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  1. Cove will fancy their chances after our woeful performance v Accies
  2. I think he’s better on the left side but I think like most he had a poor game
  3. I’ve got this for iOS but no idea about Outlook. Can’t remember where I got, someone on Facebook or maybe Craig Walker https://p43-caldav.icloud.com/published/2/MTAzODczMDU2ODEwMzg3M9s3c1jqw3ptpNyn5LeMcWZO8pETZjEcLtmB8a_d99D-XQAEmg4vxNru-OeWn8vaqkLq9J1JzX3uIzeGdA4zgZs
  4. Ñormally collect it. I suggest you email the club
  5. Some welcome income & probably tv money as well. Would rather a winnable home tie but this is the next best thing
  6. Genuine question as you always have plenty to say. How often do you see games in person? We were absolute crap today so not defending us in any way but ‘highlights’ don’t always tell the full story
  7. I was almost a twat standing up and shouting ‘goal’ before it hit the post 😛
  8. Congratulations to the winners
  9. I would expect so, it might depend on the offence. Some on Facebook think he’s suspended already for Saturday after being sent off v Kelty but I thought he served a 2 league match ban afterwards.
  10. And our captain managed to get a red card 🤬
  11. HHHHHAHAAAAAAAAA thanks for the reminder
  12. Who’s Reilly? Is Wilson’s first name David?
  13. Welcome home Kris. Funnily enough I was chatting to a certain Mr Erskine before Xmas and he told me then that Dools will be Thistle manger one day. Maybe this is the first step 😃
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