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  1. Denmark have ditched theirs except for entry to country https://www.google.no/amp/s/www.thelocal.dk/20210901/how-denmark-abolished-covid-passport-with-countrys-epidemic-not-over/%3famp
  2. McCall needs to give one of them a run more than a game at a time, both keepers must be terrified of a mistake and immediately losing their place which won’t help confidence
  3. Actually it has them at 43% Do Spanish fans have to present a V-Passport or is lowered attendance and masks enough allowing access to anyone that has a mask
  4. What also isn’t clear is whether it’s actual attendance or capacity. Actual attendance could provide a minefield and we could go back to the “biscuit tin” days of attendances being rounded down to avoid the need to invest in these checks
  5. Read the legislation it states “Outdoor events over 4000” as well, the allowance for way more clubs to be effected is there in place. Football and hospitality have taken a bigger hammering in this crisis than any other sector with exception of aerospace. I can understand why football fans feel this is specifically targeting them again, but I don’t see that on this occasion
  6. Folk need to be encouraged and the system and rational trusted. Throughout this crisis the rational has constantly not made sense, from allowing the Premiership to complete the season whilst Championship wasn’t allowed, from restaurants being closed but cafe’s open. Even to the latest rushed out V-Passports where no clear system is in place, no clear understanding of what premises it actually affects, all with 3 weeks to “Go-Live”. The older generation going to games again are going to struggle, we have seen first hand at our own club the issues caused with cash-less and OAPs not having access to tickets as no smartphone, this will further impact there ability to get in a ground, and what about the poorer fans who don’t have a smart phone, are both of these groups going to have to contact sNHS to get a letter, or will they just give up, feel forced out? Perhaps MSP’s and MP’s should ensure they have a valid V-Passport or else they lose their jobs, let’s see how that vote goes. As for being the health minister, you’d need to create a new party in a new parliament (UK wise or Scottish), as id never work for or with such a collection of incompetent, self serving parasites.
  7. I flew into Aberdeen last Wednesday with a colleague who was returning to Norway Friday night. We both followed the rules and booked and paid £68 for a day 2 test. Day 2 is Friday. He phoned to ask where he should post it from as he was staying in a hotel and flying back that evening, he was told to bin it. I was driving to Glasgow at 8am so I dropped it off in the closest (4 mile away) express post box, that morning, I got my negative result emailed to me Monday afternoon. That is not fast. When I return to Norway on Sunday I’ll take a (Free) PCR test as soon as I arrive at 6pm, I will have the result (good or bad) by 6am next morning at latest.
  8. I’ve told you mine, do you think the Covid passport will stop the spread, or will it just stop people taking precautions in clubs or gigs as everyone is vaccinated?
  9. Testing and a far quicker better track and trace would be more proactive. Encouraging more folk to get the vaccine instead of forcing their backs to the wall would also help, offer something if they take it instead of removing liberties if they don’t.
  10. Testing is effective, current and does not discriminate against those wary of a vaccination. Passport is not current to your current “clear” status, non effective as you can still be carrying and transmitting it, and discriminates against those wary of the vaccination, it will actually strengthen their resolve and suspicion now they are effectively being forced to take a medical intervention.
  11. COVID passports (for travel) in every other country in Europe also has a place you are marked “good” if you have antibodies from a previous infection. Scotland’s won’t as confirmed by FM today. None of these 3 countries ask or stipulate you must be vaccinated before entering a club, bar, football ground, only you test As studies in Israel have shown you are better protected after being infected that 2 jabs. This is nothing to do with protection and all to do with forcing a medical treatment on folk. This has been rushed through with no clear thoughts on how to do this, where it actually covers and how premises will check. The actual App isn’t ready yet. So what does football come under? Outdoor live events with more than 4000 in attendance or any event that has more than 10000 in attendance? 10000 in one stadium is empty but 2000 in another is rammed. How will venues read the data and what do they do with it? Do they scan the QR code, how do they check it’s not screen shot and passed back down queue, the onus is on the premises to ensure only double vaccinated are allowed in. How is data stored, shared etc? If BoJo had forced this through before SG many on here accepting it would be up in arms. I would still be up in arms as this does nothing to limit the spread, it’s an ID card by the back door (Remember those everyone opposed after 9-11!!).
  12. It was brought up and acknowledged in Scottish parliament yesterday
  13. I can only comment on Scandinavia where there is no forced usage of the vaccination. The “passport” for gaining access in Denmark is about taking a negative test, they have removed emergency parliament powers after mass protests. Sweden next to no lockdown and Stockholm has better figures than Glasgow. Norway no usage of V-Passport except at border from non-EU country, no masks low figures, encouraging take up of vaccination rather than forcing.