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  1. These sort of things depend very much on the weather these days
  2. If we go South of the border do we name change to “Partick Rose” ?
  3. They are also all related, look the same and only social distance the length of a banjo which compounds things further
  4. There’s a great bit on canal foot path with a view between Bing and JHS.... but am keeping it quiet and to myself
  5. With SG announcement of a potential return to Stadia on 14th of September does anyone know how this will work in reality and in particular at Firhill ?
  6. Paddy missed a golden opportunity to raise Clarkson’s irritating timbre a couple of octaves .
  7. Cumbernaulds no Glasgow...as I like to point out to my Gypo in-laws
  8. Sign David de Gea and you can rest easy about Megginson .
  9. Clyde away..should see us off to a flyer...but then again
  10. Frankie Miller was the dog’s doodaas in Just a Boys Game...and not forgetting Hector Nicol as his Grandpa .