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  1. Talking of Pie Stalls I understand Pie Sports have revamped all their stalls and are now looking the dog ‘s whatnots !.
  2. Gerry had to walk a difficult line during the Low era as an employee of the Club ,however he helped drive us through a very difficult during covid,lockdown,relegation and the fallout of the Low era.He was also a great player for us and would hope he is afforded the respect and a friendly welcome he deserves at Firhill on any return .
  3. To be fair Levein sounded like he had one eye on Corrie Omnibus .
  4. Gritty display after going 1-O down against the league “favourites” .Had my doubts before the game but glad to be proven wrong 😬.
  5. A tad nervous about this one given size of our squad ,growing injury list and lack of experience in midfield .DUFC will probably have reaction after last Saturday, bounce back and look to be adding another striker to squad today by all accounts …. so a potentially torrid night in store .
  6. Still 4-5 players short of a full squad so result could have been worse .Good to see young Stanway and MacKenzie getting starts and banging in the pens .
  7. Trialist #7 scores late winner for Jags .
  8. Dools mentioned in his interview about “protecting assets” which ,IMHO, points to signings (yeah ,I know we’ve lost some pretty hefty assets post season but that’s the financial and league reality of Thistle right now ). That’s not to say we don’t need loanees,which we most certainly do, but shows he has one eye on building for the future around a solid ,contracted team . Next couple of weeks will be interesting for sure .
  9. Happy enough with Sneddon for another year.Would imagine McCreadie would be loaned out for another year as part of his development leaving 2 experienced keepers in first team.
  10. The bar is set….in Dools we Trust .
  11. Apparently Robert Stewart ,World Draughts Campion 1922-1933, came from Kelty and only lost 2 out of 8000 games…so worth a visit for that alone methinks.
  12. There was talk of an Old Stand refurb,however,not sure if this was contingent on promotion and ensuing funds being made available.
  13. There’s a small but dedicated band of non match day volunteers who have been doing a lot of tidying up /painting /fixing in and around the ground including the old Main stand facade .Old pricing still visible above recently painted Bing turnstiles .It’s an understatement to say the old Stand needs attention, hopefully with the new sense of purpose associated with the club things may changing for the better .
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