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  1. It’s not looming likely here any time soon. Cases and deaths rising - 7 reported deaths today in Scotland. I think more restrictions coming here is more likely.
  2. Looks like people have self isolated from non football topic on this thread. Last post was 20 odd hours ago.
  3. I think I saw this morning that these problems have been fixed. I didn’t read the whole article so may be wrong - something about getting a code to input to the app
  4. No wonder- he wrote that game off as not being a real game. It was very disrespectful of a club that stepped in at short notice.
  5. Everybody had tested positive in hospital for covid under the old reporting.It was changed to reflect only people who had tested positive within 28 days. Even of the other 200 + who you said aren’t “ill with Covid”, can you say with certainty that it has weakened them in trying to treat them for other conditions ?
  6. As much as you want to blame the govt here. It’s down to people. No issues ? Didn’t you make a post about the number of people allowed on buses. Presumably in Norway social distancing is required and you adhere to it ?
  7. How can we trust yours ? What makes you think the previous numbers were misreported. They included everyone in hospital that had tested positive - irrespective of when.
  8. That’s right. The Scottish govt cut their figure from about 260 to 40 odd a week or so ago. It is people who have had a positive test within 28 days, so cutting out people who have had it in the past and presumably recovered.
  9. At one point in the spring there were only 200 in ICU. What was it last week ? What are the options for getting out of this - a vaccine or herd immunity or pretend it isn’t real.
  10. I am sure you have done enough reading of this virus to know that there is no guarantee except total isolation. Your risk is smaller with the processes you take, but eg how do you get to your parents from the airport. Have you left your car there or did you drive from Norway. Maybe you hired a car. Hope it’s cleaned properly. Wearing a mask isn’t a guarantee of not catching the virus - again it just lowers the risk.
  11. I think he is saying shut the schools/Unis and keep the pubs open.
  12. Is a test a guarantee that you don’t have it by the time you get to your parents ?
  13. Before you go make sure you aren’t asymptomatic