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  1. No worries BB, and just realised I find myself in joint second place! Turned out the three late Portuguese goals salvaged the round for me and got some welcome points on the board, if only it avoids humiliation
  2. Match Day 2 Predictions 2 - 0 3 - 0 0 - 2 0 - 2 3 - 2 3 - 1 1 - 1 3 - 1 2 - 1 3 - 0 0 - 4 2 - 2 Cheers & good luck!
  3. 0 - 2 2 - 1 3 - 0 3 - 2 2 - 0 2 - 1 1 - 1 2 - 1 3 - 1 3 - 0 0 - 3 3 - 1 Cheers, good luck & have fun all
  4. According to Wikipedia he's been between QoS, Dundee & in Cyprus twice. So looks like he was part of the QoS Second Division & Challenge Cup winning squad of 2012-13. And incidentally made both his league & Cup debut against us on 12/11/11 & 07/01/12 respectively. Apparently his father was also a footballer, striker by the name of Gordon Holt. And that's about as much as I know, looks on paper a decent signing to me.
  5. Portugal please. Got a mate there that's a Sporting Lisbon fan who've just won their first title in 19 years so will see if it's a bumper year for him!
  6. Found it! And yep commentator realised what's probably a similar scenario to Montrose on Tuesday and especially would've been if fans were allowed in
  7. True. That's why I'm saying if we can make top 4, keep our best players 1-2 years longer & build on that the following season I'll be more than happy!
  8. Perspective. It's not the end of the world against a side we've defeated twice already this season & 5-0 at home last month. We 100% need a few new faces in if hoping to mount a challenge next season & personally would be happy if we make the promotion play-offs next season & lay the foundations of a promotion side as Mccall already has done 2007-2011, then build on that to go for promotion to the Premiership the following season. So for me it's about keeping the nucleus of our strongest XI and taking it from there - can't be much worse than 2019-20 anyway so let's see how much better than that we can do...obviously we're still waiting to see who our main rivals are but reckon top 4 would be a decent result.
  9. Dumbarton snatch late winner leaving Clyde needing to beat East Fife to get out the play-off spot
  10. So it would seem, in a sense. Despite how they voted against us would still find it funnier than I should if they ended up being promoted alongside us after all this
  11. Nor the InfoWars guy! But never mind, that's exactly what this forum's for!
  12. Just to echo all that's been said, great memories despite only being old enough to follow Thistle in his third stint. Gutted I never got to meet him directly. But great memories, like promotion at Love Street in '02. Was in the home end with my also late dad (St Mirren fan) as Thistle end was sold out. Always remember JL afterwards talking about how the fans have been great, how deserved it was after all the club had been through. And years later on "Grasping the Thistle", in the dressing room pretty nonchalant and basically having to be dragged back out, arguing the day was for the players and fans. Like his match programme chat too, where his humility and realism but quiet optimism really came through before a game. P.S. Was behind the opposite goal that day so yep, got a great view of Derek Fleming's goal (and crash into the post)! RIP One Johnnie Lambie
  13. OK, so I was there today and would say this about the game: As scoreline suggests, struggled in defence and midfield. Again were caused all sorts of problems from set-pieces. Managed to deal with initial attack but very shaky with follow-up rebounds and goalmouth scrambles (partly yes due to Cerny who I'd liked to have seen hold on to a bit more saves, rather than parry them and leave danger) - which I think were at least the cause of goals one and two. Had an OK spell in the first half and very start of the second half but that was about it. Other than that looked a relegated, never mind relegation side. Humiliation just got worse and I left at 80 minutes. Walking up the road could only think if & when we get injured players back, it'll be too late even for players with a chance of making a difference. Hoping I was wrong and just in a mood. Topped off with having to share a packed train back from Glasgow with folk coming back from Ibrox. Two carriages only and not everyone got on, people arguing and pretty much squaring up with those in the doorway when they said they couldn't move further down and let them on. Lovely.
  14. Hi crazy davie, Never used Wix myself, but sounds along the lines of getting your website to 'point' to your domain. Wherever you bought your domain name from should give several technical details - IP addresses etc. of your domain. Once you've found these, you should then be able to go to your Wix account and website settings, and specify them. Things like NS (name server) or SFTP details are a sign you're on your right track. So I've only done this with WordPress, but in short, you want to 'point' the Wix domain outside of Wix to your own domain. Background: https://en.support.wordpress.com/move-domain/change-name-servers/ https://en.support.wordpress.com/move-domain/setting-custom-a-records/ Ah! https://support.wix.com/en/article/connecting-a-domain-to-the-wix-name-servers It's possible the changeover takes a couple of hours, but was sorted pretty soon when I did it. Hope that helps a bit!
