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  1. Not until I told them about it. The staff at the club are great, but everything about their online presence makes them and us work hard to get any results - exactly the opposite of what online functions should be doing. I keep forgetting to count how many clicks it takes to purchase, say, virtual halftime draw tickets, but it's certainly way more than it would take to place a bet on the result of the game, and probably more than to buy the club.
  2. Does anyone know if this goal will ever be revealed again other than by paying extra for Jagzone? (I resent paying more because streaming fails and the club thinks that my payment for a season ticket in April isn't enough. Despite the claim of videos on the app, none has been posted.)
  3. You people need to develop psychic powers like me: once the stream cut out, I just knew there would be a goal. (Fortunately, though, it was to us.)
  4. That's always a problem for bimedia production. Often, it goes the other way, and habitual TV reporters keep filling up space with their own garbage and 'jokes' instead of keeping repeating the score and positions of players and the ball.
  5. Streaming very average to useless for me: for about 5 minutes after Spittal hit the post, the feed dropped altogether, and I missed the 3rd goal. Occasional dropouts after that persuaded me to change the VPN connection, but it made little difference. There were little coloured stacks of blocks moving around, and for much of the game even the score numbers were illegible. I know it's a difficult time for the club, but this isn't much of a compensation for the price of a season ticket. The picture quality was noticeably inferior to that of QoS, although the camera work was better (not too many closeups). Oh, and the feed cut out altogether just after the final whistle. (I have fibre to the box, which AFAIK is as fast as you can get through the telephone network, i.e. without going for cable into the house.)
  6. Apart from any other issues, the disciplinary one seems to be players creating a rod for the team's backs. Bannigan can barely tackle without conceding a free kick, and Graham was obviously irate long before he got himself sent off. This isn't a new problem, but officials will have noted it, and even if the team committed no fouls to the end of the season, the players would never be given the benefit of any doubt.
  7. The club's whole online presence needs a review. Various links go to external sites which look similar, clicking on a button labelled "Back" takes you forward in time, the home page doesn't display the latest score or result and actually getting anything done takes so many clicks that it's easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, because the people working there are more efficient than what should be an easier, cheaper process online.
  8. That sets up school classes to be super-spreaders, as the majority attending them (the pupils) will either be asymptomatic or show symptoms that can easily be mistaken for cold symptoms.
  9. Doesn't the common feature of recent disappointments in management lie elsewhere?
  10. On the good side: good beer (Bishops Finger) available, with pork scratchings. It's warm, and the sun isn't blinding. A good quality pie is on in the oven.
  11. More attempts on goal from Queen's Park, although they don't have as much possession. Several of our players look well off the pace. Passing is poor. Slowing down the game is part of Bannigan's game, and it isn't suitable here - more pace getting forward is needed. Rudden isn't fit. We still have a problem with constant fouling.
  12. Thanks, Jimmy. I did the same and it worked.