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  1. I don't think anyone's calling us title challengers based on today, but to finish bottom half now would be bitterly disappointing. As is traditional in this league, there isn't a great deal between the sides & anyone can beat anyone on their day. Didn't see the match but guess it shows that if we play well we shouldn't drop many points against the sides below us - even bearing in mind Ayr United were potentially relegation standard
  2. Daylight opening up between top & bottom half now, good to be on the right side of it! On course for a perfect day (as Lou Reed would say)
  3. Would take a 0-0 given the conditions and fact Ayr Utd have a new manager, don't think that's going to happen though. Not expecting a great game so would take any old win if the conditions are better suited to our style. Who knows, may even mean one of our crosses finally end up in the back of the net! All games still going ahead today so far? I'd have expected a few postponements given the past few miserable days.
  4. It's utterly bonkers. And no, we're not the only ones that feel that way (although it may feel like it at times). Hopefully with every 'booster' the population are asked to go for there'll be a few more that stop & wonder about this whole circus - but hey these things are only 'temporary' (for now) and don't be surprised if we go into more restrictions next month anyway
  5. Out of likes. Yep, the good old days of 2020 when all this was just 'conspiracy nonsense' eh!
  6. His other point is that vaccination is scant guarantee you're not carrying it or spreading it to others. As another poster has pointed out, if this is mainly about cajoling more reluctant groups into getting their jag, it would at least be nice for it to be said so. One could however argue this amounts to coercion and violates the principle of voluntary & informed consent we have in this country https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/consent-to-treatment/
  7. Then I stand corrected, just much of what I saw yesterday implied it was pretty much a done deal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58412832
  8. Fair enough but check my second bullet point - it's just a pity there's no evidence of its effect on spread of the disease, only symptoms. I realise this isn't the place for a full blown debate on the whole wider issue but think it makes little sense given it's not proposed for more enclosed public spaces e.g. transport
  9. Yep, that's what's next. I see there's now going to be a vote on it - I just e-mailed to make my position clear going forward, as a number of other fans have with their clubs in the event we're lucky enough for there to be some form of consultation.
  10. So I'm sure you've seen in the news the Scottish Gov proposals around V-passports for large events, e.g. football matches, nightclubs etc. My question is, how would each of us feel if this were brought in at Firhill? I ask since as far as I can see, there's already been a fair backlash with fans e-mailing their respective clubs to say they won't be attending if this were a requirement. I personally am also in that boat, and have already e-mailed Thistle to state the same. My reasons being - wasn't required during EURO 2020 (e.g. at Hampden) - it's a trial drug with no evidence of long-term effectiveness against disease, or its infection, carrying or transmission - our medical history & who we share it with is no-one's business but our own. We don't need anyone's permission to live our lives, especially from the government. And if you're also in agreement, could be an idea for a few more of us to get in touch with the club to make it clear where we stand on the issue going forward? Cheers
  11. Yep, first of all thanks BowenBoys for running this! And congrats to winner jaggy and to Auld Jag who was just pipped at the post. No third-place play-off in this one anyway so will take a shared bronze medal with BILL.H from my debut tournament!
  12. 4 - 1 Would originally have gone for 3-1 but see a few predicting that. Please oh please...
  13. Especially if the winners don't let any officials into their presentation due to lack thereof!
  14. Semi-Finals Predictions 2-1 2-1 Cheers!