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  1. Did he also get a hat trick for Hibs against us that season too?
  2. Yeah he is backing them financially to get them to the championship at least apparently
  3. https://queensparkfc.co.uk On their website they have announced signing of former Hibs and Dundee United striker Simon Murray. That’s yet another excellent signing from them
  4. According to this Tam O Ware has been appointed as Development Coach at Troon http://troonfootballclub.co.uk/troon-appoint-thomas-oware/ From what I can see he will still be continuing as a Partick Thistle player
  5. Apparently it is Willie Haughey and the ambition is to replace us as Glasgow’s third biggest club and for them to aim to be at least a Regular championship club
  6. Louis Longridge signs for Queens Park. Again for a league 2 side that is a very decent signing
  7. What undermined Sneddon is that the game before Hazard came in was the 2-1 defeat to Morton which featured Sneddons worst ever game and one of the most ridiculous goals needlessly gifted to an opposition player by him. i think for that performance alone he was immediately dropped for Hazard although he would have been an improvement on fox and the lad clearly has potentially lets remember the guy still has a lot to learn. Our first home game of the season against Dundee United the 2 goals we lost we’re pretty awful for a goalkeeper to concede, albeit the defence were sleeping too
  8. Welcome Kieron and Rhys all the best at Firhill lads
  9. And then the following week an even colder night in Airdrie haha
  10. He not linked with Ayr United, Falkirk and queen of the south currently?
  11. Saw on another football forum a couple of Ayr United fans thinking they were linked with McKenna and raging he has went to us
  12. Yet Danny Lennon thought their support in the game against us at Firhill was fantastic despite the disgusting songs about Lambie. Furthermore he as manager will have sanctioned the contract extensions of goodwillie and love too
  13. Yeah but they have given him a new contract yet again I see
  14. I don’t think clyde did themselves any favours by then additionally signing Ally Love, whom I’m sure was convicted of racially abusing someone too
  15. I probably wasn’t very clear but McKenna particularly at his age now is the kind of player mccall has a great track record of at different clubs (probably not far off age of guts like Shankland was when he started to show under mccall what he could do) If he had been 10 years or so older I’d be a bit more worried, mccall has struggled more with some of the signings eg McKinnon, Jim Hamilton, Martyn corrigan etc