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  1. The kicker would be if Tomi does not live up to expectations. Last season he was a write off for him. I think that is why he was loaned out. If he does not get game time with Brian Graham playing all the time he will also struggle. 10-15 minute as a sub does not improve players.
  2. I think for the fan model to work we need to be open to help from the wider fan ownership group. Why not ask the members if there is an expert in roofs. You never know someone might just know some of the leading experts in the county.
  3. Why was Tomi not brought on for the last 15 minutes. Players need game time so that when we need them they know how to play the system. Graham was dead on his feet jogging apart from that mad burst that could have caused him a hamstring injury.
  4. I think we had all hopped that the McMillian/ Lawless attacking threat on the right is replicated on the left. Harry is getting back into his stride, but I think it is time to drop Fitztrick and work out who can support Graham more as he is isolated and never going to burst through on to a through ball. All his support comes down the right wing. Hearts killed off the movement on the right and we had no attacking threat. Other teams may realise this as well and stop Lawless and McMillian.
  5. Delighted with the win, but still not convinced with how deep we sat. There were too many spells of the game where we could not get out of our half. QP had lots of scoring chances and corners. A better team will punish us. In attack I thought Fitztrick was anonymous. Don't think he hit the byline once in the game. All the good work came from Lawless.
  6. Graham should be dropped for that own goal yesterday. At the game you think it is unfortunate, but when you see it on jagszone it is really bad.
  7. Whilst we are having a go at some of the team, let's not forget Brian Graham who was rubbish today. Not once did he win the ball in the air. I don't think he had a shot on target. I do remember him shooting at goal from 50 yards out. Yes he was being fouled, but the ref just like most refs will not give him the benefit of doubt as he plays for the foul rather than win the ball. Did he contribute anything in his 75 minutes.
  8. Thought the pitch was very slow today. It had had a lot of sand on it and was bone dry. It did not allow slick passing. Was this deliberate. I don't think we played one ball, through the midfield, to the attack. We only put it out wide, where Falkirk doubled up and stopped the fullbacks getting into the game.
  9. I think Doolan prefers a 4 4 2 formation. He used that all through the play offs.
  10. What is missing for me is the proposed budget going forward for next season as this will inform us of the actual shortfall. Last season we lost money but we had high costs in most areas. A manager and two assistants, not many clubs at our level could afford this. We also have a chief exec and a chief operating officer, we are a small business, not many small businesses have both.
  11. The squad just had too many senior players. For most of the season we had Mullen, Dowds, Smith, and Fitztrick on the bench. Great for the manager to have options, but not great for the senior players on the bench, as they all had limited game time. Most teams would only have two senior attacking options on the bench supplemented by loans or youth team. McCall built a squad that was more than the budget could sustain.
  12. I agree, I think the front three formation does not work. Every team knows we push the ball wide to cross it in to Graham. I think Graham is struggling with pace and fitness, and needs support of another striker. In the second half of the rovers game, there was no attacking runs in to space, or any press on the defence that put the under pressure. Unless we score from a good build up, we are too predictable. Since January Graham has scored 5 in the last 16 games.
  13. The one up front just does not work.
  14. He was also very poor against Ayr. When he drops into midfield, as he did a few times today or goes to the wing, it does not give the midfield any options up front.
  15. Why now - the same clause would have applied to any dismissal today. The board should have let both the players and the fans reflect on last night's game and tackled this issue this morning. Last night's sacking after the match reflects very badly on the board.
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