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  1. Michael Stewart saying "should of" all the time. VAR, and the whole concept of believing that a better decision can be made in slow motion, when that's not the speed it happened at. VAR, and football people's inability to recognise that the immediate outpouring of emotion when a goal is scored is an essential element of football. When commentators make reference to a player's lovely smile, only ever female or non-white or both. Players taking their shirts off to celebrate a goal, and revealing one of these weird bra things that they're suddenly all wearing. (Talking male this time) Suggestion that a player has to be booked if they've fallen over and a foul isn't given, like it's impossible to fall over while playing football. BBC Scotland graphics in their sportscene montages. The modern contrived staging of trophy presentations, gathering everyone round for the photo, and going woooaaaahhhh, before the captain lifts it. The notion that if a Brazilian player does something you'll be talking about it for months. Working class Scottish football pundits on radio saying "ever so" (meaning very) like they've just stepped out of an Enid Blyton novel.
  2. You look at the front line we had at the end of last season and the start of this season.... and then you look at the front line playing now.
  3. That's the thing. It changes decisions in virtually every game, for things that you'd never have noticed, and shouldn't really matter. If it was only used for the types of things you mention then maybe it would be fine, i think thats propbably what most people had in mind when it first came in. But once you start using it you really have to analyse everything. And as I say, I reckon that ruins the game. I find it really sad because I know it's out the bottle now, and there's no going back.
  4. For me VAR ruins football. Yes, technically some decisions might be more correct, but these things generally balance out so its not going to benefit any particular club. The big issue for me is the inability to properly celebrate a goal as it goes in. I was at the Scotland-Denmark game and as Che Adams goal went in I knew it was tight. Rather than going crazy with joy at Scotland securing their most impressive result in many years, I waited with baited breath and was only convinced it was a goal when Denmark eventually kicked off. I accept that not everyone feels the way I do, many people around me were celebrating immediately with no concerns, but that was how it affected me. And as more goals are overturned and people get more used to it, I worry that more people will react more like I did. Football is a game that totally relies on the burst of emotion at these moments. All the greatest moments you can think of in football were about the joy of celebrating as the ball hit the net, or the goalkeeper may a crucial penalty save. VAR is killing that. When you think of how poor the football has been for much of this season, and the cost... the idea that you could also lose that moment of release as the ball hits the net. To be honest I wonder if I'll just lose interest completely.
  5. Add me please. Alan Oliver
  6. So after Inverness win last night its a straight fight between ourselves and Raith Rovers for the last play-off spot available. A draw is probably enough today, but I hope we go for the win. By the way, last night's result also shakes things up in the title race. Arbroath have it back in their own hands with a game against Killie still to play. Not sure who I'd dread least in the play-offs.
  7. I definitely think that 2nd would be a huge advantage over 3rd or 4th. I don't think anyone has ever been promoted to the Premier from 3rd or 4th. I would expect teams at the top to perform better against other teams than earlier in the season, if "meaningless" games come into play. Though in such a tight league that's maybe unlikely to happen before the last couple of weeks. I don't really go along with the "building for a stronger challenge" argument. So much in this league depends on form, confidence, luck, and you have to take your chance when it comes. Next season we could win the title or get relegated. Every other team is trying to build. I think that's just the way it is.
  8. 65 points is now only 14 from 8 games for Arbroath (4-2-2), or 15 from 8 games for Killie (4-3-1). At this stage of the season I'd fancy one of them to manage that. But yes, if Thistle can get to 62 or 63 I'd agree that it puts us in the mix, and might just be enough.
  9. Ten games left, I reckon eight wins would do it. I'd fancy us at 66 points. Very tough ask.
  10. I have to say that I don't think this season has been too bad, considering that we've just come up, and the three seasons prior to our League 1 relegation were all absolute disasters. It's still progress. If the 2013 team is a benchmark for what it takes to win this league then I would say that this team is nowhere near it. But, neither is any other team in this league. So I think we still have a chance in a poor league, but whoever goes up this season is going to struggle next.
  11. Since late November (game 15) the bottom 5 have taken more points than the top 5. This is a weird league.
  12. Why wouldn't St Mirren just go straight back to Jack Ross?
  13. I felt pretty comfortable through that. Pretty surprised at negativity on here. would have been more comfortable if the referee had done his job but despite that Thistle won without looking too strained. Some of Accies tackling was downright dangerous. They look to be in a bad way after their relegation. And only about 50 or 100 people turning up to watch them in a local game must be depressing.
  14. When you talk about some teams being short of depth, and over reliant on a few players, would you not have similar concerns if we lost Graham, Rudden or Tiffoney?
  15. Thanks. I'm okay with a card. It's just having anything to show in advance, before I turn up, that I might struggle with