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  1. jaggy

    QP away

    We didn't get promoted to the SPL for another 7 years after Peterhead
  2. jaggy

    QP away

    Outmuscled and outfought by a hungrier team. That's the first & last time I'll start a match thread
  3. Maybe there’s some sort of confidentiality clause in place?
  4. jaggy

    QP away

    Another tough game & it’s going to be hot. Hopefully no stupid defensive mistakes. Also hope McCall will learn from last weeks poor team selection & not start with Turner at right back. A big squad to pick from so he needs to get the balance right asap
  5. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/loan-news-lee-hodson-joins-on-loan-until-january/ for anyone interested in the team welcome Lee
  6. I didn’t understand the incident in the second half where we had a free kick and the defender stood over the ball. Our player (Tiff?) hit the ball off the player and out for a throw in. The ref gave a throw in rather than a retake of the free kick and a potential yellow card to the defender. Have I missed some change of rules? Or does the ref need his spray can out first?
  7. 3 with season tickets of us arrived about 2.55 due to traffic delays but got in no problem before kick off. We used the first pair of gates which had a single queue then split in 2 at the gate entrance. I think other queues seemed to be busier & moving slower. Did others have season ticket issues?
  8. This could cause problems this season. Away fans get half the turnstiles for a small amount of bodies
  9. While we weren’t great today at times we were the only team trying to win the game and on another day could have scored 3 or 4. Fitzpatrick was my mom, constantly tried to go forward & beat opponents. Their game plan seemed to be to chase us down & stop us playing. No idea what Mitchell was playing at, he had a few strange kicks last week as well.
  10. Has anyone noticed the app shows the season ticket plus individual match tickets for the August matches? Strange
  11. Interesting. As one who travels abroad quite often for work I had asked about paying per match, but it's not allowed. However it looks like I can maybe get the monthly subscription if I know I'll be away for a few games
  12. That's more or less the rules here as well, stay at home until you feel better, but I can understand how others feel about going out & being near people & in a large crowd
  13. The one I hate (Derek Johnstone is one of the worst offenders) is ‘set their stall out’!!! Wtf, is it a jumble sale or something? Also a few English commentators use the phrase ‘he just about’ when actually he did do something eg ‘the goalie just about got his fingers to that ball’ when he actually saved it. To me ‘just about’ means he never
  14. I think you can still request cards. I had 2 sent out at the start of last season and assume they will have been updated with my renewal. I'll find out on Saturday
  15. Quite high figures for Docherty & Graham amongst our current players