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  1. I agree with most of this except the bit about Campbell. I think he has one shot at managing a full time team which didn’t work out, maybe because of the expectation. Dunfermline would be no different.
  2. Although, if it doesn’t happen it will be a bit embarrassing
  3. You can’t say something that’s true ?
  4. Was he wrong about them ?
  5. Is that not a bit early for a 19.45 kickoff ?
  6. Wasn’t Holts chance also from a corner ?
  7. Edinburgh City seem to play all their home games on a Friday night. Do they groundshare ?
  8. I didn’t see the game , but would think that is unlikely as they let a 4 goal lead go vs Hamilton.
  9. Not sure what you mean about Mayo. He wouldn’t get picked for Scotland if he wasn’t playing well for his club. Rudden, eg isn’t in the current squad.
  10. I was thinking more for spur of the moment decisions to go to a game and away fans
  11. I suppose it’s because we are still in this Covid thing. However, you would think that individual clubs or the league as a whole could develop some kind of app that allows people to buy a “ticket” to any game and download it to your phone as a QR code or even a physical ticket.
  12. No I am not specifically supporting Sneddon. Keepers in general cost a goal if they make a mistake and get hounded. Outfield players on the other hand don’t,if they make a wrong decision. The same measures should be used.
  13. The last time we were in the championship, we had an experienced keeper. Experience doesn’t always mean good.
  14. Did this game start late or was there a lengthy stoppage - just come through as 1/2 time now