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  1. I thought McDaid was more of a wide midfielder? Maybe we won't be keeping Spittal so who knows. I haven't seen any update regarding Docherty's injury as well so that might have a bearing
  2. 18 games AJ? If so with 8 games left we'd likely need to win all of them, 6 if they have playoffs. I wonder if they'll allow transfers in February?
  3. Stephen Craigan as well. Or did he miss the one that put us out?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55775179 Possibly testing in Div 1 & 2 to resume playing
  5. We had the pale blue away strip around 77 or 78 I think
  6. With the predicted weather ahead I’d be surprised if it gets played on that date
  7. I think you'll be waiting a while
  8. You see that's what's missing and why certain posters think we are content with what we see on the pitch
  9. Oh changing ends at Tynecastle and a few other grounds at half time was full of fun and friendly banter
  10. So how do we not accept this? Walk away? Some sort of protest? What you doing about or are just going with the flow the same as the rest of us but slagging others off?
  11. Away and don’t talk pish. What supporter in their right mind accepts mediocrity? What do you do about not accepting it?
  12. Been mentioned often that he didn’t impress on loan and let himself down with attitude & fitness. I did hope at the time of relegation that we might keep him for a season to see how it worked it with a run of games but obviously Archie decided otherwise. Fair play & good luck to him for sorting himself out and becoming the player we hoped he would be for us.