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  1. That's probably optimistic. Let's face it - pandemics take at least 2 years to die out, and this one is global. Even with everyone getting vaccinated, assuming that second vaccinations are actually done, at the current rate in advanced, sophisticated economies in Europe and North America it will take well over a year, and we don't even know how long immunity lasts. IMHO mass gatherings for entertainment will be off the agenda for another year at the very least, unless an alternative medication to vaccination is found and distributed quickly. (There is research into it, but nothing has been announced or publicised.)
  2. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about the BLM or the organisations involved, but isn't the knee thing empty symbolism, like clapping health care staff instead of paying them properly? When does it become redundant, or is it now a set behaviour that must be adhered to in the way that grace before meals is to the religious?
  3. No pace - and that's the supposedly full-time professional side. Deciding to take the ball out to the wings, which minimises the threat to the opposition, is then followed by the inevitable cross into the centre, where, as often as not, nobody is actually waiting for the ball. Even at that, scrambling the ball into the net is so last-century, but it seems to be the management team's method of choice.
  4. Not working for me, although it has before. The feedback form is fun, too: no username beyond 15 characters allowed, although, obviously, 12 are already used.
  5. Anyone else finding that the usual sign-on isn't working? I'll try persevering with lower case too, as well as using another browser, clearing cache, etc. The club's online presence is a mess.
  6. Isn't Zlatan looking around for a challenge?
  7. The lack of attention to the basics in Scottish football is appalling. Every player expected to shoot - essentially, all midfielders and forwards - should be practising at least twice a week, and probably more often, shooting into a goal which has most of the goal blocked, i.e. to score they have to put the ball accurately in the foot or two gap just inside the woodwork. Repeatedly, every practice session, from different distances and angles. After that we wouldn't be watching ridiculous numbers of shots with so few on target. 1 out of 23, according to the stats published by the BBC - a disgrace.
  8. There was clearly nobody lurking in the box and few prepared to run into the box - until Gordon came on, after which he and Graham seemed to get in each other's way. Why do we insist on punting crosses into the middle of the box, then? (Not to mention the standard lower-league Scottish giant centre-back opposition.) Williamson only needs to work on one thing: making sure he can put a cross in with his left foot. That alone would make him unpredictable and threatening for any opposition defence. (The one-footedness is a wretched habit which coaching should break: all professionals should be equally capable with either foot - including Bannigan!)
  9. The occupant of the other half of the bed won the signed shirt and asked me what could possibly be done with it. My suggestion that it would make a fine wedding present for the older wasting asset didn't seem to go down too well. It would make a great start to a series of back-to-back league win shirts. Some people have no vision.
  10. Never mind mental health - all these injuries have worn out one physio already, despite the short season! https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/vacancy-lead-physiotherapist/
  11. I think that's a bit harsh on Williamson when both forwards and midfielders were often doing their best to avoid the centre of the penalty box. It's tough to train all week to play crosses in to where the target man and runners should be, only to find nobody's there. Of course, a cutback to tempt a shot would be advisable then, but Scottish football's mantra of "Get to the byeline and whip it in" doesn't really suit playing actual FOOTball - it's more a heading game.
  12. It's astonishing to see how so many players manage to launch the ball to an opposition player - even from a dead ball. Individually, this team looks inferior to the Falkirk players, yet on paper they should surely be better. Players like Spittal seem to want to watch the ball coming, at which point, obviously, a more alert opposing player nips in to collect it , as often as not unchallenged. It's as if they're playing on treacle. What are they doing in training?