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  1. There’s none tonight. Equipment needs fixed.
  2. Let’s not forget he was only 17 or 18 when he went to Norwich, away from his family, and then Covid struck - so he was pretty much isolated. That could have had a huge impact on his confidence.
  3. Not sure he failed at QOS. He had scored 4 in 4 ,with them on a winning run, before getting injured.
  4. Cause an 8 looks a bit like a snowman ?
  5. As a stand alone result - great. Rather it is one of many that wins us the league.
  6. I have maybe lost what the significance of the Nations League is. I know it got us a playoff spot for the Euros last time round, but wasn’t it meant to replace friendlies. Are there more ranking points associated with these games than friendlies. Shouldn’t the main focus for qualifying for the Euros be the Euro Qualification groups ?
  7. I am not sure about Lawless either but he has to be given a chance since we have now signed him. However, we still lack pace, I feel. and hope that will be addressed with other signings.
  8. I think to generate ST interest we should be getting some signings in. 650 sold in 1st week after announcing McMillan. Another signing would keep momentum going.
  9. More cringe worthy than the future king appearing on eastenders ?
  10. That was the reason for my ? I remember him being an exciting player at the time, but looking at his profile on Wikipedia, it looks like he was more a midfielder
  11. Something to do with the last A Ramsey to be at a World Cup perchance ?
  12. I agree with you that after the Queen, the appeal of the monarchy will diminish, certainly globally, if not in the UK. Where I disagree is that a Republic of Great Britain will be any better a place than the UK.