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  1. The second half was utterly dreadful couldn’t make three passes … we will take the result but play like that against Raith and bad things will happen
  2. Williams has played all across the back four and was good today … proving to be a good addition .
  3. Have been left to one J Low and no ones surprise ….
  4. ‘ We played well for large spells of the game ‘ …..’ our dominance in the second half ‘……I really hope Doolan doesn’t believe this really
  5. Why do you assume I’m not enjoying it ? I just hope the manager is evaluating a poor performance as we won’t beat many other teams playing like that
  6. Against the worst team in the league we struggled.
  7. Amazing 3 points …. Very poor performance and a lucky win as good as we were last we were poor today with zero pressing. And closing down the only thing worse than us was the referee
  8. It begins and ends in the middle of the park.
  9. A great start but dear oh dear since then we have gone steadily backwards….pressing is obviously for other teams
  10. A much needed win and hopefully we can build on it ,
  11. Ok a point today would mean 3 points out of 12 in our last four games , a defeat would be 2 out of 12. Both would be very concerning. we need a win today.
  12. Here’s the thing …..doolan always talks about ‘taking care of the ball ‘ and yet we seem to not understand a basic law of football that the longer the pass the higher the probability of losing possession……so enter muirhead who last continually pumped the ball long and gave away possession time after time …..I estimate his successful pass completion as about 10% if Williams ( who was actually fine as a makeshift right back ) had played like muirhead last night people would be in meltdown
  13. A poor performance against a very average Ayr team…..that’s 2 points out of our last 9 which is not good enough there is so much wrong with us it’s difficult to know where to start a mention for Williams who was fine as a makeshift right back
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