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  1. The opinium poll from 3-8 September 2021 had the snp constituency vote at 51% in Spain COVID restrictions are local , vaccine passports are not required except to get into the country, at stadiums it’s reduced capacity , masks and social distancing but you can also now dance in a club with a mask on …..
  2. Ok…..so politicians just want to be seen to be doing something so they pick on football to gain popularity …..on one hand I think your one beer short of the conspiracy theory six pack as you have no evidence for that just opinion ( and in Spain for example football stadiums are maxed out at 60 % capacity up to 20,000 fans max and wear your mask in the stadium. ) …..govts are trying to balance containment efforts with least economic damage …..mind you if it’s political gain the snp are doing something right as the latest poll has them in 51%
  3. Please explain what the easy politics is about apparently targeting football ?
  4. It’s 37billion !! The biggest farce ever …..a total disgrace as a thistle fan who doesn’t go to night clubs will I be affected by this ….no
  5. Just about everybody is vaccinated anyway ….. currently 91% why the 9% which includes those who can’t be vaccinated are so important I don’t get
  6. I could argue getting tested every time you enter a club is much more hassle than showing a QR code on your phone especially when 90% plus if people are vaccinated
  7. So in fact Denmark, Norway and Finland have all had vaccine passports indeed have most European countries for travel purposes …..most people in Scotland will be more affected by filling in the Spain travel app than vaccine passports in Scotland
  8. It’s almost like a global pandemic that has officially killed 4.5 m people globally, though the economist estimates its at least double that at over 10m and maybe as high as 15m has been invented for no good reason …..90% of people in Scotland have received one dose and 82% two does and the vaccine passport requirements are very restricted…..look at Sydney with delta the hospitals are nearing capacity, the ambulance service has been dealing with New Year’s Eve levels of COVID patients for 21 straight days at least 3400 COVID patients a day and 90% of people in hospital not vaccinated but of course they should just open up ….nuts
  9. The media in Scotland is almost universally anti snp so who us controlling it ? Ludicrous statement
  10. Exceptions always prove they are exceptions …but to equate the COVID delta variant with the flu is a very old red herring
  11. this is a lot of cases for Cornwall …. Cornwall Council has said 4,700 cases could be linked to the Boardmasters festival, which attracted about 50,000 people to the small seaside town of Newquay this month.
  12. I don’t have the time or inclination to list all the studies that show the effects of the vaccines on transmission or prevention but for example this is just from half an hour ago …..I don’t want you giving me long covid. People who have had two vaccine doses are not only less likely to catch coronavirus, they are also less likely to develop long Covid, a study has found. Using data collected by the Zoe Covid-19 study, which uses an app to track symptomatic infections, researchers at King's College London analysed how many people went on to catch the virus after either their first or second jab. Between December and July, 0.5 per cent of the more than 1.2m users of the Zoe app who received their first dose subsequently tested positive, while 0.2 per cent of the 971,000 who received their second also fell ill. Among those who received two jabs and continued to use the Zoe app for more than a month after they were first infected, 5.2 per cent said their symptoms lasted for 28 days or more. That compared with a rate of 11.4 per cent among a control group who had not received any doses of vaccine. The odds of long Covid after post-vaccination infection were therefore “roughly halved by having two doses”, the researchers said in a paper published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases on Wednesday. “Almost all individual symptoms of Covid-19 were less common in vaccinated versus unvaccinated participants, and more people in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated groups were completely asymptomatic”, the researchers added.
  13. Couldn’t disagree more …..some people seem to think they have a right to infect other people with covid as some kind of human right they don’t
  14. 2 youngsters on the bench