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  1. Listening to what McColl said both last night, and after the Falkirk game to both Chic Young and jagszone he’s about to get something off his chest and I don’t think it’ll be pleasant for those in the firing line. His answers on Jagszone made me think it’s more than the league high heedyins that’s getting both barrels. He does though need to box clever so he doesn’t get charged with bringing game into disrepute by an aggrieved Doncaster or Maxwell
  2. Stuart Goldie, 46. Brought up in Westerton now living in Stavanger , but my Dad was born in Raebury Street so he started attending around 1948/49 and my late Granda had been attending for about a few decades before that, my Granda owned 2 season tickets since before the war up till 60’swhen he moved to knightswood . Taken to my first game around 1984 (Benny Rooney era), with my younger brother who’s son now also attends. So onto 4th generation of Jags fans
  3. Merely polish the shoe that contains said turd
  4. The usual transfer speculation/ fantasy Fan ownership EUROs ST sales Will fans get back Season expectations and predictions Latest shambles from SPFL (There is always one) Plenty to be going on with, but now is the time with momentum (finally) going the right way to use this time to drive the fan ownership over the line. New season, new league, new ownership
  5. Airdrie have hit a bit of form recently so will be a very difficult opponent, they can mix it up too (hence why Paton is in midfield), this is the game I’m most worried about, beat them and we should build a bit of space at the top and continue our run (hopefully to the title), lose and a draw in Falkirk v Cove and its 1 point separating 4 teams with 3 to go. Defence needs to stay focused and we need to play “our game” as we have last few games, plus keep the discipline (Aye you Mr Graham), I think this will be a fiery physical game.
  6. It used to work for Lambie but he brought tyres with him
  7. Cove are the ones I think we are competing with now
  8. 1 The context is he travelled from Scotland to England for a day out when traveling outwith your local council area is banned and got caught. 2 There is being a fan of a club and appearing on regular pod casts of the clubs supporters whilst being on a blog about the club
  9. There is being a fan of an other club and keeping it under your hat whilst a director at this club, and there is writing blogs appearing in podcasts, posting pictures of yourself with that clubs manager and trophy and financially backing the other club whilst a director at this club.
  10. Did anyone else notice our director, rocks owner and Celtic fan accompanying Neil Lennon in the video posted on line from Newcastle this week? Reflects badly on club our director breaking lockdown travel restrictions to go on piss day after pubs opened down south. Press are apparently running the story tomorrow
  11. If we win both of these (1 down 1 to go) then @Auld Jag needs to start every match thread going forward
  12. Move the games to a 12 o’clock kick off the same as they did for Diana’s funeral
  13. Pleasantly surprised, good victory. Need to win again Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday