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  1. Maybe they could reduce costs a little by not having a "sporting director" whatever that is......
  2. Having taken some time to consider all the options.... here are my wild guesses - HAAHAAAAHHHAHHHHAAHH Thanks as usual, BB for keeping us entertained.
  3. The late Eddie Waring would have had an opinion on that....
  4. Well done to LIB for the victory - scraped in only 13 places ahead of me! Thanks to BB for keeping us entertained.
  5. Yes, just read that. Very sorry to hear of her death.
  6. "Event"not showing up within our class app. Had it at 2:15, but switched it off. Regret that now..... Spell check changed "ptfcpass" to "our class" above! Even my phone thinks it's poor service.
  7. Hey - there's still some traditionalists out here - Was still using my Lambie & Trigger 2nd Division Championship souvenir mouse mat until it got too cracked and delaminated last year. Got about 18/19 years out of it! (I also still wet shave with soap and a razor.....)
  8. For me it was just a matter of using the letters (ALL UPPER CASE) + numbers given. I.e. same password with lowercase letters changes to CAPS
  9. Thanks to junior I got in - without his wise words I would have been goosed. I got my password from the web site, not the app, and one of the characters was in lower case. Re-entering the same password with all upper case let me in. The error message gives no clue as to what might be wrong. How the hell can Thistle always make things so difficult?
  10. Enjoyed seeing that again. Same again Jags (or one-nil - just need the points)
  11. Yes, sorry to hear he's not well. Wish him a speedy recovery.
  12. What goes around comes around. That will be them at the foot of the league - maybe Covid will stop the season now.....that would be a shame.
  13. Bring me the head of Alfredo Morales....