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  1. Bottom will be a battle between us and QOS.
  2. Absolutely. And deliberately so. J. Low will just flannel everything and stay in complete control. And those who have bought this stuff? Lol
  3. We take Rangers youngsters because McCall is a wee bluenose.
  4. Lyle Taylor and Erskine were decent loanees.
  5. Ooft! I'm sure he would love the pie and bovril and the macarooooon bars. Dont think he could've coped with Lambie.
  6. Yeah. Imagine him on a cold Tursday night in Cumbernauld.
  7. Have seen the name Rhys Breen (cb) mentioned.
  8. He also said that everyone at the club were tested on Sunday.
  9. I heard a wee bit. Generally he said he took full responsibility for last season and he has huge pressure on him for this season .
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