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  1. England will finish all care home patients in next 7 days
  2. It’s not commital if you sign up now
  3. So far they have matched for each of 4 nations, Scotland though is lagging slightly behind England in administrating the doses
  4. The UK has 70 million to vaccinate, Norway has 6. UK has vaccinated more than all the EU combined, Norway currently has to rely on EU supplies but due to only being EEA member it’s decided to source its own to speed up
  5. They and we have not been paid the respective £500k and £150k apparently, but every club was given £50k by Anderson at start of season for COVID prevention and detection, I know we have testing and strict protocols which we would have used this money on, but what of the other clubs ?
  6. Norway plans to have the entire population vaccinated by end of June at latest, with a very stretch goal of having 80% completed before our National day on 17th of May
  7. You’ll be lucky if any airlines are left by then, allow some extra time to go by the party boat
  8. This is astounding https://www.stenhousemuirfc.com/2021/01/15/chairmans-update-12/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Hasn’t come through from SG or hasn’t been paid from SPFL?
  10. Either the clubs haven’t received the cash, or a majority have spent it on other things
  11. I agree on this, but instead of just highlighting the complaints the teams need to propose a working solution. The big issue is getting all to stand together especially when the off line conversations start coming from Lawell and Doncaster to clubs
  12. Language wise yes, his seems calm ours seems more a whine
  13. There weren’t any planned for tonight I don’t think
  14. Are the average crowds in Championship not higher than those in League 1, plus admission prices higher? Hearts, Dundee and Dunfermline all carry large traveling supports, especially Hearts when on form. Apart from us in League 1 who brings more than a few hundred?
  15. On your points 1) It was a democratic process, it it had went other ways other clubs would have felt hard done by. I may not agree with the outcome, or the missing vote but the vote was taken and passed. If we had swapped places with QOS you can bet we would have voted to call the season the way it was. 2) Again it was a democratic process. 3) The panel ruled the league had followed its rules, that’s all the arbitration panel can do. 4) If it was based on economics then Rangers and Celtic would have swallowed up 95% of the £30 million. Queens park are a full time team that got less than us, Hearts have a way bigger expense than Accies and got less than them. The fact our economy is a mess isn’t the fault of the league.
  16. What happened to that money? I believe it was paid out
  17. The statement is full of self entitlement and playing the victim. It states "At the season start, the SPFL made it clear that clubs who were unable to play at any point would be penalised. Yet here we are, prepared to play but unable to do so as we are in a league of predominantly part-time clubs" We haven’t been able to get a game on at Firhill last few weeks despite having undersoil heating, which appears we didn’t use (perhaps rightly) for financial reasons, should based on the statement from our chair, we be penalized for being unable to play based on a financial decision? ”Once demoted, we fought for a restructure of leagues to allow us, as an ambitious full-time club, to continue playing” The same ambitious full time club that has barely been able to fill a bench all season against part time rivals who have. “We warned last week that the football authorities’ distribution of monies, which penalised Thistle by £350k, could come back to bite us” Perhaps not overspending our income by nearly £400k last season would have cushioned that blow, we also got the same as every other team in our league, why should we have got more? Because we grossly outspend the majority of teams we are competing with? “The final straw is the impact that this may have during the transfer window.” only last week we basically issued a statement stating we were skint yet now we we’re going to splash the cash in transfer market to turn our season around.
  18. That us as a club have the testing in place to allow us to carry on and we ask that testing resources are pulled from the other 22 clubs and funding made available to allow testing and continuation of the season as the top two leagues are. We didn’t get an unfair cut in funding being full time, we got the funding our league rivals got. The fact we were spending £3million a season but only bringing in £2.6million doesn’t entitle us to more money, it means we are being financially mismanaged , that is just another smokescreen to add to blaming our relegation on calling season early with 1 game in hand not the fact we were bottom and hadn’t won a game in last 10 league games
  19. Personally I think the statement is poor, plays the victim card, brings NHS into it, and blames all for the predicament we are in bar those that got us to 27th place in Scotland from 6th a few years ago. We have barely cut wages, squad size or back room staff size since leaving premiership, stating we should have got more money cause we are full time yet part time clubs got more than us, these part time clubs are above us, in leagues with higher crowds and higher admission fees. We are doing ourselves no favors with the “Poor us” statements, we are where we are because of results on the park and piss poor decisions off it over last few years, not because a vote, not because distribution of Government funds (Remember Premiership clubs only get a loan, we actually receive £150k more in fee money than Livi or Accies). Ending the season last year in the way it did, diverted us away from the shambolic affairs on and off the park, our financial results show that with COVID only impacting for 2 months on those figures. We should never been in the situation of being basically bottom of the leagues for nearly 3 complete seasons, and even dropping down yet another level we are struggling to keep up with the leaders.
  20. Yes we had a game in hand, but we hadn’t won one of the previous TEN league games, based on form we would have drawn or lost the game in hand.
  21. If we hadn’t messed up last season we would have got that £500k too and wouldn’t be stating we were hard done by. The predicament we are in isn’t the league or government or SFA’s fault it’s ours and ours alone, 3 and a half seasons of crap and bad management have put us on the brink of collapse
  22. I think financially we are really in the shit with this now.