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  1. Surprising radio silence on social media yesterday. Not mentioned on the club twitter until 9pm which was a bit strange. At the very least stick up a team pic with a link to how to buy the strip.
  2. 'Paying tribute to 1971 manager David McParland and the suit colours he wore that day – navy and pink' Not sure about that - every picture I've seen has David McParland in a dark blue suit / light blue shirt.
  3. Any free to air highlights available anywhere? Obviously the SPFL themselves can't be bothered putting a package together on their own site.
  4. O'Donnell was woeful, but I suppose if journeyman mediocrity is your thing then yes he was OK.
  5. £500k sounds a lot but teams such as Dunfermline lost out on far more ( budgeted? ) gate revenue than Thistle last season plus had less furlough opportunity.
  6. I'm talking about St. J supporters who didn't get to see a single game in a season they will never surpass. I genuinely feel sorry for them.
  7. Imagine winning the Scottish Cup and League Cup in a season and having no memories to look back on beyond what you saw on a screen.
  8. What's stopping the top half of the league completing normally? In that instance PPG positions in the top half are just the final league positions. If Thistle had positive tests before Thursday that's another story ...
  9. I think a two point start more than makes up for it.
  10. The general over confidence of the last couple of days is making me anxious.
  11. Not sure that short sleeves were a thing in 1921.
  12. Scoring less than a goal a game in the third division takes some doing. I reckon crowds would be pushing 1500 now in normal circumstances.
  13. I've seen photographs of what I assume are the original floodlights hanging from the Shed roof. Not sure when they were moved above.
  14. Alloa and Brechin bottom of their leagues. Forget the season restarting.
  15. 'A common misconception is fans will be picking the team' - is there anybody who admits to thinking that in order to justify that nonsense statement?