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  1. I hope they have not entered into any side deals with the board that restricts the power of the main Shareholder, from making changes.
  2. Did it not just hit off him and go in. Did not look like he meant it.
  3. Is there anything under the existing trust deed that the beneficiaries could do before the trust deed is amended.
  4. The issue we have is that if we all sit back and let TJF do all the work, they will hide behind it is a small numbers of disgruntled fans. I can't see the supporters doing anything that might have an impact on the team, so the only other option is for everyone to voice their opinion. Nothing more powerful having 500 emails in your inbox saying that you are wrong.
  5. The trust are struggling with GDPR and that is having an impact on direct communication with the supporters. They are also struggling with understanding supporters concerns, and believe that there are only 20 angry voices. We could really help them by sending them a very short email, confirming that they could contact you on this email address and offer them some feedback. My email would read Dear Fergus, please use this email address to provide regular updates on the progress you are making. I was really surprised how badly you came across in the James Cairney interview, maybe you should consider consider taking a few lessons from a PR professional. Please note my concerns about how you and your associates have not engaged with the members of the trust and it does not represent fan ownership. Kind regards erty13 Feedback is the breakfast of champions, so I think it is important that we all give them feedback. I would not advocate giving anyone personal abuse, just tell them that you are disappointed, angry at lack of communication, or that they do not represent you. One small sentence from everyone who is not happy with the current situation , will have a big impact and they will know that it is not just 20 angry fans. erty13
  6. I think the legal letter from TJF, ruffled a few feathers of the trustees ( or as my friend called them the five black rats) . All their actions should be legally scrutinised, and challenged. Keep the action off the pitch and focus on the trustees, if they screw this up it will damage them professionally.
  7. Without the pawns, it can not go ahead.
  8. It is good that the document has been published as it helps focus on the real issue. It's not the board, or three black cats, it is the five individuals who would agree to this document and short change all Thistle fans. I keep asking myself why they are acting in this way. I don't doubt that they are all fans and some people on this forum will probably know them, but the secretive way they have done this is very surprising for individuals who all claim to be successful. Is it about ego, fame, wearing a Thistle blazer. I genuinely do not know. These "successful" individuals are not as successful as many Thistle fans who they claim to represent. We can do better. If / when they mess this up, none of them will be able personally financially support the club. This will fall back on to the fans, who would have had no say or able to challenge their actions. Let's hold the new trustees accountable for their actions.
  9. That would be like marking your own homework. You would always get 100% I would rather TJF looked at it independently
  10. Just replied to the TJF questionnaire, however I think you should also ask the members if they are happy for say £20k of the funds to be allocated to legal advice to scrutinise the actions of the five members now running the trust. They need to know that they could be personally accountable for their actions. The trust deed that they put in place could be the most important document in the Club's history.
  11. Good that they have reversed the decisions as they were just pouring fuel on the fire. They will however be just waiting for something to happen and blame TJF and then ban them again.
  12. One of the new trustees works for Cushman and Wakefield, does he not advertise space to let for the club. I am sure they have a trackside board facing the JHS. Anybody else know of other connections the trustees have to the club / board.
  13. I think TJF should survey their members on length of time they have held a season ticket, as the number could be very important, in any future discussions. Erty
  14. The clown in the JHS who buys 50/50 tickets, and then when his numbers do not come up rips them into tiny pieces and throws them in the air, thinking he is funny. Some poor person has to clean up after him.