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  1. Just cleared it with the wife...that’s me in .
  2. Not sure what the cost implication of testing is for a club ,however, would it not have been more sensible to loan League 1 and 2 the money now and pay off before end of next season ? .
  3. Unfortunately “no brainers” are in charge of Scottish football .
  4. Can add to the list a time when we could afford effective under soil heating .
  5. Streams of pish cascading down the terracing by half time and toe curling vituperations dished out by bunneted wee gnaffs with voices that would drown out the Pladda lighthouse in a peasouper .
  6. Surface looked fine today as it did on Tuesday when it was a lot colder with canal frozen over .
  7. Not good...should have been ahead at half time and kicked on from then ....let down badly by Rudden in second half ....hope McCall’s hairdryer was on top setting .
  8. Rudden red carded...you could not make this insanity up .
  9. Sounds like winds horrendous...no reference to sprouts please .
  10. All the very best to everyone for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021 ,an end to this dratted pandemic and the Jags marching back to the Championship and beyond !
  11. Any updates on Graham ?..or is the much vaunted partnership with Rudden on hold again ?
  12. Two good penalty saves from the boy .
  13. Thoroughly deserved win for Peterhead who read us like a book and out muscled us when it counted .Only pass marks for Wright and Sena. Falkirk’s league now with us only scrapping into playoffs if we can find the Midas touch . Gordon should have done much better at the end but would have him start before Murray any day as the wee man gets bullied far too easily by big no thrill Highland league type defences like Peterhead .