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  1. Well he's signed most of them now so no excuses. If we get to play!
  2. I doubt if he started many games for us. I don't know how many he played, but most of them he came on as a sub
  3. jaggy

    Loan Signing

    Delete this if you want Admin, I never saw the update on Transfer Window thread
  4. Signed Salim Kouider-Aissa from Livvy on loan apparently. He played for Queens Park last season. Not seen it confirmed anywhere yet
  5. Great stuff. Thanks and good luck. That will keep me busy in the coming weeks & months
  6. jaggy

    Site down?

    weird, I clicked on my .co.uk bookmark in Chrome this morning expecting the site to be unreachable again, but it automatically connected to .net Welcome back, but the last 10 days or so made me realise how much of my life I spend looking at this forum
  7. jaggy

    Site down?

    I assume? I can get connected from some devices but not others & no posts since Sunday
  8. There has been a rapid decline but every little helps I suppose. I think there’s a couple of reasons, weekly sales rather than only at home matches & no streamed match on a Saturday. Overall sales must still be up on a ‘normal’ season
  9. jaggy

    English league

    Linn works in Dundee I think. I'm sure they get called Scaffies there
  10. Only our most capped Internationalist! I thought he came across very well in the recent JagZone interview
  11. jaggy

    English league

    Played against us last season for Arbroath. Works as a binman
  12. I’ve no idea, I don’t know how a boardroom works, but your objections earlier were: - A board of 8 plus Gerry for a club of our size and current stature / turnover is appalling - We have dropped a division, dropped attendances, dropped income yet increased board members I asked you the relevance of these but now your asking me questions even though I said I have no clue .
  13. Are they paid? If not I still don’t see the relevance. We’ve dropped attendances and income but so has every other club in the country as they’re not playing. Maybe our attendances won’t drop if we get fans in the ground and make a good start to the season
  14. Is there a number you would prefer? I have no clue just wondering. I don't see the relevance to the size of club if they are unpaid