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  1. If the PTFC trust are serious about moving things forward they should immediately ask the jags foundation and the jags trust to nominate someone to be a director of PTFC trust …. That would show some goodwill and god knows they need some help .
  2. Yes this is concerning and I know the legalities around trusts are let’s say interesting but so far the trusts actions don’t fill you with confidence
  3. Spot on…..though I’m sure they are working on trying to avoid that
  4. I think it says crazily that we want to present ourselves as fan owned while not giving a shit about the fans.
  5. And probably some fans and some income.
  6. Why allegedly ? It’s clear they were never going to be given the shares . they have a plan that’s paradoxically is the problem the PTFC trust have no plan.
  7. There we have it …. They even lie about this club handed over to 5 people accountable only to themselves disgrace
  8. Absolutely spot on …..the ptfc trust have failed to live up to their own espoused values ( admittedly cut and pasted ) and have done nothing to answer legitimate concerns and questions and the infer they don’t the worse it gets.
  9. What have you seen from the ptfc trust ? Open, transparent communication ? Of course you have the whole thing is very very suspicious
  10. An utter disgrace and very suspicious
  11. Correct …. We should have been 3 or 4 up in the first half …. We then became complacent after we went 2 up …. Dreadful defending again
  12. Communication in general from the ptfc trust us poor and they promised some weeks ago to answer fans questions and haven’t . Indeed they have been pretty silent for a couple of weeks now. My low expectations have been exceeded.