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  1. He's a player I've always liked and would have wanted him at our club earlier in his career. Question, does he have some affiliation to Thistle, maybe a boyhood fan or relatives that support us? I believe he lives fairly local to Firhill. I ask because he just seems to love playing for us and it's a great thing to see a player with so much passion.
  2. well I'm happy with the 1-0 especially with the result at Falkirk. Great first half, struggled in the second, but Airdrie are a decent team and will take points from Falkirk & Cove I expect. Go for a win on Tuesday, but I'd take a point. I just hope Banzo or Doc are fit, losing both would be tough
  3. It's a big birthday for me tomorrow, so looking for a 6-0 win
  4. One of my earliest memories at Firhill is the team announcement starting as Rough, Reid & Ralston... Would that be 2nd Div 70/71?
  5. Us going to Dumbarton is never easy so we can't take anything for granted
  6. Why play Lyons? He's done nothing of note yet to show he's good enough
  7. Just watched the highlights. A few comments - A clear penalty for us. The keeper fouls Gordon. Why does Michael Max say no penalty? - Graham stretching for his 'sitter' so not sure he should have done better - Gordon should have hit the target with his chance - Sena needs to learn when to boot it away - clear push by Clark no matter what happened with the positioning of Sena & Wright - Will Steven McLean ever give any crucial decisions our way? He seems to have a history of giving them against us
  8. jaggy


    Hope he recovers soon for his own sake. It looked like a simple hamstring pull at the time. Really nice guy
  9. Agree re Sneddon. Another shocking decision to drop the first choice keeper tonight
  10. This was a must win game. He should have saved the changes for the cup. Terrible management and performance. 3 subs at half time sums it up
  11. Nope. The play off involving the premiership team is weighted towards them. Didn't work out too well for us though
  12. We would play the same no. Of play off games as 9th in the championship is involved. I think you're confusing with Championship promotion play offs