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  1. Latest update from Foundation https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/tjf-board-update-15-june/
  2. The new board has been in place 18 days today, that timescale has had an extended bank holiday and 3 weekends in that time, of which we’ve been meeting up over weekends, late at night and we are all communicating daily as a full board or as sub-groups. We have various wheels turning at the moment between the full board and sub-groups, from growing membership, sorting legally required documentation, opportunities to increase funding, increasing social media content, looking at fan engagement, plus of course the negotiation side. Updates are coming on various elements of the Foundation, but I can assure you the 8 board members i am working with are putting a huge amount of effort and personal time into ensuring what is done is done correctly and diligently.
  3. Nomad’s With The Jags Foundation re-energizing after the recent elections, and the drive to increase numbers whilst negotiating to get the shares. I have a couple of questions for you so we can build up understanding of what you would like from YOUR Foundation. Can you let me know (either below or in a PM) Have you joined Yes or No If Yes what things would you like to see from the foundation as a Nomad specifically and also as a fan. If No what is putting you off joining or what can we do to get you involved? All feedback (positive and negative) and ideas will be taken on board so we can try to ensure the The Jags Foundation represents the majority of the views and needs. I also plan to set up a Zoom call in the near future so we can talk through your ideas, feedback and importantly where we are in the process and bring you up to speed on what we are working and doing behind the scenes. Thanks in advance Stuart
  4. Message from new chair https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/message-from-the-new-jags-foundation-chair/
  5. We will probably swap Cooper for Alegria as he’s established first team.
  6. How does it work, for Thistle financially , if the player being sold is on The Weir Academy books not Partick Thistle FC Ltd books? Would all money go to academy as both club and academy are separate legal entities
  7. Well Led Zeppelin got Stairway to Heaven after doing the above
  8. As @Woodstock Jag mentioned above, we had the first board meeting this evening, where old board stepped down and new stepped up. The new board is meeting on video call over the weekend to start driving this forward. There are a few admin things being worked on already and the new board is already communicating regarding steps forward. Im very happy to have met (by video) the new board tonight and also the old board who I’d like to thank for what they’ve done in difficult circumstances but also for the support and encouragement offered to us 9 going forward. We will get updates out in due course and my DM’s are open on here if anyone needs to ask anything
  9. Thanks to everyone who voted. Delighted to be selected and looking forward to to working with the rest of the board
  10. With just over 6 hours to go in The Jags Foundation elections, good luck to all standing and well done for stepping up to the plate. For any members who haven’t yet voted, get voting, it’s your foundation. See you all on the other side. #JagsForChange
  11. I’m not sure how you can class The Jags Foundation as a dead duck. It raises money, had an active membership and is running democratic elections with more candidates than board places. The reaction of the open letter was 3 fold:- 1- Over 700 people publicly signed and backed it with many more stating privately they back it but for various reasons could not sign it yet. 2- It triggered a greater enthusiasm towards fan engagement on the subject of fan ownership. 3- It finally brought out a statement from 3BC There is currently only 2 fan groups. The Jags foundation and The Jags Trust, I have seen no bickering between current board members on either or candidates standing
  12. Both clubs not only turned a blind eye to sectarianism they have secretly welcomed it as it’s their strongest selling point. You’re Protestant you must support Rangers, You’re Catholic you must support Celtic. Support one hate the other and everything that goes with it including the other sect of the same religion. Over the years both sets of fans have sang things that has no place in society, from anti-Catholic/Protestant vile, to pro IRA/UVF bile. They are both as bad as each other and a scourge on society