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  1. I know someone involved at QP and the objective is to play European football in 5 years.
  2. That was then , this is now …..I suspect going heavy on formal due diligence will be counter productive maybe send Gerry a few more emails the last one worked
  3. Well an alternative view could be…. 1. lots of deals get done without formal due diligence 2. deals can get done if your flexible and imaginative 3. you can get the information you need without calling it due diligence just a hint
  4. This made me chuckle given the due diligence saga ….. $44bn and no DD…… The doubt introduced by Musk’s tweet is the latest example of the whirlwind manner in which the transaction came together, which even led to Musk waiving his right to carry out due diligence while negotiating terms.
  5. Sorry ! The small batch brewery scene in Sydney is booming ! You gotta love Watermelon Lager !
  6. Not a bad idea ….but as I’m currently in Sydney and not in Glasgow much till November it’s unlikely …..but virtual beers to all ps craft beer scene in Sydney is amazing
  7. My cat agrees….. maybe your right but there is too much speculation around with little foundation in fact as in this case
  8. And some might say …..stop flying kites grasshopper
  9. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous ……your post should simple have been…..’this is to be cautiously welcomed.’ why mention debt, security or costs if not to suggest all might not be above board ? This is something you do all the time it’s like posting …. ‘ this is to be cautiously welcomed provided : a. Gerry Briton didn’t get a bonus as a result b. The stadium isn’t going to be painted blue c. Cats are not going to be allowed in the stadium as a result ‘ and it your world all your are doing is apparently saying it’s good news provided things that didn’t happen well didn’t happen !
  10. This is what you posted ….. 1. you speculated there might be debt associated with the transfer …there hasn’t been and only you suggested that might be a possibility ….I’m not sure why you thought that as no one , no one had ever mentioned it previously 2. not satisfied with that you assert well maybe there’s debt or security involved …..with literally zero evidence , not a slither 3. we’ll even if there is none of that maybe it’s cost the club money …..based on absolutely nothing meanwhile back on planet earth the two sides have been returned to the club with no debt, no security, no conditions , no costs ….nada…..as some of us suggested Maybe wait till there is reason to speculate rather than just go through a list of endless possibilities
  11. Eh yes you did …..you did that thing where someone hasn’t denied everything therefore something might have happened or be true just because you ‘speculated’ ….which you do a lot …. Eg the club haven’t said they didn’t pay a consideration for the return if the two sides therefore that might have happened or has it been transferred to another entity …well we just don’t know because they haven’t denied it …..only because nobody thought that but you ….scare, scare, doubt , doubt ….not helpful meanwhile you actually email the CEO and 10 minutes later….all your cards fall down if you get elected to the THF foundation be a bit more responsible
  12. So all your previous speculation, possibly scaremongering and questioning was well…..way way off beam
  13. This is a very small business if there is sensitive/commercial information I think I would want to know what it is before they throw the ownership over the fence …..the fact that everybody had to sign NDAs and then nothing was disclosed is on the one hand hilarious and on the other very concerning,
  14. Part of the problem here is that as communication from TJF was so poor it’s members have no idea what information was or wasn’t shared, what questions were or weren’t asked and answered and what insight into the clubs finances have gained. So not much transparency there. on that basis it’s quite hard to know whether due diligence is really necessary.
  15. javeajag


    Ah remember all those extolling the abilities of John Hughes …..