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  1. Falkirk not winning is the best outcome for us
  2. Lots to admire tonight ! But Gordon isn’t one of them
  3. Two issues getting confused here 1. on the video I would suggest we are all a bit less judgmental on a minutes film clip on a phone ......unless of course someone knows all the facts and context .....not that anyone here has been drunk with a fan from another club though 2. Is there a rule that directors have to be fans of the club ? because if he isn’t he’s not the first in that category
  4. Excellent goal from a top class striker
  5. Always said rudden was a striker .....
  6. Decision making in final third has been very poor
  7. Interesting.....the same team as Saturday .....he’s been reading the forum !
  8. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/1921-commemorative-packages-available-now/
  9. A non scoring footballer ?
  10. Rudden proving as in every game that he is not a striker
  11. Murray having an off day