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  1. The new proposal for bus travel to games will just put even more off attending https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/guidelines-for-taking-passengers-to-sporting-events-in-scotland/guidelines-for-taking-passengers-to-sporting-events-in-scotland-consultation-document
  2. Our new songs over last few years are immense. Kris Doolan is our leader is one of the best we’ve had in decades
  3. Along with all the other items asked for above The Jags Foundation, Her Game 2, and Disabled Supporters association will also be in attendance. There seems loads on catering to all, hope it has a good turnout. Unfortunately I’ve got my folks in Norway this weekend or I’d have been back for it
  4. Without money in how can the club give Doolan cash to assemble a squad. The club needs to live within its means so it can’t spend what it doesn’t have
  5. Easiest way us as fans can help that is to buy a ST, join centenary fund and join The Jags Foundation
  6. Signing my 2 nephews in Oslo up again tomorrow, the older one got a trip to Firhill last season for the first time based in me joining him up, he wanted to come. Now Thistle daft and looking forward to his next visit
  7. We do the full membership at £10 a month, concession at £5 and a “cost of living” one for £1 a month for folk who struggle to afford the other 2 but wish to join. Folk can also do additional contributions as see fit, plus the U16 is £10 a season
  8. They also raise good funds for the Foundation which in turn helps us give £10k a month to the club. If you like them, and what we are doing get joined up to The Jags Foundation Help the club and collect your pins
  9. Here is some of the ones we’ve launched for members (From left to Right) Chris Erskine Jackie Husband Davie McParland Kris Doolan Dennis McQuade 3 Kings Special (Lambie, Quinn & Auld) We've also released Banzo, Kingsley, MacKenzie, Hawksworth We bring a new one out every month
  10. Some great news as our legendary number 9 and gaffer becomes Jags Foundation number 9 https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/doolan-joins-the-jags-foundation/
  11. We are very confident of the future due to a few key factors - The membership growth - The membership engagement - The diversity in both membership and board - The fact the club now has sensible budgeting finally put in place - Junior membership coming through brings the next generation on the journey from a young age. We aren’t going to rest on our laurels, we still have a lot to do, and being lent the vote of our members puts a burden of responsibility on each of the board members to make this and the club a success for this generation and the next. I would encourage anyone not signed up to do so, it enables us to do more financially for the club, more for the membership and fan base at large and increases the democracy and demographics of the Foundation.
  12. Thanks for collecting, but we have more great pins coming soon so your collection will keep growing. I currently have mine on my scarf and I’m going to end up with a neck like a bison wearing it to the matches
  13. Great to see so many Jags fans in Oslo for the game yesterday. How we got a win after playing like that I’ll never know
  14. Thank you, and many thanks to all who stood and everyone who voted
  15. A very good article https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/23580583.partick-thistles-sad-plight-shows-fan-ownership-way-ahead/
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