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  1. In the old fashioned 5 a side competitions played in the summer that was exactly probable - never picked a goalie!
  2. Pardon me for asking a sim.ple question
  3. Then please explain why the opposition played with only 10 players from some point in the second half.
  4. Further to my previous post, I have gone on to the SFA site and found info re the Club Academy system - Results and Fixtures. Unfortunately the last result shown was for a game played on 12 March 2020 when lockdown came into effect. It would appear that whoever is charged with updating current activity on this is (sleeping/hibernating/furloughed/no use ). Well it is the SFA!
  5. Just watched and agree that there was lots to enjoy from a Jags point of view. However the video is only 21 minutes of highlights and I assumed they would have been produced by ?.^&+"s FC since it was played on their patch. Definitely edited from a Jags perspective because of 2 particular omissions. Second half - 1) we restarted having lost a goal which wasn't shown, and 2) the other team were down to 10 players, presumably because of a red card which wasn't shown? Should point out that In the hope of seeing highlights from the dark side I logged in to their web site. No highlights and no score for our game although there were scores from games against [email protected]%"& and Hearts, and a forthcoming fixture against St.Mirren. (I have since disinfected my laptop). One question - why do we not see scores for our Academy teams on the PTFC site?
  6. Well how about that!
  7. Just found something very interesting (and pleasing). Googled Wikipedia to try to find old League Tables for the Scottish League (without success I might add). What I did find - Current Champions (and Last Champions) - THE FAMOUS PARTICK THISTLE.
  8. Saw Brian Graham's goal celebration and thought "Fans are on the nollie bank". From your post I get the impression you were there. If so - what was the attendance?
  9. My abiding memory (sorry, one of my abiding memories) is this. Johnny Gibson had come on as substitute and in the far corner to my right from my seat in the stand (call it the North East corner) he was close to the corner flag and cheekily chipped the ball over the head of a Celtic defender. It was 4 - 1 at the time but I went ballistic worrying that he might have given possession to Celtic. Problem was I had forgotten to wear my watch that day and had no idea how long was left. I was quickly placated by one (or more) of my pals telling me "Calm doon, there's only 2 minutes left!
  10. Zak! Came good just when we (k)needed it most!
  11. Sorry to be a stickler - too many ampersands. Remove those after Campbell,Harris,Blair,Kinloch and Johnstone.
  12. At half time against EF we were effectively 9 points behind Falkirk ( they were drawing 1-1 at Airdrie). What an amazing turn around!