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  1. QXBoy

    English league

    Definitely a thorny subject.
  2. Spot on Jaggernaut, but help me out. Where/who against? I can't recognise that ground.
  3. Where is Peter Lindau when you need him?
  4. Please explain. Null and void or calling the season early meant the same as far as TV transmissions of Scottish football was concerned - there was nothing to see! By restarting on August 1 the TV contracts are protected (apparently). So I ask again - why was null and void not an option (and don't hit me with crap about "prize money"). Anybody with half a brain could have found a way to deal with that.
  5. Dear Mr. Doncaster, please explain what is meant by "reasonable endeavours". Not exactly rocket science - five teams have 4 home/5 away, the other five have the reverse.
  6. QXBoy

    Energy Check

    Energy Check football track record - Bury F.C. (The Energy Check Stadium at Gigg Lane), - Thistle (the Energy Check Stadium at Firhill). Neither of these has resulted in a favourable outcome. Rangers - Please continue in the same vein!
  7. Dear Mr. Woodstock Jag - When the Glasgow Warriors were at Firhill their games were televised from a gantry in front of the Colin Weir stand (OK it was just the main stand then if you you want to be pedantic!).
  8. This just underlines what a shower of nitwits are involved in the running of the SPFL!
  9. Last season we lost 2-3 to Ayr at Firhill. Gordon and Bannigan were red-carded for what I saw as careless, not malicious challenges. In that game a certain Ayr player committed two tackles which to my eyes were intended to hurt the opponent. Referee gave free kicks but no card was shown. Who was that player? (Refer to thread title).
  10. Just read an article on-line from the Daily Rag (attributed to Gabriel McKay - of whom it has been said "WHO?"). It appears that 14-10-10-10 has a chance of happening as a "permanent" solution. However the writer states that (if it happens) Cove Rangers and Brora Rangers will be included in League 2. I imagine Cove would be seething if that happened. Don't you just love the media for provision of accurate factual info? Where have all the editors gone?
  11. Begs the question - how or where did they get that picture, and was it the only one available from whatever the source was? I suggest NOT!
  12. Aye, but is the glass half full or half empty?
  13. George Muir (looking very lonely) at Muirton Park.
  14. QXBoy


    Just to clarify, when I started this thread I wasn't suggesting conspiracies, just total incompetence.
  15. QXBoy


    I wonder if anyone else noticed the incident about 30 minutes into the Dundee streamed match. The Dundee left back fires the ball over, too strong and the ball goes out for a shy near to the players tunnel. Amazingly the linesman, close to where the ball crosses the line indicates a throw-in to Dundee, but is over-ruled correctly by the referee. Stuart Bannigan in summary suggests that because a Dundee player made no effort to stop the ball crossing the line, that the linesman assumed that the ball must have come off a Thistle player. The interesting point of this that it happened to be the same linesman who denied Kris Doolan's goal against Morton when he flagged for a throw-in to Thistle, presumably because a Morton player hoofed the ball out the park and he assumed the ball had not crossed the goal line. Remember the name (Jordan Stokoe) and watch out for him in future (in the event that football ever restarts).