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  1. Lest the club will know it’s getting an extra £17,000 in July as our cup game against Dundee United has been selected for tv.
  2. Oh dear they have me and my son confused according to the email I’m the under 16 year old(some might say that I post like a child on here) while my son is listed as an adult
  3. I hope your information is wrong- I’d be against moving away from Firhill. plenty of times clubs moved away from original homes and it’s all went wrong
  4. I’m far from convinced that all the money Colin Weir left was actually spent on the club. Regardless of whether he wanted it spent on the club after he passed away nothing would surprise me now including if the money hadn’t been spent at PTFC
  5. Muirhead triggered a contract extension in April- will be here next season
  6. Yeah also said it before Callum Morrison at Falkirk who financially are in an even bigger mess than us. Hamilton Accies had Connor Smith on loan from Hearts last year who was definetly their best player, given our friendship with them and our financial situation would hope they could maybe look favourably on us
  7. that is unbelievable the mess that has been left behind. A total and utter disgrace made by certain people who claimed to have been Thistle through and through. Thank goodness for The Jags Foundation, and above all the supporters who will all be doing their best to get us out of this situation.
  8. True but they have known now since Sunday evening
  9. I really don’t know why they are not on sale now
  10. Yep Jack Hamilton and Callum Smith a couple of decent strikers
  11. Out of likes Martin but well said
  12. Am I the only a bit bewildered that the board has said essentially they are letting Doolan talk to the players now regarding contract extensions could they not have allowed this weeks ago - offer them one wage if we remain in the championship and one if we get promotion. he will sit down with the players now to talk about contract extensions and be told sorry we were fed up waiting and have signed elsewhere now
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