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  1. It just shows how we see games differently. I didn’t think we had any sustained pressure and our goals came from random attacks. I haven’t seen the stats on possession, shots etc so my perception may be way off the mark.
  2. There was a deflection off a QOS player before getting to McKenna. In the past that would have stood. Has the offside rule changed ?
  3. .Turner had one chopped off, Graham’s 2nd was a rebound from a McKenna header and Mayo was very close to a goal.
  4. Yeah - that impressed me too. I think our 3rd really deflated QOS as they had been the better team for most of the game.
  5. When we move out of level 0 do the limits on crowds end or is that still to be decided.
  6. That's what I meant - we have our share of wrong uns.
  7. There will be the same ratio of Thistle fans that want to “beat the system” as in the general public.
  8. Thistle taking a stance vs SPFL doesn’t work out for us
  9. Does the rule suggest that if we had say 2001 ST and and limit of 2000 in the ground, the streaming would be allowed for all ?
  10. Somehow, I feel this “prize” for the 2,000 st purchase is counterproductive as folk may well be holding off to try and win it. And why should that person be singled out. Without the previous 1999 there wouldn’t be a 2,000.
  11. Presumably, the email to the club can be right up to kick off or even beyond as you can be contacted about a positive test result anytime.
  12. Disappointing to lose a 2nd
  13. McCall said each keeper would get 2 games in the group.
  14. £12.99 a month on virgin
  15. So, looking like 3-0 win should be enough to get to next round.