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  1. I was at the 4-3 game. It was played in a gale force wind from South to North. The Jags reached HT with a 2-1 lead which at the time I recall thinking wasnt going to be enough. In the second half Alan Hansen moved into midfield and gave Rangers a football lesson and scored twice. To cap it all we had Dixie Dean's whom we had just signed from Celtic sitting in the stand. He didn't make much of an impression with us! My one unfortunate memory from that game was sometbing that happened after the game had finished. I was standing on my spot on the terracing waiting for the crowd to clear the exits. A passing "blue nose" noticed myJags scarf (and probably the huge smile on my face) and proceeded to dish out the verbal abuse. The more I ignored him the more irate he became and the closer he got. I thought this was going to end badly but lucky for me a couple of his pals dragged him away still shouting and swearing at me! One of his pals came over to me and apologised. I suppose that was something!
  2. Meant to ask - what was the age level, eg U17s?
  3. Watched the highlights and there certainly was a lot to saviour from the young Jags. I was very impressed with the technical ability especially controlling the ball with a single touch, passing and keeping possession. On the basis of these highlights and I appreciate they are edited I would suggest room for improving finishing and decision making (when in 'final third'! However this doesn't detract from a grand performance by the Jags Colts! Could we get them into League 2?
  4. A friend of mine - a Rangers supporter - sent me an email praising "Partick Thistle FC, their Board of Directors, Manager and all connected to the Club for not inviting Senior Officials from the SFA and SPFL to the League 1 Championship celebrations" and for making it very clear they were not welcome"! He hoped Rangers FC would be brave enough to follow our lead and do the same for their celebrations which he said we're taking place on the weekend of the 15th/16th May.
  5. I agree with the widespread opposition to the inclusion of colt teams in the National Leagues expressed on this thread! Their inclusion in the Lowland League is simply a device to propel them into League 2 and subsequently futher up the Leagues. To prevent this the answer is quite simple - clubs (except Brechin of course) should just refuse to play them! I hardly think even the mighty SPFL will be able to challenge this if League 2 (and /or) League 1 clubs act together and refuse to play the colt teams!
  6. Just listened to McCall's post presentation interview. IMO very good. He made his point about our demotion etc explicitly and by inference but also focused on what has been achieved in the past season by the club and although we will not forget it is time to move on. He also justified the rationale for the 'private' presentation and that it was a one off. SPFL & SFA 'high heid yins' being welcome to attend next year if the club does something special. Very well done left the club with significantly more integrity and dignity than the SPFL/SFA! We move on! (I will still not be giving a penny to previously mentioned villains - but otherwise will like the club, move on).
  7. I will look forward to thes revelations and agree that he has to box clever! McCall has to remember that he is an employee of PTFC and therefore recognise any disrepute charge may also be levelled at the Club. I must admit to having an issue with the focus on Doncaster! By all means cite him and frequently but let's not forget McLennen! He is the president of the SPFL and a major player, IMO, the key player, in the issues we and Scottish Football have faced in the course of this pandemic. McLennen has proved to be very adept at 'sailing under the radar' while letting Doncaster take the heat! McLennen likes making statements but has avoided placing himself in front of the media to answer questions about last summer and the conduct of the SPFL - some leader! Also his and Doncaster's relation with Newall should have been open to public scrutiny. IMO there appears to be a number of conflict of interest issues and as President of the SPFL, a position to which he should never have been appointed, has been far too close to one particular club! So it's not all about Doncaster and let's not forget that! One final piece of advice to McCall and that is before he says anything he should speak to a good lawyer! Scottish Football badly needs change and there is no better place to start than at the top!
  8. Our main rivals for top 4 in the Championship next season will be one (but possibly two) relegated PL team(s) plus from the Championship - Dundee, Raith Rovers, Dunfermline and I hope ICT - as I can't stand the 3 mentioned. Although I have said possibly two PL teams I fully expect whichever Championship team makes the play-off final, propably Dundee, will lose out to the PL team (either Hamilton, Kilmarnock and Ross Co) . I am going to put my head on the block here and say Hamilton will win their final two games to retain, yet again, their PL place. This means my candidates for the Championship/play-off are, not in any order - Ross Co & Kilmarnock. Looks like being a very competitive league next year which should worry Ayr, Arbroath & QoS! A top 4 spot for us would be some achievement!
  9. And lost 6 of their last 8 games. Glad we had our "collapse' in the first half of the season!
  10. Seems Wright had a poor game going by comments about first two goals (couldn't get stream to work) so bet that wasn't on McCall's agenda!
  11. Thanks for pointing this out - ha ha what do I know! A good example of being behind the times and yes I am embarrassed!
  12. I think the Championship Play-off team will be Ayr. I expect Ayr to lose a tough game away to ICT and Arbroath and Morton to play out a 'cosy' draw. That should be enough to put Ayr into 9th and the Play-off. On Sportscene Foster was the second pundit and he thought Cove to be the likely team!
  13. Falkirk have 53% possession v Airdrie with 0 goal attempts. Airdrie on the other hand 7 attempts with 3 on Target. Says it all! Either Cove or Airdrie would seem likely to join us in the Championship unless Falkirk can find a goal threat!
  14. Neither Penrice or Williamson are indispensable but if its at all possible I would prefer them to remain Jags. To the game with Montrose! I would like a win and although it's an away game I think we have enough within the squad to win and still not play key players. I hope Mcall includes Wright, McKenna, Niang, Lyons, Murray, McIver in the starting line-up and puts the responsibility to win the game onto their shoulders. I also hope Falkirk can take at least a point from Airdrie! I don't see much between Airdrie and Cove and think one or other have a great chance of joining us in the Championship. The championship play off team I suspect will be Ayr. They face a difficult away game at ICT. I expect Arbroath and Moreton to play out a 'cosy' draw in their final game at gayfield! As it's the final game I am going to break my vow and pay to stream the game!
  15. I have said my piece previously about how I think the club should behave. I see nothing in this action which contradicts my views about behaving with dignity and integrity by: - accepting the trophy and therefore recognising all the hard work of everyone at the Club ; they deserve their moment! - making the point about being wronged and not wanting an SPFL/SFA presence.; don't forget it's not just about relegation there is also the unfair distribution of Government money; - its too soon to forgive and forget but after presentation we must move on. Just a couple of final points - being mischievous, I think I would have been nice for SPFL President McLennan to present the Trophy in full view of the press; that would be a good dose of humble pie for him And When Dundee and Raith next visit can we ban Nelms & Clark? This would also be nice but probably not consistent with moving on! Come on the Jags!