of the clubs and Greaves hands. It’s quite a small area and a number of people congregating in the area might be breaching Covid protocols
  9. I thought Docherty was appalling today sadlyi wonder why Hastie was not in the squad
  10. I’ve been the first to criticise before in other games but that was a fantastic save from Sneddon we should really be at least 3 goals up here though as totally dominated this half
  11. Sneddon had a complete howler against QOS or have you forgotten? If stone was rightfully dropped for his howlers so should Sneddon be
  12. One mostly seems to be scoring goals in the majority of the time he is here - although clearly did do that on Saturday. Is still good enough to be a championship striker the other has been here 4 years and is still producing goalkeeping calamities rather than vastly improving- in fact there’s an argument for saying that he’s not really improved at all- though kenny Arthur is also responsible for that. While Graham is good enough to be a championship striker I have not anything to suggest that Sneddon is a championship level goalkeeper either this season or in Previous seasons
  13. Graham’s miss was awful. But Graham has played a big part in us winning games can’t say the same about Sneddon. We beat QOS in spite of his terrible blunder for the first. Didn’t play against the pars. Against Morton he didn’t have a save to make. same in our great unbeaten run of games last season in the likes of Clyde game we won 2-0, Montrose 5-0, Falkirk 5-0 etc etc he really didn’t have much to do especially in comparison to what Brian Graham was doing at the other end. I didn’t hear you complain either when stone was dropped because of his howlers.
  14. He defended stone after the Arbroath game and a number of people suggested he would be sticking with him - but he still dropped him so I wouldn’t be certain will be interesting to see who he goes for next week