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  1. McKenzie came on because McMillan was injured. He was the most experienced player on the bench - good or bad. As for the other 2 subs, it was obvious we were getting nothing from the game anyway.
  2. Think it was new year 71 or 72. I did the same. Got home still thinking we’d won.
  3. Do we get any money for getting through this round or is it just gate money ?
  4. It looks a bit like the back of Britton’s head, but not sure if he was playing at the same time as them
  5. Also when he tried to plant Fitzpatrick in the penalty box in the 1st Half.
  6. Just a thought re the ban on heading at training. It’s difficult to gain anticipation of where headers are likely to go, so it’s no surprise that there are more goals from set pieces at both ends.
  7. When I saw the team sheet I thought McMillan would play left back and Hodson right. In hindsight, it might have been been better to have had Brownlie in instead of Hodson and played Holt at left back. Regarding the game itself, I think we were a bit fortunate to get the win as we could hardly put any kind of play together. I felt Morton moved the ball a bit quicker and a bit more direct, when their keeper wasn’t slowing things down.
  8. You wonder when we will have a full strength team starting again.
  9. I wasn’t at QP as their decision to put a patg option was too late for me, as I had made other arrangements for the day. So, not sure what happened - but they should have anticipated a higher spur of the moment turnout for New Year games. Anyway, it’s a diversion. I hope it is looked at in the close season. I think most people will still buy on line, but there are still people like me that hate it. It might only be a handful each week,but it is still lost revenue.
  10. Ok - this maybe an oversimplification. The turnstiles are open about an hour prior to kickoff and say for 1/2 an hour after. Allowing an additional hour for set up and shut down, you need someone for 2 to 3 hours at say £10/hour. You only need 2 walk up tickets and you’ve broken even. Am I missing something significant do you think ? I am sure there are more pressing things, but if this is an easy win, it shouldn’t be put off.
  11. Thinking back Jackie Mac’s time, didn’t we have sports scientists on board then -not sure if they were still in place for the promotion season.
  12. Does the admin burden sound right to you. There are already people in the portacabin dealing with tickets and doing in person sales for home supporters. And if we are looking at revenue streams, it is an obvious one. Why wait till the summer ! I know that I won’t go to away games if there is no in person gate.
  13. I asked the question here,now, as TJF do have representation on the club board now. And wondered if they had any insight into this yet - that’s all.
  14. I see there is a new statement by the board today about their actions since taking the reins. Sounds like they have been busy. If anyone from the foundation that knows can answer a question.Is there a reason we cant offer in person ticket sales for away supporters?
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