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  1. Once more into the wide, blue yonder..... HHHA HAHH AHHA AHHA AHHH Thank you, BB
  2. co-commentator sounded a wee bit Killie-minded. "Offside goal," "fumbled save", etc.
  3. At the coo's tail, as usual - HAAHHHAAHHHHAHHAHHHH Thank you, BB
  4. Our own BB could have done much better! Any chance you could knock up a quick 6th entry?
  5. I'm with Scotty in concluding that my random guesses would be way worse than your methodical ones, BB, so I'll ditch my manual one and go with your 21st century automated "pin" and say - AAHHAAAAAAHHHHAHHHHAAAHHAHHHHH Many thanks for saving my few remaining brain cells.
  6. whose bright idea was it that, instead of handing me my 50_50 tickets, I had to give a phone number and leave my tickets with the seller? what that meant was that buying a ticket or two became rather slow experience, the seller was getting writer's cramp, and I had no idea what my numbers were so could not verify whether I had the winning number or not. I also understand that the winner's name was read out at half time. I was not asked for my name, just a phone number. I must have waited maybe 2 minutes to buy because the fan before me had bought 5 tickets and the seller had to copy an 11 digit number five times before he could deal with me. Utter stupidity, in my view, and I can't think of a single Covid related reason why such pointless admin is necessary. Thinking about it now, I wonder if it might actually be illegal to to take a “gambling stake " without giving a receipt.
  7. Nobody has mentioned the "weel kent faces" to be seen, particularly around the stand on Saturday. Saw Barry Robson, Paul Gallacher, and another ex-player that I couldn't place in the stand, with Rab Douglas coaching from the sidelines for Arbroath. Any others?
  8. H H H H H A H H A H A picked them with a pin..... Thanks, again, BB
  9. On my tablet, I filled in all the details - name, full address, email (twice), phone no, then the names (first and Sur) for both tickets, then clicked continue. It threw up an error saying "please fill in all fields", or words to that effect and it highlighted my title, my email and my country (UK) in red, which made me think there was something wrong with those. I re-entered these things a number of times, to my great frustration, but eventually accidentally scrolled down a wee bit and saw that the card payment boxes were on the same page, and it was those that it was, quite reasonably, referring to as incomplete! Perhaps on another device I would have seen these were part of the same screen, but the continue button that I could see led me to believe that payment details would be on a subsequent screen. I am quite old, and I only worked in IT for 21 years, so what do I know? Frustrating.....
  10. A rather frustrating website to use, but I managed to get 2 tickets eventually, after a load of typing.
  11. Sinners amongst our support - like the Season Tickets Holders who, presumably, sold on their tickets to the 6 away fans who sat in front of us at the Rangers friendly. Apparently they went for the "bargain" price of £30 each.
  12. Thank you, BB, for all your hard work. We had a nice time here with my Italian daughter in law and a few Moretti beers.
  13. Backing the Azzurri all the way - Italy 3 -1 England Please, please deflate the overwhelming smugness that the media is displaying at all levels these days....Intolerable
  14. I'll go for... 2-1 1-2 'Mon the Tallies
  15. I'm guessing it will be there to stop our friends from the south congregating in vast numbers on Monday. Good!