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  1. If the Elliot rumour is true then you were spot on. Im a bit underwhelmed at him coming back to be honest Is Davis not nearly 38 and a midfielder? It’s not really an indication of building a younger squad and do we need another midfielder?
  2. Doubt it is he not been elected to the Jags foundation which rules him out
  3. Airdrie have no money and would have been my preference because of that. Queens Park have Willie Haughey who can easily buy that league. I’d say it’s not good news for us at all
  4. I presume Tumility was first choice out of all right backs - though rumours are he is going to st Mirren. I understand we had made contact but I can understand why he would choose premier league football Yeah another of the reasons Livi fans are sorry to see him go is his versatility and ability to be up and down the wing. Though as I said earlier it may be irrelevant now if we are signing Muirhead to fill the right back role
  5. True although not some of his signings to be fair McDonald, Cardle, Kakay, McMillan and I’m sure one or two others were more than decent.
  6. Though as you know Sandy unfortunately it took me long enough to waken up to how disastrous he was sadly at the time
  7. McDonald and cardle were signings in that dark era too and prior to January window we were bottom and we finished 5th so McMillan played his part in getting us safe. You must be one of the few that don’t rate McMillan as plenty of others would like to see him sign again As much as I see he was a disaster Caldwells signings in January were arguably better than Archies signings had been in the summer. As for ducking out a challenge or turning your back on a shot most players will have done that at some point. Bannigan for instance was immortal on camera against Aberdeen. Even Docherty did it at some point as well But it maybe irrelevant anyway if Muirhead is going to be playing as right back
  8. No highly regarded by the staff at the club and by other professionals. I don’t read who Caldwell highly regarded because he was clueless Though a lot of rumours we have signed Aero Muirhead who can also play right back so that’s maybe who McCall has opted for in the end
  9. Jack Hamilton the striker who was on loan from Livingston to Arbroath and whose contract is up this summer. That’s not to say Livi might not offer a new one- but maybe he will feel he is not guaranteed game time there. The other 2 Hamilton’s there were Colin and Chris but neither was a striker
  10. McMillans a lot younger than that. Was highly regarded when he was at Firhill and I feel has more potential than Naismitm tbh
  11. I don’t know but apparently Jack Hamilton is out of contract at Livingston and now Arbroath are definitely out we should be making an offer to him
  12. Yeah mate me and my dad are actually credited in the acknowledgments section of the book as we were in contact with Michael and he interviewed us love the drawings you do mate absolutely brilliant quality
  13. Hi gents I wasn’t born till well after their demise. Funnily enough by sheer coincidence I stay 5 minutes walk from Cathkin. my interest came as my great grandad Johnny Campbell who was a Scottish internationalist (also played for Celtic and Aston Villa6 was a Third Lanark playing legend- played in the 1903-04 team that won the top league and the 1905 team that won the Scottish cup. 2 of his sons technically my great uncles also played for them in the 1920s. My sad as well as watching Partick Thistle would also regularly attend Third Lanark games in the 1960s. I was involved in resurrecting them at amateur level in the 2000s Regarding Partick Thistle- Third Lanark rivalry- there was none it was friendly. Last ever Third Lanark captain Alan Mackay told me that for socialising it was always the jags players the Thirds players socialised with. Third Lanark fans told me they always like Firhill and had a respect for the Jags. It was Queens Park and in particular Clyde who they described as rivals and who they really loved beating
  14. I think he still had 2 years left on a contract at Livi I think at that point
  15. He was a jmac signing. I remember him having some howlers in his last season with us when he played McCalls Ayr United. Not sure also what Archies relationship with him was towards the end either as it’s often rumoured Archie doesn’t like former players coming back - but I’ve no idea if there is any truth in it. Dundee fans can’t wait to be shot of him and I’d be surprised if he had the same level of pace as he did before. Would prefer someone younger like McMillan who is better than Elliot and could be developed further (may even bring us some money)