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  1. Great wee interview here https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/return-to-firhill-road/
  2. Why not just combine English leagues and Scottish leagues then so any club can progress up the cash ladder ? Oh that’s right the Old Firm are only interested in themselves
  3. They didn’t merely pick up wages, they paid themselves bonuses for a job “well done”
  4. Fantastic tune from some of our fellow supporters here, and it’s getting recognition in press too. https://thelambiemcparlands.bandcamp.com/track/return-to-firhill-road
  5. A physio and another member of medical staff apparently
  6. The only reason I can see is control and power to quote Professor Neil Ferguson in a Times article “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March [2020].” And with reference to the authoritarian nature of the Chinese state he states: “It’s a communist one-party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.” or is it a move towards “The great reset” being banded about by the World Economic Forum which has amongst its members most of the people advising the governments (Devi, Whitty etc). My big concern is the laws brought in “fast track” (no debate no vote) under COVID act are now law and need to be repelled under normal process (proposed, debated, voted). Im not questioning the virus I’m questioning what has been allowed to happen and what we as society have had removed
  7. Goal posts are moving here and in UK. Most of Scotland is now at previous level 2 levels yet is still in level 4 restrictions with no sign or guidance how to reduce restrictions. My area is under the levels of last summer (less than 1 case a day) where everything was open, yet still we work from home, can’t go for a pint, travel (internally) restricted, and limited to people numbers in house. Again no remit for what levels for what length constitute a releasing of restrictions. Governments are quick enough to say that as R-rate is >1 or 14 day average is bigger than X we increase but can’t do the same to reduce. Don’t start me on the vaccine carry on, from all blazing statement of Norway being fully vaccinated before June, it now looks it’ll be 2025 by the time they get to me, in 7 weeks they’ve only vaccinated 140000 due to lack of supply from EU (bumped down the list).
  8. If there is no promotion allowed then there is no point restarting the season as effectively it’s friendly’s till end of season
  9. They think it is more contagious but as yet not sure. The goal posts keep moving, the reasoning and data keeps shifting and the reason keeps getting changed. We have basically no cases in my region, less than 1 a day and these are all in Quarantine hotel, yet our restrictions will last till April, why ??
  10. Caley have only managed to play 2 games since before Xmas due to the weather
  11. I thought if you were COVID positive you couldn’t leave the house and is now actually a criminal offense. So if true you can make your way to a polling booth it makes a mockery of the whole situation
  12. Folk are called to a vaccination center at a certain time on a certain day and 4 million don’t go on the same day, in fact only 60000 go to get vaccinated in any one day. These centers have rigorous controls and are manned by health officials and military who have great knowledge and training of the risks and controls needed to mitigate them. Going to supermarkets is essential as if folk can’t buy food, they die, and again shopping is spread over the week and generally done by one adult from the household. So less numbers per day at more locations (there is more supermarkets than voting stations) at locations that are bigger in size to allow distancing. Your local Asda is way bigger than your local primary school assembly hall.
  13. Neither is right. All of this can be done at home. You brought up Boris so I gave you Sturgeon