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  1. Rid Skwerr


    or, perish the thought......... Scunthorpe.
  2. The Last Samurai, starring Chic Charnley....
  3. can I vote A, please BB? Was away on hols and out of Internet range / data.
  4. I have this set of Subbuteo players, but I can no longer remember where or when I got them. Apart from the officials, who are 3 dimensional, the rest are 2D flat plastic. Free to a good home. If any Jags fan would like to have them please message me.
  5. If referees made better use of the "Liveware" Assistant Referees there would be less need for the technological ones.
  6. I'll go with A to maintain mid-table mediocrity ..... Thanks for running this competition, BB.
  7. A & H from my reading of the tea cups...... Thanks, BB
  8. Yes, courtesy of groundsman Davy Lyle in the nineteen nineties. He also did a cracking sunburst design radiating out from the centre circle. I seem to remember that the fun - loving SFA told him to stop because they were classed as illegal additional markings. Idiots.!
  9. weather forecast warning of snow this evening and overnight in Inversneck. Hope the game is on and that the travelling is safe for everyone.
  10. The twat has now apologised to Ian McCall and corrected himself to say that if Arbroath win it will put them 9 points ahead of Thistle. Am I wrong to suggest that it would only. be 8 points of a lead?
  11. I remember thinking very same thing when I won Adam Strachan's signed shirt......
  12. Only in a world where Trump became President and Johnston PM!
  13. Once more into the wide, blue yonder..... HHHA HAHH AHHA AHHA AHHH Thank you, BB