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  1. Completely off topic but I'm not starting a new thread for it. Anyone remember a time when four ex Thistle players played for Scotland in the same game?
  2. Not sure why you'd have to ignore a person's most obvious physical characteristic when describing someone you don't know. Especially where it distinguishes them from others Bald, blonde, ginger, fat (a bit rude), white (when playing for Cameroon, for example).
  3. We could stick it on AirBnB
  4. Sorry. Kinda hijacked the topic there.
  5. Not really. I'm afraid you've blown your cover.
  6. You often hear people making wild claims about things rotten at the core of clubs etc after a few bad results. But the way that Falkirk dropped their managers, to be replaced by Gary Holt, (who sounded constantly angry on the radio, even before games started), and the way they have colapsed; it looks really bad.
  7. They have to be favourites for the playoffs given their form
  8. Take out the head to heads and they beat us by 7 clear points. One point against us all season could have won them the league
  9. Never happy to lose, but Falkirk! Jaw dropping
  10. They are also figureheads. If banning them is also a slight on all the unscrupulous clubs that they represent then I'm okay with that
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09gjdrl Not sure if the link will work, but last night's programme is worth a listen. First section is all about Thistle
  12. If Falkirk don't make it into the top four they'd be hard pushed to blame us
  13. Theoretically they could do it themselves. But realistically I agree, they need a favour from us.
  14. I'm pretty sure Falkirk will.lose on Tuesday. So, what way did Montrose vote last season then?