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  1. Let’s be honest, there have been times - sometimes early in the second half, or before - when getting out of Firhill has been a priority.
  2. There are perhaps some examples of Gaelic signage being perhaps a little inappropriate - rail station signage in areas where Gaelic was never widely spoken for example - but personally I cannot see how this initiative does any harm to the club - particularly given our Partick roots. Can't speak Gaelic myself aside from a few approximations of some well known phrases - but I can identify most Calmac ferries by their Gaelic names! :-)
  3. Impressive combination of two threads!!
  4. Surely the solution that the geniuses at the SPFL will come away with will include: Premiership -starts in August/Sept behind closed doors until Oct (or first Bigotfest) Championship - starts late Sept behind closed doors initially, 3 rounds of games to be played The rest-any survivors amalgamated into a 14-20 team league starting November playing each other 2 times League Cup, Tunnocks Wafer Cups scrapped - Scottish Cup from this season completed and next years to only include the top 32 teams At the end of next season Scottish football to be reconstructed 12, 20 then the pyramid There might even be a case for amalgamations in certain circumstances just to preserve a semblance of a structure for Scottish football, but that is unlikely (as is most of the above of course)
  5. September weekend 1980/1/2 ish [can't rightly remember tbh] just across from Helensburgh to Greenock - got strange looks on the boat and verbal abuse as I walked along from the quay side to Cappielow!
  6. As regards cycling to a match, a few years ago I decided to cycle to Cappielow and all was going well until a diversion through Houston resulted in a puncture. Soldiered on but had to stop every half mile to pump up tyre. Missed game which was infuriating as we won but just got train home instead. Went toCappielow by paddle steamer once though.
  7. A large bike shed to accommodate all the hundreds of bikes that spectators in the future will have travelled to the game on.
  8. If the season goes ahead and supporters are admitted then away games should perhaps be a matter of choice. Bearing in mind we play 2 games away against each team then perhaps selective attendance at one away game against every side could be considered. It could even be considered in a rational rather than reactionary way? Perhaps if we have an away game at say Montrose -purely as an example-in the weeks before Christmas, it could be avoided for financial or climactic reasons and the other game at Montrose could be chosen in preference? Choice is important of course and people can make their own minds up before embarking on trips to some of the more interesting parts of the country.
  9. They will not get 11-1 from the top league and 75% of the rest isn't really realistic especially as the bottom division has already nailed its colours to 14 14 14. Time to perhaps accept that demotion, regardless of any notion of fairness or unfairness, is possibly a better moral option than artificial survival.
  10. Perhaps the problem for the SPFL is that it appears that they have ceded the moral high ground to Rangers -; a concept so utterly inconceivable that the SPFL is desperately trying to back pedal in order to try to regain a shred of credibility but that ship has sailed.
  11. The only clash next season will be East Fife so a black second strip might not work in any case.
  12. Kelty have a point but so do Clyde in their respective announcements, both are made with an element of self -interest, as well as a nod to relative fairness given the unusual circumstances.
  13. I care for my club, but I couldn't care less for Scottish football, there's the rub.
  14. Is it t assumed that fiddling the leagues needs a 75% majority? If so it will never happen, or will wee Annie fudge that as well?