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  1. What a ******* effort by every player but we need to learn to score 5 penalties 😭😭😭
  2. I assume you mean Thunderstruck? It’s been getting played for quite a few years now
  3. Steven McLean I believe https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/referees/referee-appointments/
  4. Really? For a seat behind the goal. I haven’t travelled there this season but I wonder if that’s what they’ve previously charged?
  5. The Colin Weir stand holds less than 2000, maybe 1800 iirc. Maybe we don’t want fans in the middle section for some reason hence the 1500
  6. 2 more things about last night. the Lambie was rocking all night and the ‘boing boing’ at the end was brilliant. It’s a pity the cameras didn’t catch it properly. also around 10 of the women’s team sat in front of us in the JH last night and they were all well into it too. onto Raith and they will be a tough one but anything can happen in play offs as we know
  7. Young Daniel was brilliant and even got to present his Dad with the man of the match award live on TV. What a special moment for both of them
  8. I watched some of the game when I got home and I think he was off. Not that it matters now. hate to say it but Airdrie deserve a lot of credit and have a very good team but need a ‘BBG’. There manager is a class act too
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