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  1. Would we either bother to stream with what we’ve seen in last 3/4 years? A big part of going to the game is meeting friends before it, the interaction with those around you in the stand and the analysis after with fans in the flesh. If that’s gone people will switch off
  2. We are at the cliff edge of so much that we’ve taken as normal disappearing as we know it for good. Attending football in person Meeting friends and family in numbers Traveling Seeing gigs or shows Buying goods in a shop (look at Wales where supermarkets have closed off books, baby clothing etc as non essential) Im not comfortable how we (as a society) will emerge from this, as everything is being geared towards big businesses, multi nationals (Amazon, Sky, Google Apple etc) at the detriment of small businesses (Small football clubs, small shops, bars, clubs restaurants etc).
  3. It’s only a matter of time till the EPL realize they can make more money streaming live to suit the Asian market than the current UK market and change kick off times to suit as there are no fans in the stadium.
  4. Good work on the sponsorships and a decent wee Enginneering shop too
  5. I imagine he tries to grow tropical plants in Manchester because he’s read about doing this, he keeps buying more and more expensive tropical plants as the others that die didn’t buy into his ideas. He’s also bought a very expensive biannual which has now flowered, and stopped his garden being a complete disaster, but won’t last much longer as it’s on it’s last season
  6. If season is ended before Christmas or fans not back this season we will be lucky to have 30 professional clubs left in Scotland
  7. These guys are mostly on 2 year deals, unless someone wants them, they are going nowhere
  8. I’ve just had a look at the OS and we have a lot of staff involved at the club, yes a fair few will be voluntary, but never the less we have a huge organization for a 1st division team. The board also seem very quiet at the moment especially the chair, which is unusual. Finances terrify me at moment with current COVID situation, 2 relegations in 3 years and a fan ownership stuttering along with no clear ownership or guidance at the moment .
  9. We still believe and act like we are a Premiership team, until the penny drops that we have became a mediocre 3rd tier team we will continue to fall.
  10. And this needs to be the big effort, so we can get football (and society) back to a semblance of normality
  11. I like bowling clubs, cheap beer and good for bowling. We are not a bowling club we are a professional football club, that’s sole purpose is to win matches. That seems to have been lost over last few years. Our core product is the first team, and them winning enough matches to get us back to Premiership, anything else is failure, and any other initiatives are smokescreens diverting the attention and resources away from our main aims. I agree the fan ownership seems to be hijacked and if almost a year on, the sole (communicated) task that has been completed is to agree on a name, then it shows the apathy and acceptance of failure around the club. We have barely had an update from the board or the fan ownership working group in months, no one barely bats an eyelid. This site is quiet, Twitter and FB is an almost acceptance of the malaise. The club is dying, fans are switching off, add to the clusterfxck of the pandemic situation on the game and economy and we have a very very dire situation.
  12. From the top to the bottom there is something rotten at Firhill and has for years now. Weve had 3 management teams and 3 squads fail, we’ve had false promises and broken deadlines off the park. The whole set up of Thistle feels like an expensive bowling club now. I stated a few months ago we’d struggle to get out this league, based on yesterday we’d struggle to stay in it. There seems no vision from the club except this forced fan ownership, which again has missed deadlines, but I suppose it’s just following the acceptance of failure at the club.
  13. If you give reasonable restrictions people will follow, or maybe that’s just Scandinavia
  14. Where as I was traveling for business and I just log on and get one for free within 2 hours close to where I live.
  15. Totally agree, we also have 2 levels of quarantine which helps folk comply. Quarantine - if you have returned from travel, awaiting a test result based on contact, or a household member is, then you are in quarantine. This means you can’t go to work, school, bars or restaurants. You avoid public transport and shops, but if you have to (no one can shop for you) then use a mask. You can though go for a walk, cycle etc but you keep 1 meter distance and avoid busy areas (I went fishing alone during my quarantine). Self Isolation - You are positive. You stay at home, except for follow up tests. Your family segregates from you in house if possible or they also go in self isolation.
  16. The government, they are free for all. Perhaps one of the reasons Norway is open is its testing regime. I’m just about to go to the pub with mates to watch an afternoon of football, we are careful but open. It was a huge culture shock being back home 2 weeks ago, masks, arrows, perspex, but most notable was the was the press (and to extent politicians) convey messages, it’s a retric of fear and sensationalism that isn’t helpful or healthy. None of this is present here (masks, arrows, perspex or sensational headlines). I got tested at 8:30 on a Friday night and had my result by 9am the following day, testing as many as possible stops asymptomatic spreading, and regular follow up tests gets people and society back to normal as soon as possible, I think that and the calm message has helped massively here.
  17. Clyde have always tried to fleece Thistle, I remember the first game they were the “Home” team when lodging at Firhill against us and they removed the parent & child gate and bumped the admission price, leaving my Dad in a panic outside the main stand as how to afford to get him, me and my younger brother in. They brought their own turnstile staff. We ended up getting through the only gate at north terracing that had a Jags fan on turnstile (just push up and get 2 kids through) which still cost the a pound more than it cost 3 of us to stand back then.
  18. From the outside (Norway) looking in, the whole testing situation in Scotland is haphazard, I was in Scotland 2 weeks ago and the big issue for my suppliers is when one of their operators kids is in a school class where a kid tests positive, then the class and all the parents have to self isolate for 14 days but can’t be tested unless symptomatic. I took 2 tests before traveling, and 2 on return (Friday night at airport and Wednesday afternoon across the road from the house), and came out of quarantine on the day I had my second negative result (Thursday). If we need a test because of contact, symptoms or travel, we log on and get it that day and effectively back to work or school the following day. Same goes with football teams, they use same testing centers as public (except A league who test every 2 days). A Viking player tested positive on Thursday but rest of team are not in quarantine as they are still on negative results. Surely something similar would work in Scotland
  19. Glasgow life are gifting them the Centre. That’s very generous unless it includes the debts
  20. The charitable trust or Thistle trust or Jags trust? And why
  21. The WHO have stated today they plan to only have 1/4 of the world vaccinated by end of 2021 https://www.who.int/initiatives/act-accelerator/covax