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  1. Just scrolled through the posts. If you click on the link LIB posted about 11.30pm on Tuesday it says that the Trust agreed to an interview with the Herald and Times Sport on Thursday.
  2. I am sure James Cairney said at the bottom of his article on Tuesday ?
  3. I know it is hard to believe, but in this instance I am supporting TJF. I suspect your scrutiny would have been more thorough.
  4. Weren’t the Trust supposed to be giving an interview to the Evening Times today ? But I agree with you and others re Lows intent to stay on. What’s in it for her ?
  5. I think their statement was slightly different from the due diligence TJF was going to carry out. Didn’t it say they saw the draft audited accounts and Management Accounts ? As you say how in depth their review was is anybody’s guess really. It is strange they were granted access and TJF were denied it.
  6. It is obvious that 3BC/PTFC were not going to change. If TJF members start protesting at every game home and away, it is going to start getting picked up by social media/news outlets. At the same time get in touch with SFA about how the process was carried out and the law society regarding this supposed client confidentiality stuff that 3BC were spouting. Use every possible avenue to call into question the process.
  7. That’s true - but have lost 6 weeks of getting the message out, one of which could have been on national tv.
  8. ST Renewal is a long way off. This will be long forgotten by then. I think this is going to take something prolonged - week in, week out by TJF members home and away. Make sure your message is heard across the country. Go into the games if you want, stay out if you don’t.
  9. Isn’t it just as important to have an ownership that can take swift decisions when needed ? TJF has demonstrated that they can’t or won’t.
  10. I am not gloating - I have been urging TJF to do something since it was revealed they weren’t the preferred recipient ,which was before the Queens Park game. But no procedure was more important. You say, they are trying - what are they doing ?
  11. We have known this has been coming for weeks, but there has been nothing from TJF. What,if anything, are they going to do now ?
  12. PTFC Trust don’t need a plan - they have the shares. Now the question for TJF is what do they do now and more importantly what do they do with their members money. ETA - oh I know . They will send out a questionnaire, hold a members meeting weeks later and then have a board meeting some time after that to consider the discussion at the members meeting.