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  1. I'll second that. About a fortnight ago we discussed the difference between entiltlement and expectation as a Jags fans. Well, somebody must have read it out to the squad as they are now 100% fully meeting our expectations. Well done everybody.
  2. Wasn't sure at the time, but that Zak Rudden effort was a goal.. No way the defender stuck a left leg out in time from where he is to stop that crossing the line.. Just as well we score when we want. 'Mon Jags, this league is here for the winning now.
  3. The pitch is killing this game. Given it's so bumpy I take it it's grass and not astro turf? Feel this has got 0-0 written all over it. Hope I'm wrong and the Jags come out all guns blazing in the 2nd half.
  4. Wish there was a concensus among league one clubs on what the cost of a game stream should be to the fans. Always feel I'm getting ripped off being charged £12 away from home when it's only a tenner for visiting fans at Firhill.
  5. That was my favourite. As the commentator said, the keeper widnae have saved it in the way oot!
  6. Well done to all the lads but especially Zak for getting off the mark in the league. Hopefully it'll boost his confidence and will be the first of many. Falkirk nerves will be jangling... we're coming to get ye.
  7. Squeaky bum time for the last 15mins.
  8. I felt the same way after some torturous viewing but as Peterhead are one of the good guys I'll be stumping up my tenner. However, if our current form continues any of those bandits who skim 12.50 off you can get hunted.
  9. I don't think that as a Thistle fan I'll ever have a sense of entitlement, but this season of all seasons I did have a sense of expectation. This expectation came from: Trusting that each and every player would busting a gut in every game to get us back into the championship following the way we were treated last season. The fact that we have an experienced management threesome should be paying dividends on the park. We are a full time team in a predominately part time league which should give us an advantage. The size of our squad of players allowing us to rotate and keep the team fresh with everbody , in theory, fighting for a place in a winning team. The anger and frustration the fans feel comes from the fact that none of the above has had any bearing on our performances this season. What we anticipated would be a title challenging season has once again in true Thistle style has become an embarrassment.
  10. Somehow salvaged a point but doubt very much if it was down to a touch of genius from the management. Well done Brian Graham for getting the goals, but Rudden is rapidly just becoming an embarrassment. As for the mangament team, I don't take back a word from my earlier views.... just f.......booooooo!
  11. Just when you think you're at rock bottom with Thistle they're always capable of another kick in the baws.
  12. McCall and Archibald need to be shown the door along with a good few of this current pool of players.