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  1. You couldn’t get injured then, you had a shift at your work on Monday
  2. Chairman will be replaced overtime Board will be replaced overtime Fanbase can come back together Manager is what he is Academy isn’t costing us anything Stadium will at least be ours this time next year Petershill complex is nothing to do with Partick Thistle FC it’s Partick Thistle Charitable Trust, not part of the club at all but shares name as a way to help it promote itself, it’s actually grown to big for its current set up so running Petershill makes sense and at no liability to our football club.
  3. I’d be very surprised if it was seeing as it seemed an off the cuff remark from McCall at the time
  4. I don’t think it’s appropriate he is mentioning mental health issues of either players/staff or officials without their permission. Mental health is a very touchy subject to people (especially males), what I will say is well done to those that asked for help, and well done to Gerry and Jacqui for listening and getting them help.
  5. I had a zoom call tonight, answered a lot of my questions and quelled my concerns. I’d encourage you to reach out yourselves for a call
  6. That’s definitely good data, as is those signed up for Centenary Fund and Jagszone plus how many on two or three of those as this (for fan ownership) helps identify the size of our core support
  7. I’d be really interested to hear the feedback from the AGM especially with us being on the cusp of fan ownership
  8. Potentially, or the general complacency that seemed to set in around the club after he arrived may not have, and we’d still have been turning a profit and maybe stayed a top flight club. This in no way is made as a detrimental comment towards the late Colin Weir, but part of our club stopped fighting for everything and seemed to believe his backing alone would sort everything out
  9. We were turning a profit prior to Colin Weir appearing. The difference between them and us being there seems to be a long line wanting to help Rangers but we have no line anymore
  10. Then the next staunch mug will likely step up
  11. Bank or books it’s all the same, money comes into bank from Park , Bennet and Co via soft loans and balances the books
  12. I wish I had 75411 Norwegian Krone free to buy it
  13. They have lost £81 million since 2012, although people keep putting cash in to balance the books