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  1. Can see next season being 14-10-10-10 for “fairness” and “sporting integrity” as an interim measure but with the play-off and relegations set up to change it to say 14-14-16 for the following season. Would prefer a 16 team top flight but don’t see that happening.
  2. Sounds like a usual Tuesday night in the west coast of Scotland.
  3. Would always take Doolan back as a squad player and youth coach - if nothing else for his attitude and effort to rub off on those around him. However, at his age, I can imagine he doesn't want to play third of fourth fiddle and is going looking for guaranteed games.
  4. Agree that this didn’t seem the area to try and strengthen. Could there be anything (unofficially) tied into the Rudden deal? Ie we’ll sell you Rudden for X but you’ve got to take Barjonas on a six month loan. Hope it’s not got a ‘games played’ requirement in there Or maybe I’m being totally paranoid and cynical.
  5. For me, that goal says more about Doolan’s ability to finish than Higginbotham’s quality of cross. Hitting an unexpected curling ball with the outside of a foot is one thing, but to out jump your marker at the far post and loop a header back over the keeper is far tougher.
  6. Yessss!!!!! Eta: we must do all we can to keep Cole for the second half of the season. We need his goals from midfield.
  7. As it stands, the table is making us look increasingly detached.
  8. Dobbie to score 7, including a freak-own goal.
  9. Wasn’t at the game but from that angle it looks like O’Ware made very little contact. If I didn’t know the outcome, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the ref book the Dunfermline player for diving.
  10. Bit late in seeing this, but: X = W+R, where W is the no of White Roses and R is the no of Red. The ratio of 80% W means W=4R, or 0.25W=R. When you add the other roses: Total new no of White/total new no of roses = 0.75 (76+W)/((76+W)+(48+R))=0.75 ; substitute in either of the above values for R or W: (76+W)/((76+W)+(48+0.25W))=0.75; (76+W)=57+0.75W+36+0.1875W; 0.0625W=17 W=272 therefore R=272/4=68 X=272+68=340
  11. I’d give pass marks to Slater for effort and forward momentum. Penrice, O’Ware and Fox get passes for doing nothing especially wrong. Everyone else offered very, very little.
  12. ...but did just win player of the month. More than any of our players look like doing.
  13. Crazy last five minutes. Definitely deserved at least a point, but very happy with the win. They hammered us for 30mins and then showed very little after scoring. Changes at half-time we’re required. O’Ware didn’t know what to do when he had the ball and offered nothing moving forward. De Vita isn’t a hold-up attacker. Credit must be given to McCall for being bold enough to make the changes because it just wasn’t working. Mansell for all his faults caused a bit of chaos when he came on and Gordon’s energy changed the midfield dynamic. Great day. Onwards and upwards.
  14. Other than than the irrigation of the firhill basin?
  15. I’d forgotten what it felt like to be leading a game late on and not shitting myself about the final result.