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  1. It’s maybe something that needs to evolve. After a while it just becomes a habit and the reason for doing it is forgotten.
  2. I only remember us doing that in one game - Cove, I think
  3. And it seems to have been injury after injury each season since
  4. Personally, I would like to know how it is going to operate and if my liabilities are limited if I do sign up and make and invested
  5. That’s kind of a relief. I thought that as soon as they started testing, players were testing positive and the SPFL would have been right to pause the league.
  6. I see there are 2 games off in the championship today. Is that because of the testing that championship clubs are now carrying out ?
  7. To a certain extent I agree that they shouldn’t have forfeited the games. After all both Celtic and Aberdeen had games postponed due to Covid 19 protocols being broken and they were allowed to replay the games. At the same time I don’t disagree with your last sentence. When you think about it, it really is astonishing that Celtic,having had at least 2 instances of Covid abuse that they havent been punished by SPFL.
  8. You know how Scotland sets it own income tax rates ? Do you know how long it takes to get that money from U.K. treasury? - 3 years
  9. No indication if this has been detected as a result of the introduction of testing
  10. Could be. Still not sure of the logic of a player moving just now - I would guess they wouldn’t be eligible for furlough.
  11. Why sign anybody just now ? We are not going to be playing for at least 6 weeks, I would guess - surely enough time to get everybody back. Unless he is going to be the 3rd No. 6 this season.
  12. Unfortunately, this would get nowhere. The SPFL have stacked the deck in their favour again. 22 of 42 clubs are allowed to keep playing.
  13. For me, the difference is that we warned the SPFL of the consequences of their actions(or at least claimed to have done). Falkirk waited until it was too late. The SPFL have a lot of explaining to do. Money was given to the SPFL by the guy Anderson to allow lower league clubs to test players and keep playing. The SPFL in their wisdom ? decided to allocate it across all leagues. Now they force div 1 & 2 to stop playing because they aren’t testing ?