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  1. Was that not Amy Irons, Davy’s daughter ?
  2. I hope Bobby is ok. He hasn’t been on here for quite a while, I don’t think.
  3. What we have this season is a threat going forward and from set pieces as well as what appears to be a very solid defence. Like all teams in this league, though, injuries or suspension to one or two key players and that could change.
  4. Apart from just jinxing it there is also a place in the next round and presumably some money in the transfer window fund to play for. I think that this round in particular requires us to put out our strongest team.
  5. Or the best that was rubbish for us
  6. We are surely not going to be having the McNamara/Archibald debate again
  7. Now I may be misinterpreting what you are saying. Lawless can’t sign for anybody because Motherwell have been paid to release him ?
  8. Effectively, they are preventing him from making a living from professional football. That surely can’t be right.
  9. What’s the situation with James Lyon. Is it a season long deal at Stenhousemuir.
  10. Here’s a question, if the ball had hit the bar and bounced down over the line would it have been a shot on target ?
  11. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick here. I am positive.(it was jlsarmy that was complaining) It was a tongue in cheek comment about the corners being plan B. But how does a creative player help on a bumpy pitch ?
  12. Prior to yesterday it had been suggested that we had finally found how to play - one up vs the better teams and two up vs the poorer teams. Maybe it’s now 2 up away to the poorer teams and one up at Firhill and against the better teams ?
  13. That’s exactly what my point is JLS - when the pitch was in good nick here and elsewhere there has been no issue scoring. It is probably due to QP playing on it as well. It is certainly looking bumpy. Plan B should be get corners and let Turner take them. We are scoring pretty regularly from that source.
  14. The lack of goal scoring threat argument is a weak one just. We have the best goal difference in the league, we scored 4 last week and 6 vs Hamilton. At the start of the season we scored 3 vs QOS; 3 vs Morton and 4 vs Ayr at Firhill. I would suggest it is something else other than lack of threat - maybe the pitch ?
  15. Does it though ? We have just gone 7 games conceding just 1 goal, pretty much with the same defence throughout bar Mayo missing once or twice.
  16. I suppose his thinking is that we still have Hendrie who hasn’t made much of an appearance yet.
  17. Waiting for Bobby Houston to reply.
  18. I used to think that if you won your home games and drew away you wouldn’t be too far away from top. Not sure if that ratio of points per game holds up in recent years.
  19. I posted a couple of weeks ago after the 2 draws whether sharing with QP was having an impact on the playing surface and how we like to play. Hope not.
  20. Where did you get the glass ?
  21. They are now. Neither were sky
  22. Like you I am not so confident today and think a draw would be a good result
  23. Is that 0 as in 0 for the home team or 0 as in 0 for Thistle
  24. Fair enough - probably just luck though.