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  1. Actually not getting the arithmetic with this 100,000 divided by 1200 is £83 while 5,000 divided by 38 is £130. Can’t remember what the clubs offer was.
  2. Particularly when you think that it was almost certain that there would be no actual attendance.
  3. The transfer windows were brought in to avoid improving your squad towards the end of the season. Imagine the Morton/Airdrie tie goes to penalties and Fox has a blinder and wins the tie for Morton.
  4. It is a difficult one to judge. There is no doubt that our form improved immensely when Bell came in. Foster was pretty consistent during the season and Cardle created something almost every game after the restart and Graham’s goals speak for themself. However, the good form also coincided with Rudden coming good, the introduction of Tiffoney and Bannigan and Docherty hitting some form too. The balancing act for McCall is to decide what we need for the championship. It’s one thing doing it against part time teams, can it be replicated vs. full time clubs ?
  5. You would expect him to have a list of prime targets, but as we know seldom do we get the 1st choice. It seems a bit off saying Tiffoney isn’t one of them as it might put him off signing if we don’t get the A lister.
  6. That picture must have been the template for the subuteo goalies
  7. Any idea when ST info is likely to be released?
  8. I think that was the 1st game of the season, maybe ?
  9. How many games to players need to play or be involved in to get a medal
  10. As we keep getting told, the clubs are the SPFL - Doncaster and co are just the administrators
  11. Is it being presented tomorrow night ?