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  1. All the best wae the Jags Tunji.
  2. Great result helped by a truly hapless performance from Dunfermline. Love it!
  3. Excellent performance and work rate from the Jags so far. Tiffoney's pace leaves the Pars defenders for dead. 'Mon Jags!
  4. Thanks Camallain, nice to to see the goals again from a different angle. Keep up the good work.
  5. Nice to see young Ocholi getting the winner today. That was a real sore kick to the mouth he took in the 2nd half and he did well to recover.
  6. Haha. Are we trying to do Montrose a favour here?
  7. Wow. What a sitter from Murray. How did he miss? Quite funny how the camera followed a passing seagull there.
  8. Well deserved goal for wee Joe Cardle, he's been excellent tonight. 2-2
  9. Boooo! Slack defending makes it 2-1. Wright doing a good impression of Scott Fox there.
  10. Wright not helping his claim for the keeper's jersey with that effort. 1-0
  11. Eddie Bell, 66 (jeezo), now living in South Ayrshire. Born in Springburn, brought up in Drumchapel. First real experience of senior football was going to see Clydebank, a team that featured the legendary Davie Cooper. Going to Firhill was an occasional big day out treat. Went to London to make my fortune , a Baldrick type plan, and when I returned in 1990, well, there was only one team in Glasgow I could support. Suffered many ups and downs with the Jags since but who could forget the following. Parkhead 26.09.92, Metz 08.07.95, Tynecastle 23.03.96, Inverness 06.03.02, Firhill 29.04.21 and many more that come to mind over a dram. Great memories that keep you hooked. Nom du plume? Just liked Harrison C Briscoe, well meaning but usually making an arse of it. Always thought Hannibal Heyes and `Kid' Curry were too smug. Sorry, I know you have to be of a certain age to know what I’m on about.
  12. Doesn't feel right as a Jags fan....but feck it, the champers is oot chillin'!
  13. How enjoyable this season would have been if our form in the last 6 games had been there from game one. Great desire to win last night from our guys and I thought they had snatched it right at the end. Only black marks were giving away a totally unneccesary penalty and a shocking pass from Gordon that could have easily led to a goal for Cove. I'm concerned that we might struggle to match Falkirk tomorrow night after such a demanding 90 mins. Hopefully karma will we see that the injustice of last season is nullified when we lose to Falkirk but win our final match at Montrose to end up as champions.