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  1. Have the dates of the games been released yet ?
  2. The Facebook post says after initial talks, which maybe suggests the “in talks” players haven’t had any other offers yet.
  3. Not sure about QP reaction to their last day defeat and failure in playoffs or Ayr. Neither am I sure about Arbroath improving much. However, I do think we will be struggling unless Doolan really has what it takes.
  4. The accounts are to 31st May, usually. The RC home game was 1st June. Not sure if that one is included.
  5. Didn’t the people that were at Kelly bale and invest in Raith ?
  6. I guess there could be other factors that could be perceived as giving advantage to one side or the other eg if the sun is in the eyes of one keeper, or maybe one goalmouth is a bit muddier than the other.
  7. Ross County also only had 2 days to recover, plus their final game was 2 days after our 2nd leg vs Ayr. Maybe it was more the age of our guys ?
  8. I don’t actually go along with the idea of the playoffs being designed in favour of the premiership team. If you sat back and thought about it, I am sure you would agree. The Championship season has 36 games vs the Premiership’s 38. It is probably expected that the 2nd placed team will play the 11 placed team. So their games vs 3rd/4th placed team will bring them up to 38. If the 3rd/4th place team wins through, they will only have played 2 more games than the premiership team before they meet. I think that is a fair enough cost for not finishing 2nd.
  9. It wasn’t Bannigan that passed the ball out the park at the kickoff, or him that let the cross in for the second goal, and who was marking Moray or the guy that scored the third.He wasn’t the only one to miss a sitter. Tiffoney had another one on one, Graham missed a great chance as did Mullen. That’s pretty much the whole team that contributed to us not winning yesterday.
  10. If we had got promoted there would be some players we would not be keeping, I guess. And if he started talking to some and not others it might have unsettled the squad.
  11. If I am not mistaken, the QP keeper was supposed to be the leagues top keeper and Ayr’s was 2nd.
  12. I really worry about this coming season. First off, I think getting so close but coming up short will take its toll, plus our financial plight. I wouldn’t be surprised to be in the bottom 4 or 5.
  13. Although we have been second best today it has been the VAR reviews that have decided the game. First the the foul on Docherty was a clear penalty,,and the hand ball was just a joke. I don’t think it was a red, so fair enough.
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