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  1. Glad to hear, they should do that more often
  2. FFS a thread with Cliff Richard related puns, how low have we stooped?
  3. Why do so many think this? In game 34 we played quite well and drew 2-2 at Hearts, not helped by a soft handball penalty and red card awarded against Devine. Game 35 we battered Rangers for 45 minutes in a great performance, but managed to lose to a last minute goal. We then lost at Perth 1-0 to a penalty. I wasn't at that game so can't comment on that performance, but for those 3 games I would disagree that we 'downed tools'. The Aberdeen performance was inexcusable, especially in the first half, so if anything thats when the slump started
  4. There were a few people spaced out in the stand to the left and right of the camera, but no idea if they were fans
  5. The top 2 right are shockers, nothing like our strips
  6. He made the comments in his JagZone after game interview last week. I thought they were strange and uncalled for at the time. McCall does tend to come out with some strange things at times in interviews.
  7. RIP, one of the greatest. I saw him at Hampden in 79 (I believe), what a talent
  8. I was thinking the same. Saturday games could ko at 12 noon or 1pm. I suppose midweek games need to be played at night to suit ppv customers
  9. The half time scoreboard was like that even in the early 70’s. I’ve never seen a picture of the wall like that though. Amazing
  10. they lost 3-2 at Clyde today, so not exactly a form team. We must win though
  11. surprised nobody has mentioned Docherty's incredible miss and not for the first time this season! Having said that he really impresses me with his ability to get about the park and his composure (apart from at Cove). A very good signing along with Graham & Brownlie.
  12. you're out of touch LIB, Morrisons was selling 4 packs of Marathon's last week
  13. I doubt it. We would suffer but we would recover. Remember we had crowds of not much more than 1000 in the 80’s. A successful team even in League 1 would attract a home support of at least 2500. We just want a winning team on the park
  14. you had to forward your email receipt from the Falkirk game to PTFC and they would send a discount code to reduce the price to £7.50
  15. I was being dumb, I just looked through the list without looking at the numbers and forgot about joint scorers
  16. I only see 49 on the list up to Gerry Britton, am I missing something?
  17. I don't think he's in the squad this time
  18. Have todays winners been posted anywhere? I don't see them here, on official website or Facebook. I never saw it on the PPV stream either
  19. working now, I'm not sure what link I used