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  1. Very poor winnings again. I normally buy 3 or 4 online but only 1 or 2 (or sometimes none if I have no cash on me) at a game, so it's surprising the sales are so low. Maybe because it's every game? Is there any likelihood of selling at games after the next set of government rule changes? The club seem to think things might be back to normal by three Morton game
  2. I've been in Lancaster & Morecambe this week and they have banners up, Morecambe FC adult tickets from £150. Seems pretty cheap for a League 1 club with 23 home games
  3. I never noticed that with Tiffoney but certainly Sena went off injured.
  4. A popular Jags fan that died a few days ago, known as Arnie. I believe the clap was in the 57th minute so I assume that was his age. His death was mentioned on the official site and Facebook. RIP
  5. Agreed and they seemed to think it a better game than I did so it shows the difference between expectations
  6. Foster went to left back and the rest went one position to the right
  7. Do we not choose a ‘seat’ for the draw now? I did last week but now I just add tickets to the cart automatically. Is that correct?
  8. got home for the penalties. England should be proud (even if they had 6 home games) but I don't understand why a manager who missed a vital penalty in a shoot out 25 years ago left the last 2 penalties on the shoulders of very young boys who were barely on the pitch.
  9. Thanks for running it BB. Tough luck AJ. I've not seen any of the game, was flying from London just after kick off and now in a taxi home from Edinburgh airport
  10. Is middle row 2nd from right Nobby Clark? Looks a bit short though
  11. Are there results posted anywhere? Don't see them on the official site or Facebook or here