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  1. Mike Mulraney in tears today that the decisions of a ruling organisation is costing his club money. My heart bleeds for him. Concerned with losing his SFA blazer I assume.
  2. Queens Park played Notts County in the 1885 FA Cup - a fixture that could have been repeated in the Challenge Cup this year.
  3. PTFC have also played in the FA Cup.
  4. Harder to get dropped from these squads than it is to get picked.
  5. Always thought it was a game at Fir Park early 90's.
  6. Surely the penny must drop sometime soon that taking £8k out the game every week funding an absolute imposter isn't a good idea.
  7. Unsurprisingly the medal went unsold. Should go via an auction house.
  8. I might consider sitting through the first half for £200 cash in hand. Ah right, pay not get paid
  9. If the first match of the season is Cove away and Doncaster is in attendance to raise their flag I'd walk up there in bare feet to abuse him.
  10. How do we get rid of that twit of a chairman? Bring back Ken Bates.
  11. Any reason I should pay more attention to this particular Twitter loonball above the thousands of others?
  12. Was worn against Aberdeen in a TV match at Pittodrie. The match where Higginbotham hit the bar straight from a kick off.
  13. Not sure that premise was in the mind of the founders back in 1876.