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  1. We have eased more of the restrictions today in Norway and also went from National to local control. Hopefully rest of Europe and UK can see the same soon https://www.aftenbladet.no/innenriks/i/weEqz5/letter-pa-nasjonale-koronatiltak
  2. What happens if majority of league 1 and 2 decide not to play? Do we then not play, have a mini league or get added to championship
  3. Think the issue is these players will also be working in a full time job so no football bubble and with no requirement for testing the risk is too high of clubs being unable to field teams (and getting fined).
  4. Actually under WHO guidelines it’s not based on folk in hospital not positive tests
  5. I did and the kick up here is restrictions to football stadiums at a maximum of 200
  6. Belgium has now stopped reporting tests but only hospital cases
  7. I’m tested twice so technically clear under Norwegian law. It works here we’re open, no furlough, no masks, no restrictions, no issues. Look to your Westminster paymaster for faults
  8. Stavanger, Norway tonight. No masks No 10pm close No staying away from friends. There is light at end of the tunnel folks
  9. I’m coming from a low risk country after 2 tests. That risk is less than taking them into a pub or restaurant
  10. In any other company with the level of shambles he has brought to the table he’d have been fired, but no he was given a position on UEFA as a reward
  11. That’s why you take 2 in 5 days as per Norwegian directive
  12. By cracked windows I meant she lowered the window just enough to have the kit passed through prior to closing it and performing the test
  13. If your into Sci-Fi then Pierce Browns Red Rising series are excellent
  14. Well they do at the Dunbarton test centre, my mum had to go and get one 2 weeks ago due to having a cold. That’s after they advised her to drive to Dundee for a test which she stated was outside her comfortable driving range. NHS Scotland website states you perform your own test (or your kids if under 11) unless you feel uncomfortable doing it in which case you can ask for someone to help They pass the bag through the cracked window with the kit inside, you open the bag test yourself (they do explain pretty well) you put the swabs in the tube, back in back and seal, they scan QR code on back through window then take the bag. She got negative result through a text just over a day later which was pretty good Thistle are being tested by their own medical staff, which is a requirement under SPFL protocols
  15. As I am in quarantine from test 1 to 2 prior to travel, have to wear a mask when traveling, need to drive alone, under Norwegian rules it is. We have 2 levels of distancing quarantine and self isolation, on return and prior to travel Quarantine when you are waiting for 2nd test where you can go for a walk, stay in your family unit (they do not need to quarantine or self isolate), can only enter a grocery or pharmacy with a mask (no other shops, bars or restaurants), and work from home. The other is self isolation which is on positive test (awaiting a second proof test for false positive, or after second proof test where still positive), where you isolate in your house and garden from rest of society and are not allowed out except to get your weekly test, family unit then goes quarantine unless testing positive. Normal Norwegian protocol on return is test at airport then quarantine for 10 days, if no symptoms return to work on day 11, if you’ve been traveling for work then you do as I am, with 2nd test on day 5 and back to work on day 6. Getting a test here takes 1 hour from calling, with results back within 12 usually, unlike UK they put the swab up your nose and on your throat, where in UK they hand you the swab to do it yourself.