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  1. Sorry I am not being distracted. You started this thread, as you did the one after AGM on the premise that something was trying to get slipped past everybody. As I said Fake news.
  2. Behave. The 1st time you mentioned it after the AGM was when there was news article about it. You seem to be the only one that thinks something underhand is going on.
  3. What’s fake is that you are trying to say the 2nd tranche wasn’t mentioned at the AGM and again in this thread is slipped in the Census report.
  4. Not a single question asked by a TJF rep except the question asked by one ? It doesn’t matter whether they were in the room or not. More fake news.
  5. I explained in my post what is fake about it.
  6. This appears to me to be fake news. You just shout and don’t listen. The topic in this thread you shouted about the day after the AGM. But here you are trying to say that it is a new thing trying to get slipped past everybody. It’s like something right out the Trump playbook.
  7. If I remember correctly, it was mentioned around the AGM and I think TJF’s response at that time was that they would like to see the proposal before deciding whether to support it or not.
  8. If the 2nd placed team wins through to the final, as expected, the number of games played by the championship team and the premiership team would be the same. I don’t think it is unfair that the 3rd/4th placed team have to play extra games to get to the final.
  9. I suppose your last point is true for the team in the playoff final every season. It may be partly coincidental that Raith had the longest time to plan of any Championship team as they knew before the last game of the season which division they would be playing in.
  10. Is having 2 match threads worse than starting one too early?
  11. Probably a Utd win. Realistically, we aren’t going to catch them, but Raith are within reach.
  12. It’s been awhile since we got a win up there, so we are probably due one. Need to get our heads up after the last minute defeat last week. I wonder if there will be a place for O’Reilly yet. Need to take advantage of either Utd or Raith slipping up, or both.
  13. Thanks. Had a look. Only 2 of his competitive games came in the old 1st Division, at the end of 69/70 season when Thistle were already relegated, presumably. It’s a pity for Doolan that his 50 have been more evenly spread over 2 seasons, otherwise it is more than likely he would have had a promotion already.
  14. For further comparison can you clarify what division McParlands games were in, please. I assume, some, at least were in the old 1st division?
  15. That was my original thought.However,we would have been the same number as it is Greenock Morton
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