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  1. I always liked Doolan and delighted he is still scoring goals. Hope a few more to come for him! I think his decline and journey towards the exit door started with Archibald! It mystified me why Archibald frequently dropped him to the bench! He was in his prime and scoring goals for us and Archibald treated him like a 'bit' player. That sort of treatment can only hasten decline. I know a lot of mistakes have been made since, eg the appointment of Caldwell, some would say McCall as well but for me it all started with Archibald and why he is still at Firhill is just scandalous! When I win the Lottery and take over he will be the first to go!
  2. Only Small, Medium & Large available. Suggests lots of Jags Fans need to get the running shoes on and draw up a personal fitness plan! What size did I buy - state secret!
  3. I think it's interesting but not sure about buying! Will give it more thought! On the other hand agree with DD that it's weird but isn't this in sympathy with our iconic, eccentric club. Wife has just offered to buy it as a birthday present!! I do though like the 1993 away strip - white jersey with vertical red and yellow strips (down left hand side). I see Greaves website says 10 (of the limited edition Jersey) in stock. Maybe they know they are unlikely to sell 100! Away to put my thinking cap on!
  4. When is the launch actually happening - specific time? There is nothing on the Greaves website so far!
  5. Typo should read 'won't be at Preston much longer'
  6. Just had a thought! I suspect Alex Neal (ex Hamilton Accies) will be at Preston much longer. If he became available I would take him but would he want to return to Scotland to mlanage a big, iconic club playing in our third tier?
  7. Never really thought about the character of a successful Jags manager. My thinking was always let's appoint a good manager. After reading your comment I agree with you we need a character/eccentric and not a normal person! I don't agree with your comments about McCall. If we were going to move him upstairs then no to Kettlewell and yes to a Brian Clough type! Can anyone think of any eccentrics?
  8. Could the bottom right hand image - the blood red lines - be a clue? Hope not! It's got my interest.
  9. Palace Hotel, Peterhead and the Bar was closed!
  10. I know it will make no difference as we already know that the SFA and the SPFL make the rules up (to suit) as they go along! However in an ethical organisation that conducts itself with dignity and integrity the following should happen: 1. At the point in the agenda where the meeting is to discuss closing the season and related issues Mr Mulraney should immediately declare a conflict of interest and either leave or be asked to leave the meeting 2. The 'close the season' discussion should then proceed to a conclusion. 3. Mr Mulraney should be invited to return to the rest of the meeting. If the above doesn't happen the whole integrity of the discuss/outcome could be challenged. Where is Woodstock Jag? As a matter of interest was the Brechin Chairman a member of the SPFL Board last season when the Leagues were called. Apologies if I am stating the obvious in points 1-3.
  11. Re comment about vaccination centres - totally agree! Got my Jab on Saturday and whole process even without a military presence was very efficient and well organised. Staff very considerate, helpful and professional. Supermarkets - Asda at Bridge of Dee (Aberdeen) was a total shambles - will not be going there again. Morrison's, our local and albeit a much smaller store, was very well set out and controlled. Felt much safer!
  12. Agree re off the ball. More and more managers talking just as much about what players contrubte when off the ball as when in possession!
  13. Certainly not worth 2.5 millions ATM. He has too many 'barren' spells as a goalscorer. Still relatively young and potential to get better! Still don't see him as a regular goal scorer in either PL or Championship!
  14. If his partner is living and working as a teacher in the central belt and he is up in Dingwall then this is perfectly understandable. On the other hand I wouldn't have thought it difficult to secure a teaching position in the North if my local area is anything to go by! Perhaps the point is Hughes want players who are constantly in the game and not like Spittal who is in and out and often invisible!
  15. Thank you for this. Pity how things have turned out for Lindsay. A move to Hibs might save his career but why would any player want to move to Millwall with the fans they have.