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  1. And it’s a flood plain and a CEPA area due to water birds /wild fowl
  2. I don’t believe it was ever actually bought, merely an option to buy if planning permission was granted (which it wasn’t without substantial outlay)
  3. She speaks to the paper that ran a witch-hunt against Colin Weir in the run up to the referendum in 2014. She has no morals, and will speak to whoever will listen but not question or criticize. Those options available are rapidly diminishing
  4. We have. A lot of falsehoods pointed at us
  5. Yes the Foundation had a couple of board members on it. The Trust was absent as expected
  6. Where was that mentioned? Not seen it posted
  7. These were exactly what we asked for and were denied
  8. If you want to influence us, then join up
  9. What we have done is highlight what has happened, who is involved and what is being proposed. If that information trashes reputations then that fault lies with how those folk have conducted themselves rather than at us. If things had been transparent, engaging and upfront then no one could be accused of anything, but we have aTrust that has put itself in place, does not communicate, engage or listen to the fan base. Has an unaccountable member hiding in the shadows seamingly controlling or influencing matters with a clear conflict of interest, he’s not the only one involved that has a conflict of interest yet none have publicly declared in fact none have publicly done anything of note to interact with the fans
  10. We have highlighted the fact that someone with a clear conflict of interest is involved in this yet is denying it. The fact he appears to have the log in and is commenting on Facebook on behalf of The Trust shows how shady and deceptive this whole process is. A handful of unelected, non-engaging unaccountable fans is determining the future of our club. That should concern ANY fan
  11. If your referring to the questions these came from our membership, we gave them ample opportunity to answer these, they didn’t. Our membership have also informed us that a lot of them have separately mailed them as beneficiaries, none have been answered.
  12. Fan numbers may change that. 850 adult fans state they wish otherwise, how many actually support the Trust or how many beneficiaries (not members) do they have?