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  1. that will be the army then ..... https://news.stv.tv/scotland/army-to-set-up-80-coronavirus-vaccine-sites-in-scotland
  2. they are heavily involved ......and any evidence of your last two points in Scotland ? https://news.stv.tv/scotland/army-to-set-up-80-coronavirus-vaccine-sites-in-scotland
  3. Indeed ....as I said a different approach a week later than us
  4. Well the 400000 figure by the end of February was first published this week and there was no need to publish it .....we shall see
  5. To be fair we decided to concentrate on care homes first more time consuming and logistically challenging but which are probably just about done now it was 80% by Thursday .....England didn’t so different approach
  6. I don’t think they would put it in print if they weren’t confident
  7. Getting share of UK supply based on population share
  8. The 400000 is from their plan .....consistent with UK roll out
  9. Not sure .....if you vaccinate 400,000 a week that’s 4m in 10 weeks which is mid may starting in March or 12 weeks by the end of May which would be 4.8m .....unless they won’t have the supply
  10. Think your a bit behind on the vaccination plan ......the aim by the end of February is to be vaccinating 400,000 a week ( 5000 people were vaccinated at the Louise Jordan today ) which means the entire adult population of Scotland will have their first vaccination by early May
  11. sign up https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/
  12. Hearts have now stated that the cost to them of testing 50 players and staff to the end of the season is £40k ( never mind with mass vaccinations things will look very different by the end of feb )...... the current state of Scottish football is just embarrassing......and apparently no one can find any public statement from any club wanting to stop the championship either