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  1. I thought the whole team seemed really pleased for Rudden when he scored. They all mobbed him with big grins on their faces and congratulated him big time. (And it was the same with his second goal) Speaks well to team spirit. Another brace on Thursday, please, Zak.....
  2. Just for a laugh I'll go HA HA for my selections.
  3. AHA - forgot about this ! So here we go - HAHHAHHAAAAAAHAH Thanks for all your effort, BB.
  4. A great wee reference to the Neil Sturgeon song - Scottish Cup Blues. (one of my favourite tracks) With the timeless lyric - "3rd round exit, going off the boil, but at least I don't look anything like Owen Coyle". Genius!
  5. Just picture a whole team kitted out in that shirt. When running from right to left the team would be in black. When running from left to right the team would be in yellow. Just like the Dumbarton v Thistle game when we had the half and half red and yellow outfit. Couldn't tell the teams apart when Thistle were attacking. The Jags had to change strips at half time.
  6. "launching on the 24th" Presumably all the pictures, prices, etc. Will be revealed then. This advert is just a teaser, I guess.
  7. Got my invite today for the vaccination at the Louisa Jordan next Wednesday. Happy days (I hope).
  8. Maybe they could reduce costs a little by not having a "sporting director" whatever that is......
  9. Having taken some time to consider all the options.... here are my wild guesses - HAAHAAAAHHHAHHHHAAHH Thanks as usual, BB for keeping us entertained.
  10. The late Eddie Waring would have had an opinion on that....
  11. Well done to LIB for the victory - scraped in only 13 places ahead of me! Thanks to BB for keeping us entertained.
  12. Yes, just read that. Very sorry to hear of her death.