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  1. A final comment for this evening and probably on this game. I have just read the match report on the QoS website and there are several innuendo type comments about the referee' performance and his 'history with QoS! In contrast, except for Turner's disallowed goal, which I was too far away to comment on I hardly noticed him! He kept the game flowing which surely suited QoS and wasn't taken in by reasonable physical contact which resulted in a player hitting the deck. I had more of an issued with the Assistant Ref on the JH S side of the park. When we were struggling to clear our lines and Queens had the run of 4-5 corners - the final one leading to the Queens equaliser there was a challenge by Foster out near the touchline and the ball clearly came off the Queens player for a Jags throw in. The Assistant Ref awarded the throw in to QoS result final corner and goal! This very poor decision to my mind kept the pressure on the Jags when a correct decision would have enabled us to relieve the pressure by simply booting the ball up the park! Any thought on the Referee's performance. - was he a homer?
  2. I can understand how you see the game this way and I would be inclined to agree with you. I think in the first half QoS had more possession, looked the better footballing and more dangerous side. However we also had our moments. The first 10 minutes but without actually creating anything. We also dominated (not sure this is the correct word) after we equalised and the QoS dominated the final 15 minutes of the half. So fairly even half but with QoS clearly looking the better team. Second half was nearly all QoS with a 'here we go feeling' after they equalised. We found a second wind for the final 15 minutes, got the winner and were very effective( for a change) in playing the game to a conclusion. Queens will though be wondering how they lost that game as they did IMO enjoy ball possession and territorial advantage! But they didn't have a player called Graham!
  3. Agree with all of the above. Graham really plays for the jersey and for me that's all any fan can ask of a player. He showed this when in the second half he lost the ball and chased back 15/20 yards contesting possession with the Queens player until he won the ball back! Fantastic effort for the team! I would like to make a comment though and it's not a criticism of Graham. I feel that 2 up front doesn't really work and that Graham is frequently left on his own and out numbered. If we are going to persist with this formation then Rudden is going to have to play closer to Graham and the two wide players are going to have to get up and down the park quicker. The answer for me is a front 3 of Graham, Rudden and Tiffoney. I think such a formation would bring out more from our Strikers and especially Rudden without restricting Graham. Just a thought and yes we are very fortunate to have Graham. I think he will be at Firhill for sometime to come as a player and the Manager of PT Ladies team.
  4. Been reflecting on the game during the drive home. Firstly, the team structure showed Mayo as the right back and McKenna as the right wide midfield! McKenna looked lost in this position and both he and Mayo struggled to cope with Gibson! In the second half both but particularly McKenna got closer to Gibson and pressured him constantly. No longer cutting through the right side of our defence Gibson moved across the field to attack our left side where he came up Holt and Foster and as a result was forced to play more balls back and inside. Although still a threat he wasnt the danger he was in the first half. My main worry is still our Midfield which seem to me to be playing reasonably well as individuals but not as a unit. Hence we tend to lose the midfield battle, get forced back too deep and our back 3 are largely unprotected and vulnerable. I would really prefer us playing 433 or 442. I agree with comments about the first goal - Sneddon should have saved it! I thinking comments about Foster and the second goal are harsh. The goal had 'made on the training ground' all over it which gave Paton a half yard start on Foster! But wait a minute we won! Why, well Graham and Rudden for a start, McKenna growing into the game, the defence showing some resolve, the whole team retaining belief that they could still win even after losing the second goal - at that point I bet most fans thought the only winner was going to be QoS! Then their was Tiffoney! Last point when was the last time we saw a Thistle team play out the last ten minutes and manage the game so effectively! Yes we need to play better, yes we need a recognised right back and perhaps a CH. But today was a good gutsy performance against a team that was well organised, moved the ball accurately and quickly, and had some clever players in Gibson, Connolly and Paton. And to finish - we are top of the league at least until tomorrow!! Have a good weekend.
  5. Also thank you for this. My wife fancies a day out in Glasgow this weekend so will have chauffeur for this game! Seems appropriate for the first championship league game of the season! A 4-0 Jags as we show our class! Getting excited!!!!! Thanks to everyone for info!
  6. Last thing I read stated there was an attendance limit of 500 fans and that the club was going to hold ballots. Those fans not drawn in the ballot would have access to a live stream! Has this changed. What is the new attendance limit now if different from the above figure. I am keen to find out as I have to make travel arrangements. Also I haven't received details of seating! Can anyone advise? Thanks
  7. I thought my comment was sympathetic. The problem with cut & paste is that you lose context. You exclude the first sentence which starts "Disappointed FOR O'Ware....."
  8. In addition to recent signings Smith and Mayo, Ian McCall also talking about still hoping to sign 2-3 more players and to make further announcements soon. All sounds very positive. Making the season ticket money go a long way!
  9. Apologies fot typo - a 'not' too many! Couldn't read my own writing!!
  10. Reject would be defined as something not wanted in the first place or something already possessed which is no longer wanted. In respect of current and former players Doolan, for example, is certainly a reject (club chose not to offer a new contract)! Others whom the club wanted to stay but who left for whatever reason couldn't IMO not be considered a reject! I don't know the circumstances or details of many of the players who are no longer with us but many of those mentioned on this thread seem to fall into the category best described as 'ex-Jags'!
  11. Tempting fate but if Goodwin plays Brophy there is every chance we could win 3-0!
  12. Good news about Smith. Certainly an upgrade on past signings by Archibald and Caldwell (Kakay excepted). Bad news about Brownlie. Wish him all the best and a quick and complication free return. Disappointed for O'Ware. I thought he would be a good signing but even prior to his injury he never really got near the form he showed at Morton! As much as I continued to hope he would realise his potential with us I admit to thinking it was inevitable he would leave for a fresh start somewhere. Does he intend to remain in football or is he looking at another career? As a club we appear to have been unlucky in recent years in terms of sustaining long-term injuries Bannigan, O'Ware and now Brownlie!
  13. In my view the manager is correct to give as many players as he can game time. Mc Call thinks that the Championship is wide open and again I agree with him. Therefore it's important to get off to a good start and to have as many players fit and ready to go as possible. 3 friendlies and a couple of weeks training won't achieve this. On the plus side our two main Strikers are doing well and have scored all of our goals. Our midfield with Docherty in there looks strong. On the negative we should be looking for more goals and from other players. I am sure the defence, very good last season, will come onto form once the manager decides on his best back line which for me is Foster, McKenna, Bell and Holt - at least until Brownlie is fit! I also hope O'Ware comes good but it looks like his injury has sapped all his confidence. At least we are doing better than Kilmarnock and they don't have a St Mirren or Dunfermline in their group!
  14. My Airdrie supporter friend, who admittedly doesn't rate Murray, their manager, told me that Airdrie's good form and results towards the end of last season was all down to Turner! He told me Turner controlled the middle of the park and dictated Airdrie's play and that he will never forgive me for Thistle 'stealing' their best player!!