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  1. Queens Park repeated a similar trick to us today
  2. I didn’t get an email as I cancelled my direct debit at the end of March which apparently cancelled my membership, even though I sent an email at the time saying I was only stopping further payments as nothing seemed to be happening. So no votes for me
  3. Nothing there. I’ve emailed the secretary as suggested by Norge. I wonder how many others haven’t received the email?
  4. I usually get the emails in my inbox but I’ll check
  5. I’ve not received a voting email yet. I’m surprised they didn’t all get sent at the same time
  6. Did we not get a trophy last year?
  7. I thought he was yellow carded in a recent game, can’t remember what game though. Maybe QOS away?
  8. Ha ha. I never even thought about that
  9. I'm in Lanzarote and couldn't find the game on Tuesday. Tonight I stumbled upon it in a pub for the 2nd half. it turned out Raymond Stark was the quizmaster in the pub hence the reason it was on. Good chat with him. The Tavern on the seafront in Puerto Del Carmen if anyone's interested. €2.50 a pint and a quiz at 9 every night
  10. jaggy


    Need to find a Abdul Osman type of player. Not easy
  11. How much did QP pay? There's was rumours of £40k for the season not long ago