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  1. Fearchar

    QP away

    Is there some kind of groupthink affecting this set of managers? I've forgotten how many times we've played Hamilton Accies on plastic in the past, but I certainly haven't forgotten seeing at New Douglas Park how a team has to play on plastic - keeping the ball moving between players and, when out of possession, not allowing the opposition any time to dwell on the ball. What does our lot do? Pick the slowest player we have, Graham, to lead the line and leave the fastest players, Tiffoney and Weston, on the bench. All of Stevie Lawless' skills won't count for much if he's abandoned by his teammates to be bullied off the ball by bigger, stronger players. Then the defence seemed to stand off all the time in the box and on the wings, allowing the QP players to send the ball into our penalty area. The substitutes were effective but - typical of McCall - much too late. Some other traits seem to be returning, too, such as throwing in to the opposition. Although Mitchell couldn't be blamed for today's performance, after last week's farce he should have ceded his position to Sneddon - just to make clear that failure has consequences.
  2. Fearchar

    QP away

    The team looks as if they're playing a game for grass - on the plastic pitch. Dwelling on the ball far too long, instead of keeping it moving.
  3. It wouldn't be difficult to rig up a web-based payment system similar to the online one, but in a booth with a printer to print out the ticket with a QRC. The disused turnstiles on Firhill Road could be converted into an in and out gate where payment cards could be used either in a slot or on-screen, discreetly away from prying eyes.
  4. In some ways Tiffoney is the perfect foil for him - fast, determined and small. In many other sides, these two would be the attack in a 4-4-2, but Scottish football likes to play wingers and even turn effective goalscorers into wingers instead.
  5. The supporters of the actual local side, Third Lanark, weren't very keen on the hoity-toity "Corinthians" up the road.
  6. Last season we tended to win when the opposition had most of the possession.
  7. A team that repeatedly passes across the back, passes back into the defence and passes back to the goalkeeper will inevitably lose goals through errors, never mind through the opposition being quick-witted, because all the defenders are human - not machines. Keeping doing those when the defence lacks key players, instead of getting the ball up the park, is illogical.
  8. In my opinion the club should be doing more to attract fans and to make those that attend feel welcome. We have, for example, the colours red and yellow, which are very auspicious in ethnic Chinese circles, yet never AFAIK have we even attempted to reach out to the many ethnic Chinese students from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. It seems obvious to start from the cultures closest to home, and then move on to embrace more.
  9. No idea - although there will be some funding for the signage, I imagine. Not treating some of your customer base as linguistic pariahs presumably has some PR benefits, but there are potential downsides if a shitstorm of racism is raised by it, as it could lead to loyal fans deciding that a toxic environment had been created that they'd rather avoid.
  10. Funny how the attitudes of the two large Glasgow clubs contrast on linguistic issues: the Ibrox lot hate anything that isn't English, anyway (although they have supporters who are Gaelic speakers), but the soap-dodgers are divided between those that are much too refined ever to have heard of any other language, and those that claim Scottish Gaelic is just a dialect of Irish anyway. Sadly, both clubs have their following in the Western Isles, but it's not divided along cultural or linguistic grounds - and there are a few outposts of civilisation where our fans gather.
  11. Iochdad! Less of that Leòdhasach stuff on here! (Clachan gaoiseideach - if you must know.)
  12. If you buy a Bundesliga ticket, local transport is included in the ticket for some hours before and after the match. It makes sense, but what is surprising is that anyone here would see that and try it out: it doesn't work like that in Broken Britain, surely!
  13. Partick Thistle is in the area with the biggest concentration of Gaelic speakers on the planet, and was the club of the late Johnny MacKenzie - AFAIK the only Scottish internationalist who was a native Gaelic speaker.