  15. Or thanks for your money, now get yourselves home
  16. Yep - great day all round. Had a feeling from this morning that the wind might affect the game - and a stronger side might well have punished us in the first half - but felt a lot better after the second goal went in. Noticed Osman, Balatoni and Lawless put in a great shift, but Taylor still stood out as one who could finally put it in the back of the net. Also looks like Archie has mastered the art of what to say at half time and subs to make. Defence seems a lot more mature as well, after the first goal all I was shouting for (from experience) was for the defence to keep their concentration, but at 2-0 it did look like there was going to be only one winner. Don't think I'm the only one...but feel sorrier for St Mirren than Motherwell right now! Massive step towards safety today. Would say if we get over 40 points we'll be fine. So one more win while there are 15 points up for grabs, no reason not to go for maximum points now the Celtic game's out the way. 8th temporarily is a nice bonus as well, time for a couple of Kronenbourgs.
  17. Agree with most of what's posted above. Why not at least one out of Taylor or Doolan started is beyond me. Unless Archie went into the match looking for a replay in Inverness, but that's borderline insanity. Stevenson had little to no effect really - to sum it up he is a GOOD attacking midfielder but not a forward. He can help pressurise and help finish an attack, but can't play up the end of the park on his own.
  18. Hmm...OS has kick-off for this game as "10:10 TBC". Hopefully a typo or someone (Sky?) is looking at showing it before a lunchtime game elsewhere! Have seen morning kick-offs in some English leagues in the past so is a possibility...which is great news if you were hoping the game was on TV, not so great if you want to go to the game (and travelling from somewhere like Inverness!).
  19. Yep, was at that game too. Remember it snowing really heavily - wasn't kick off delayed by almost an hour as well? And a peach Jamie Mitchell lob for our fourth/fifth goal? And a Hamilton player kicking the dug out in a huff after he was subbed.
  20. Yep, don't think either side played to their best - especially with the first half wind and rain. At the end of the day, happy with a point as I wasn't reallly expecting anything out the game. Main concern is that Doolan's OK after going over on his ankle (by the looks of it). We definitely had the best chance in the first half, had a tap in waiting to be put in, but the pressure of the moment seemed to put the player off. Think it was Doolan.
  21. Has anyone else had a go at this? Registered with the website tonight, have tried to purchase a £20 concession ticket (being a student) but it's not giving me the choice of anything other than the £30 adult ticket. Think a few people on here had similar problems with their season tickets a few months back? Also, at the basket, the 'Product' comes up as "Membership Updates". Probably to do with being a non-season ticket holder - my current memberships come up as "Website Membership - Perpetual Product". So, just got in touch on the 'Contact Us' link and asked if they could help. Just explained the problem and said I was willing to come into the office. Fingers crossed...
  22. Could be the game Dick Dastardly is talking about - roughly 1998, we were playing someone like Clydebank or Stirling Albion. That kind of period. Anyway, was sitting in the JH stand and Thistle weren't playing well. A pretty big guy with a skinhead and leather jacket is standing up and screaming all the time - almost every time Thistle lose the ball he explodes ("That's f***in' schoolboy stuff" and the like). I think most people just guessed he was drunk or a bit nuts. Next thing, someone like Alan Morgan gets a hold of the ball and the guy goes "Right. Take your time. Keep it down." Then a defender tries to stop him and he goes "OK, just get past him." Then all of a sudden the player is through on goal and he shouts "Right. Shoot!" - he does and it ends up in the top corner! Also the stand was quiet enough for the player to hear him, so he must have known what he was doing after all! Just want to see if anyone else was there and remembers this? I was only eight at the time but is a really vivid memory.
  23. Ferris Bueller


    Another thing I was thinking if Hibs go down - would TV maybe be more interested in the Championship? If the Premiership title is sewn up before a ball has been kicked, Hibs, Hearts and Sevco could potentially have more interest. I'm completely speculating now but what then is the TV arrangement? If all divisions are now under the same organisation I'm wondering whether TV contracts be division-by-division or just wholesale SPFL. Guess there will always be TV interest in Celtic games right enough.