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  1. I didn’t think Turnbull was anything great though better than cargil certainly
  2. I thought Bailey Cargil and Brice Ntambwe were pretty poor as defenders when we had them in the squad 3-4 years ago
  3. As I said before the 50/50 seems to work well at Falkirk when the winner is usually taking home £700 each game- their support can’t be that much bigger than ours surely?
  4. I think Dunfermline and Killie will- they are already spending big
  5. The commentators felt that our goal that was disallowed should have possibly stood i did think Foster should have possibly headed that second goal away - he barely appeared to jump
  6. Thought foster could have done better at the goal
  7. I thought you expected us to finish 7th or 8th at best which would indicate we would lose a lot of our games. so losing presumably fits in with your prediction for the season anyway
  8. Thanks Martin, yeah il wait till after Saturday is finished as I know they will be snowed under just now
  9. Saturday was the first time I had ever won the 50/50. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the club to contact you about your winnings?
  10. It’s interesting because Falkirk (who are not that much of a bigger support than we are) have been running the 50/50 as long as we have (started in first lockdown) yet almost without fail have been able to raise £700 as the main prize every week so they must be selling roughly £1400 every week. Which is really quite a fantastic achievement. I have no idea what their IT system is but with the new 50/50 purchase system we have brought in, in the last few weeks I have been finding it a lot quicker than the previous system we used
  11. According to rumours it more than a couple - potentially ive seen mentioned elsewhere
  12. Great stuff but been too inconsistent his 4 years so far IMO. Still to be convinced he is good enough to be permanent number one yet