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  1. Thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware you could do that. I saw the first half live on Friday then had a flight home so missed the second. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it tonight
  2. Does anyone know if we can see highlights from the BBC broadcast? I can't find on YouTube or iPlayer. I've seen the jagzone highlights but would be good to see the goals from the other side.
  3. Bit of a chat about it on Facebook since yesterday. Most are in favour of a return if possible. I think he's the type of player we're missing
  4. I think someone mentioned Rudden may be too old, but unless things have changed I thought age status was at the start of the season. He wasn't selected anyway
  5. Thanks. I looked at the previous draw after I posted and saw that both winners had 8 digits & names were given
  6. I know you're not involved now FT but have you any idea how the numbers work? My online tickets appear to be 8 digits but the winners this week are 6 digits. Are they physical tickets?
  7. In Camallians video from the JLS I thought it looked like a header but didn't honestly know what happened from my seat in the JHS
  8. Rudden only scored 1
  9. I think it's quite clear on the video. McGinty header
  10. He won't miss it. 2 yellows means next season's League Cup suspension
  11. Sneddon has previous for what he did at the 2nd goal. Can't remember who it was against but he did something very similar at Firhill maybe 2 or 3 years ago. The part I find strange is that he misjudged the through ball, but he never even put his arms up to try to do something about, just ran straight past it. Maybe those behind our goal (albeit from a distance) might have had a better angle to see why. Very worrying that our so-called 'best 2 midfielders in the division' have been bossed in the last 2 away games.
  12. Hi BB, I'll have a go at picking my own again, see if I can do any better in this round HAHHHHHHHHHAHHHHAAHHAHAAHAAHHA
  13. The difference is last night they were all ex-Jags which might be unique. The Colombia game included future Jags.