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  1. I could never really make up my mind about Murray. I recall him being a tall, pacy player who scored so goals especially against us! He also seemed to play a lot of games where his contribution was minimal and in fact disappeared! However his goal average is about 1 goal every 3 games or so. On balance I don't think he would have been good for us!
  2. Well in that case as the Clyde's of this world may well be out of business there will be no need for Jags supporters to attend away games at these clubs!
  3. Some years ago when the prospect of Rangers or Celtic joining the English League was a hot subject certain information emerged including the requirement for 3 years notice of resignation. I have no idea if this is still the case but it gives the home nation plenty of time to lobby UEFA, who are all for National Leagues anyway, to stop transfers from one National League to another!
  4. For reasons of sheer devilment this idea of applying to join the English League would be something I would find attractive. Just thinking of the angst it would cause the SPFL/SFA would be enjoyable! Even better if we fought our way through to the second or third tier nevermind the PL. Imagine PTFC having revenue and a player budget bigger than any club in Scotland outside the OF! There are of course huge questions about whether or not such a move is viable, feasible or even allowable but it would certainly be showing two fingers to the Scottish Footballing establishment! Suspect Boris Johnston would support it as it would reinforce his Union/no border stance. Perhaps politically the time is now!!
  5. I started talking about this subject in April/May and my views haven't changed. I will not be going to away games but will donate the gate money to the club through the go-fund facility, probably on a monthly basis! I agree with the sentiment that we should not be funding clubs who voted in a manner that could be described as "knowingly doing harm" to the 3 clubs relegated! I don't agree that not going to away games will make no difference to the clubs concerned. It is accepted this is true of SPFL and most Championship Clubs but not attending away games will have an impact on most League 1 Clubs (excluding Falkirk, East Fife and Peterhead who tried to support us).
  6. Welcome to Firhill Kieron and Rhys and I wish you both a very successful season with the Jags.
  7. Sounds good! Attacking football and goals galore! Exciting! Looks like McCall is implementing a plan leading to a strong and balanced squad. Agree with need for goalkeeper, centre back and striker (at least one with a goal scoring track record) but don't we already have an attacking, goalscoring midfielder in Gordon and perhaps Murray! Won't be a return for Scott Fox! Read somewhere recently he picked up a serious injury and will be out of action for sometime!
  8. I'll take a yellow card - will that be OK!
  9. The issue of legal costs has gone quiet! Here we are almost at September and still no news! Anybody know or heard anything?
  10. Agree with this in terms of every ground being different which makes the argument for individual risk assessments a strong one. However it also makes it sensible to 'pilot' the bigger grounds assuming these grounds are built in a manner which enables very large crowds to disperse quickly. Therefore it is reasonable to assume spectators can enter and exit such Stadia without congestion occurring. In the case of Firhill with the old main stand closed together with the South end of the ground being un-developed we are a bit limited as we have, generally speaking, only two entrance and exit areas - the back of the JHS and the West Side of the North Stand! Could we in the short term reopen the old Stand? If it's still fit for purpose it would give us a few more options!
  11. Apology accepted and no offence taken. Its very easy to make a mistake when participating in thread discussions as my recent 'gaff' referring to ex-Ayr and now Livingstone player Alan Forrest as Jim Forrest! All the best.
  12. Yes you are correct I did mean Alan Forrest! In my defence I had a football chat with an old friend recently as as he 'used' to support Rangers and Jim Forrest featured prominently in our discussion. I have obviously carried the name forward!
  13. I think you may have misunderstood my post. I am not referring at all to the young player we have just signed. My post was about the prospect of Goodwillie playing at Firhill for Clyde! As far as our recent signing is concerned I would expect our Management and Board to have done their homework and if having done so, decided to sign him then he will enjoy my full support and especially if he performs on the park! Can you be a bit more specific on what you think are the negative and pathetic bits? That would help me understand your interpretation of my post!
  14. Good! Wish James Forrest had come to us as well then they would really gave been raging!
  15. Absolutely. I have been a contributer to this fund since June and haven't won a bean! Must be a fix!!