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  1. Thanks. Had tried just about every other combination without success, until I read your post. Worked for me. Thanks again. Dont understand why the club hadnt made this clear.
  2. Was fearing the worst , having to download the app, to access my season ticket. Not too tech savvy with this sort of thing. Not just as easy as the club`s instructions make out, but eventually managed to find my season ticket with secret code, which I hope will be used to access Saturdays live stream. Fingers crossed.
  3. Fragile defence? Thistle have played a game less than QOS, and conceded 9 more.
  4. Can`t. Dunfermline v ICT Tuesday.
  5. Our home game v ICT on Sat 18th April will now k.o. at 7.20. Live on BBC Scotland.
  6. Saw Thistle play at Cathkin a few times. Still remember turning up at Cathkin in 1963, to learn that full back Sandie Brown had just been sold to Everton. Just checked, we lost 3-2 that day.
  7. Not sure if it`s on BBC Alba, but is available on BBC iplayer on channel S4C.
  8. Absolutely delighted. Good riddance. Only disappointment that it wasn`t done sooner.
  9. Gordon and Bannigan both straight red. Ban, 2 - 1st team games immediate.
  10. BILL.H

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    The Davy McParland stand, after the failed training ground.