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  1. I think you are wrong. The Chairman and another Director have both gone out their way to try to play it down. If they didn’t care, they would have ignored it.
  2. I am not sure there is any legitimacy in them claiming the economic crisis for the low attendance. This has been with us for quite a number of weeks and even through our poor period of form, the attendances have held up quite well, I think. I wasn’t at the game yesterday. I normally go to the cup games but as you suggest, I just couldn’t be bothered, because of the situation.
  3. Except there’s no Tiffoney again
  4. I guess that these the article in the Herald and the Trusts statement could very well add to the numbers that were going to demonstrate on Saturday ?
  5. I think it is also illegal for a Director to approve accounts if the business isn’t sustainable on a going concern basis.
  6. It is certainly surprising that when the 2nd string players have been asked to step up on a regular basis en masse they have been found wanting. At the start of the season most of us thought we had a much stronger squad than last season. I think of the players you mention that McKinnon probably is good enough (in a stronger midfield unit), which we don’t have without Docherty. But none of the midfield have been good enough without him. Or maybe it has just been coincidence that when we get 3 of 5 of our missing players back we manage a win. I agree totally about season after season about injuries- but I think it pre dates McCall ?
  7. I think it is because, so far, there appears to have been no consequences to their coup d’etat. Except that every communication from the club or Trust results in increased membership of TJF. Even I am considering joining.
  8. It’s certainly a weird headline. At least there appears to be a commitment to elections and taking questions from fans, but whether it is just words or not time will tell.
  9. WJ, You have given your personal opinion here. Is this the same as the Foundation as a group ? I kind of feel that the club is already sunk.
  10. He surely can’t survive another defeat
  11. He didn’t actually say that - but it was the inference. Somebody at Bannigan do said Tiffoney was fit for this week.
  12. Debtors also went up though, Norge - but I tend to agree that they didn’t look as healthy as the Directors statement suggested. However, I suppose you also should look at 3BC’s accounts for the same period. Is there anything besides the shares being transferred ?
  13. I may be missing something, but the fan ownership thing was never about day to day management of the club. The share transfer being “settled” should give them more time to focus on the club.
  14. We haven’t just lost 4 games in a row. It’s the manner that we have lost those games. It’s seems as if a wee switch is flicked as soon as something goes against us and we cave. I think that is why people are voting to sack now. McCall is also saying he doesn’t know how to fix it.
  15. I thought the whole thing about the share transfer was that there was no real change at all ? I think the slump is more to do with the missing players and the lack of quality in the squad.
  16. Is 50% win rate good enough to win the league - genuine question