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  1. an example of the UK govt craziness..... The English “NHS” Covid app only wants to know about COVID tests from Serco/private testing If you had a test in an NHS or PHE lab, you literally cannot enter the result on the app. how mad is that
  2. Actually you didn’t as you have nothing to say , add or contribute ... an empty vessel
  3. Look chaps I get the why are they doing this , why don’t they do that comments but it’s hard not to be cautious when you are dealing with a new virus that has killed thousands of your fellow citizens and put more into hospital ( and indeed giving a lot of those who get the virus a very unpleasant time and we still don’t know the long term health effects ) what’s happening here is happening in most places the only way to restrict a virus that jumps from person to person is to restrict human interaction .....or you don’t and accept maybe 20,000 to 30000 people will die here based on a fatality rate if 0.4-0.5% if it infects the whole population we also have a context of a large number of people here with poor health, bad nutrition and a worrying relationship with alcohol which doesn’t help add in the following 1. Studies now showing COVID plus the winter flu is twice as deadly and keeps people in hospital twice as long 2. studies showing the virus is mutating to be more infectious 3. studies showing shielding vulnerable groups is extremely difficult maybe even impossible 4. a virus we still don’t know everything about 5. a govt in Westminster that is sadly basically incompetent so what do you do ? Keep everything open and hope for the best of try and restrict transmission ?....these are easy choices to make when you are not responsible for the outcomes of anything you propose ..... your damned if you do and damned if you don’t
  4. Why anyone wants to stop the spread of the virus is a mystery
  5. What exactly is your point ? I guess you would have managed the first global pandemic perfectly
  6. All I can tell you is that reported figure of people in hospital with COVID is reported today as 99.... as I understand it the figures have now been purged and standardized across the UK but maybe there is no virus , maybe no one has it , maybe it’s a giant conspiracy
  7. I hope you’ve noticed that the number of people in hospital with Covid has doubled to 100 in a week
  8. The point is you can take a test be negative and two days later have the virus due to c 7 day incubation period and give it to other people
  9. Total drivel So let’s move to what you would do .....
  10. So two items on the news tonight .... 1 the virus is mutating to be more virulent 2 the virus and winter flu a more deadly combination both in sky news
  11. The reason we have these restrictions right there