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  1. potty trained


    We were the better team for the first 30 of the second half. Falkirk only came into it in the last 15. As much as it pains you. We won 2.1
  2. In this simplistic form of budgeting, If Roy MacGregor puts 250k into the transfer kitty, Ross County have a bigger budget than us and a bigger advantage than us.
  3. potty trained


    I don't remember us hanging on by the skin of our teeth against Falkirk at all. They scored their one goal in injury time.
  4. But what is the real advantage. Manager A has £1.5m to sign 15 players in 1 month. Manager B has 300k to sign 3 players in 1 month. Some would say Manager B is in the strongest position.
  5. Look I get it. Folk are angry, but swinging arms about wildly hoping a punch lands on something, looks ridiculous. Christ, the other day we were getting fed some pish about a training ground bust up because Archie wanted to drop players/change formation ahead of the Pars game.
  6. But you keep looking at two payments and assuming that they are high, we therefore have the most clout. Ignoring the fact County have a sugar daddy supplementing the playing budget, for example. You can't make a statement based on considering only, a bit of the picture.
  7. And I'm saying that with every possibility that's nonsense as thats not all that defines the budget. You get that? I'm also saying that existing championship teams had an advantage as they were turning over less players so could focus their search on only 3 or 4 players. You still up to speed?
  8. Are all your posts on this topic going to be as tedious?
  9. Nothing you've said there remotely answers my question or backs up what you're saying. You've provided no more figures, just hearsay. What advantage do we have, if we need to bring in 10 players, over a Championship team who may be only needs to bring in three or four? Why does having a high turnover of players put us at an advantage?
  10. I'm loving this latest stick to beat the club with. What sort of advantage could we have? Surely the established Championship teams had the biggest advantage as they were already Championship Teams, with Championship Squads, just needing a wee tinker here n there. 3 or 4 players. I'd have said that we would be at a disadvantage, newly relegated, huge turnover of staff. If clearing out your squad gives you the greatest advantage, why doesn't Every one do it every year?
  11. If that's all you take into consideration, Yes we are... but I think other clubs have different income streams, different expenditures. It's a wee bit more complex than writing down some of the numbers on a forum. What was County's prize money? How much has their Chairman put into the pot? How big a relegation clause drop in wage, did they have compared to us?
  12. Should it have given us an advantage? How much of an advantage would it give us over the likes of County and United who have far greater budgets. Just give me a ball park. A huge advantage, a small advantage? Help me out trying to drill down on your baseless nonsense.