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  1. I am very surprised that this has never been picked up by the media. We should sue the referee.
  2. I think East Fife, also voted for us as well.
  3. It is our fault we are bottom, but also good to have a scapegoat to blame as well. I volunteer the referee for the QOS match who reversed a perfectly good penalty just as we were about to take it. I hope he is at home hoping terrified that his incompetence is highlighted.
  4. Jim delighted we agreed on something. It is very easy to sit on the sideline and lob in grenades, a lot harder to be constructive. Can you outline how you would run the club with the proposed ownership structure.
  5. So your whole argument is that the £1m will continue and no one will have the sense to run the club to balance the books. Your view is complete speculation, as you assume that changes will not be made. Unlike you i am not going to speculate who will appoint the fans with the correct skillsets.
  6. All this speculation is very boaring and tedious. You have found them guilty before any crime has been committed. We all have concerns about the way forward, however most of would rather wait and see what is delivered. There are many fans who know there way round a balance sheet and a business plan better than any of the directors and chief executives we have had in the last 10 years. We just need to make sure that the correct people are appointed based on their skillset.
  7. erty13

    Jacqui Low

    Not a fan of jlow but she was taken in by the caldwell spin. Most fans who whrn to hus first meet the manager event where he talked how the game should be played were also taken in.
  8. erty13

    New Owner

    Great news There are many fans who have significant business experience. We just need to elect people with the correct skilks.
  9. In England, is the game on TV anywhere
  10. We did, however we had o'Donnell who would ghost up to the half way line to receive the ball. We attacked with pace.
  11. It does not take a genius to work out that GC has over coached the players to built the attack from the defence and retain possession. Keeper to centre half Centre half to centre half Centre half to fullback Full back to defensive midfielder Defensive midfielder to winger Winger loses possession as he has two players on him. This is slow ponderous play that allows teams to reorgaise and press us. Most other teams get the ball out wide to the winger and they attack the full back. There is a time to retain the ball but i would rather lose the ball on a quick counter attack, than the slow build up play breaking down again. Yesterday Cole who is a good player kept passing either back or sideways. There was very little options for a ball through the middle, due to how we set up. New right back (who i think is a very good player) struggled to hit the byline, as he has a well organised team in front of him. We need to break quckly, pass through the middle, and mix our style of play up. Erty
  12. He has spent top 4 money on the squad, and we are bottom of the league, so he is underachieving as a manager.
  13. It was time for Archie to go, but caldwell is taking the club backwards at an alarming rate. Archie failed in the premier league and got off to a bad start in the championship. Caldwell has failed in the championship. After 1 year i think we have all seen enough. We have a top 4 squad and a bottom of the league manager.
  14. Does anyone know who is playing for Celtic legends. A few of my Celtic supporting friends are thinking of attending but want to know who is playing.