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  1. So far very happy with this window. Especially Tunji I think we may struggle to hold onto him till 2023
  2. A soft loan (charge) would come under that in these kind of accounts, I can’t see us getting that sort of cash for COVID grant and/or legal fees (I’d imagine Budge just took the invoice).
  3. Your correct FT that was definitely mentioned
  4. The £518k “other operating income” on the accounts, do we know if this was a loan from 3BC? And if so would it need repaying at the share handover in 3 or 4 months?
  5. New season, new future.
  6. I’m assuming by April we will have a clear time frame for the transfer of shares and property. I’d imagine that most legalities and due diligence etc have been completed by now.
  7. That whole south end is apparently on the plan from what I was told.
  8. From what my client stated this was a substantial development between £5 - £10 million including building on both sides of the basin
  9. That makes sense, hopefully the club or Jags Foundation will mention this as the transfer of the shares and ownership rapidly approaches
  10. Apparently this is a whole new substantial development
  11. Just heard from a client in Glasgow that there is plans being discussed for a development of the basin behind the ground and across the canal which should positively impact the club? Has anyone heard anything about this
  12. I’m assuming those who are reported as positive will be unavailable for 10 days or is it different rules for footballers
  13. Do the same as Falkirk and open the bars in the club and stream it there. Not sure what capacity of both Alan Rough lounge and Aitken Suite, but probably a good few hundred between them, plus get bar revenue
  14. But others on here are, perhaps their reasoning would struggle to hold water, but, when you look at the most vaccinated and restricted countries in Europe and compare their stats with less vaccinated and less restrictions the counter argument could ensue. We now have Tony (WMD) Blair stating we will need jags 4 & 5 next year, it was initially one, then 2, then a booster only for those at risk now 5!!! I can fully understand why some folk are reluctant especially when that lying murdering barsteward pops up again telling folk they are idiots for not taking it, they should be forced and your going to need 5 in the course on 18 months for some. We aren’t vaccinating under 16’s without reason, 3rd dose only to over 40’s yet UK you’re vaccinations will be more regular than a pay slip for many.
  15. But none of those are mandatory, none of the people who decided against taking any of those were stigmatized to the scale we have now. I have never had an employer ask if I’m vaccinated against measles, mumps, TB etc, but now I have pub bouncers demanding to know if I’m vaccinated against COVID. This isn’t right. We should be persuading folk to take a medical intervention not mandating it either in law or by stealth (no vaccinations no job), the NHS is apparently in crisis yet 100000 will lose their jobs next year for not taking a vaccination they haven’t needed working for 2 years in this crisis, but don’t worry we clapped for them every Thursday night. Its crossing the Rubicon by mandating this, where does it end (and I won’t go into details of the carbon currency launched by China on the back of the vaccination passport that decides where you can spend your money depending on how good a citizen you are), do we state you have to show proof of a flu-jab to enter shops next winter? Does having HIV put your pass RED to prevent you going into a club? Maybe they will mandate a 1 child policy for the poor with a sterilization passport that allows you to work, buy non-essential goods? Far-fetched?? Look to what China has already done in last 2 years (lockdowns, travel bans, mandated vaccinations, digital vaccination passports, carbon currency linked to your data, and more), and see how Europe is following. I am far from being Anti-Vaxx I’ve probably had more vaccinations or inoculations than most folk on here due to travel and specifically with my previous job in Middle East/Asia but those were either my choice or my parents to take.