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  1. It used to work for Lambie but he brought tyres with him
  2. Cove are the ones I think we are competing with now
  3. 1 The context is he travelled from Scotland to England for a day out when traveling outwith your local council area is banned and got caught. 2 There is being a fan of a club and appearing on regular pod casts of the clubs supporters whilst being on a blog about the club
  4. There is being a fan of an other club and keeping it under your hat whilst a director at this club, and there is writing blogs appearing in podcasts, posting pictures of yourself with that clubs manager and trophy and financially backing the other club whilst a director at this club.
  5. Did anyone else notice our director, rocks owner and Celtic fan accompanying Neil Lennon in the video posted on line from Newcastle this week? Reflects badly on club our director breaking lockdown travel restrictions to go on piss day after pubs opened down south. Press are apparently running the story tomorrow
  6. If we win both of these (1 down 1 to go) then @Auld Jag needs to start every match thread going forward
  7. Move the games to a 12 o’clock kick off the same as they did for Diana’s funeral
  8. Pleasantly surprised, good victory. Need to win again Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  9. Not excited or expecting anything out this except more anger and disappointment, we need nothing short of a win tomorrow, results go the wrong way and we will be 7th in the league with 3 games to go
  10. We have failed. Archies remit was to win promotion-failed and fired. Caldwells remit was to win promotion- Avoided relegation by 1 game. Failed and carried on Caldwells remit was again to win promotion- Failed eventually fired McCalls remit was to win promotion- We got relegated he was kept on McCalls remit was to win promotion- We are failing and are odds on to fail. Board announced a training ground named it after McParland and told him and his family on his death bed and announced to the world - Never materialized so failed. 3BC stated ground would be handed over to fans immediately in December 2019 - 15 months later we don’t have it they failed. 3BC stated fans would own the club ASAP - 15 months later still haven’t handed it over - Failed Announcing our legendary striker on his testimonial season is being released on social media before he’s had a chance to tell his family- Failure Its a catalogue of failures since we came down from premiership, coming down wasn’t a failure as such as our size and finances it was due to happen soon, but since then and with Gerry and others at the helm it’s been a shambles. Press releases having to be retracted due to threats of legal action from balloon heids ex club for false information, toys out the pram “poor us” press statements when it didn’t go our way, jobs for the boys with Rough, Britton etc. We have blamed everything from COVID to other clubs for our failure last without looking internally at the common theme. Bad leadership with no clear direction
  11. As fans of a full time team with the biggest backroom staff in the league and 1 of the top 2 in terms of wages and squad depth, we have a sense of expectation that the team can compete soundly in a league made up of part timers on shoe string budgets, that our full time squad with coaches, assistants etc can be fitter than the teams who can only train 1 or 2 nights a week (East Fife haven’t trained in nearly 2 weeks based on their schedule), if that’s entitlement then yes but I think that’s the bare minimum our team with it’s depth and resources (financial and facilities etc) should be doing but yet again are failing catastrophically at
  12. It yet again papers over the cracks that we should have been 4 or 5 down by halftime. Struggled to get a draw against Forfar, Cove and now East Fife. The plan was promotion or win the league, we are in serious danger of being in bottom half split in 4 games time
  13. Yip on Twitter an FB lauding the last gasp equalizer
  14. We are about to be over taken by Cove (3years in league) and Airdrie and Clyde who are both still a very pale shadow of their former selves
  15. We never sacked him, he was on garden leave (still being paid) right up till he became our assistant
  16. Our squad on paper is easily best or 2nd best in the league, it’s also that in pay packet. Total disgrace where this clubs ended up over last 3 years
  17. Scunnered by the result, the performance, the set up, the management team, the board and the whole club in fact, including some fans who applauded the last minute equalizer as if we’d equalized against Barcelona
  18. Like putting out a statement complaining strongly about the wind and how it was so unfair
  19. We were never this low down under them
  20. Been snowing heavily here for last 2 days. We must win tonight, don’t care about performance or score we just need to score 1 more than them, anything less our season is effectively a failure
  21. There is acting professional and having ambitions and there is pie in the sky way above our station. We have probably the 10 to 15th biggest set ups in Scotland now, bigger than any club in our league, most in Championship (out with Hearts) and possibly bigger than Accies and Livi. Now folk want a Director of Football too!!! Throwing more bodies at a problem doesn’t sort the problem it merely makes the problem more expensive