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  1. So did you - I thought I was positive in quoting the optimistic odds. I guess you're just to far down in the depths of despair to notice.....
  2. Got lucky and stumbled across a twitter post announcing the site's return. Missed you guys (except the moany-faced negative posters). I like the odds someone has posted for the coming season - let's hope we can live up to them. 'mon the Jags.
  3. I haven't seen this mentioned on here yet, but the club wants us to register if there is another family household of season ticket holders you would like to sit with in the coming season. The link below takes you to the Club site where a proper explanation of the details can be found. The deadline is Friday 14th August. click here for info
  4. .....and If you look back a bit he donated another grand 7 days ago. Awesome contributions.
  5. Goal machine hero of the Tennants Sixes? Total hero (sort of)....
  6. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ blatant self-interest, disguised as concern for the welfare of fans. ...and so it continues
  7. Just to add my thanks to Heather for a great product at a great price. I found it tricky to tie the ribbons round the back of my nut, what with all the extra lockdown hair that I'm sporting these days, so I just tied the top and bottom ribbons together on each side and made the loops just long enough to hook over my lugs. Works a treat.
  8. But is it a real deadline, or an SPFL style indicative, sounding, manipulatible deadline?
  9. Bad news and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Great, commanding, centre half.
  10. As a small getitupye, I just voted for our player. Am I being paranoid, or does the voting page being headed by a large picture of Shankland not seem like an attempt to influence the voting? Should the illustration for the competition not be a neutral picture of, say, a goal net?
  11. Got my mug this afternoon and enjoying a first coffee from it. Good quality and great service. Thanks, BB
  12. Congratulations, Phil, that is a great choice of design and all classy as **** ( all get out)! Will have a family confab and drop you an order.
  13. Can I vote for option 3, please? I'm sure we'd pass the eleven votes to one hurdle - on this forum, at least.