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  1. We should ditch playing rudden and Graham together and play one striker with two wide players on either side……yesterday there were endless long balls from McKenna missing the midfield to the strikers which 99% of the time just gave the ball away …..we needed to play more through midfield
  2. I wonder after that game whether rudden and Graham are too similar to be played together …..they were both played as target men today and we were better when we changed the front pairing
  3. The starter for ten…. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19727973.ian-mccall-mulling-january-targets---doesnt-want-defensive-reinforcements/
  4. I’ll never forget that douggie somner header to beat Aberdeen 1-0 to go second in the top league in front of 10,000 fans …..great days RIP Bertie
  5. Excellent performance , another clean sheet and 3 great points
  6. Most of the players were poor today but tiffoney encapsulated all that was wrong … he is sometimes the talisman but today he should have been taken off long before he was
  7. Tifffoney was very poor today ….tried to do to much , gave the ball away and his crossing was inept
  8. Lucky not to lose that 3-0….so much wrong
  9. Lucky not to be 1 or 2 down at HT…. Not playing well
  10. I think re reading the statement might be helpful to distinguish the period between now and June 2022 ( club owned by 3BC) and after June 2022 ( club owned by TJF) ….
  11. I think this would have been a more accurate post ‘As someone who is against ( please insert something to do with ptfc)’
  12. A big announcement from the club is due this lunchtime