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  1. Makes you wonder whether someone overlooked that McCready was cuptied or a deal for a keeper has fallen through.
  2. But it would hardly have made a difference, being so late in the game.
  3. While he has a fairly average goal scoring record with us, I think he brings more to the team than just that. But even so, in answer to your question, as he tends to score in bursts, it depends whether he is in a run of scoring.
  4. Also considering we have games in hand over all the teams above us. Not easy games but definitely ones we would expect to win.
  5. It was the same for me and I just lived in Bellahouston. It was a long time ago.
  6. Going way back probably 71 or72, New Years game at Ibrox. Winning 1-0 through a Dennis goal right up until McCoist scored twice in the last 10 mins.
  7. Don’t know what a soft loan is, but pretty sure that would be in the balance sheet as opposed to the profit and loss. The increase from the previous year is about 300K - I guess £150K for Covid Grant. Did we get any transfer income directly or sell on income ?
  8. I don’t think it would be income if it had to be repaid. Could it be the Covid grant and or the funds from Hearts for legal costs ?
  9. You say lots - do you know how many ?
  10. Guess we will need to take your word for it.
  11. Not sure how you are extrapolating that from his post. It’s the 2nd time in this thread he has said it and argued for it.
  12. Howso, unless you have been consistent in not praising Arbroath.