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  1. Five scorers , clean sheet and the recent Cove away Monkey drop kicked in the North Sea …pleasing .
  2. It was always going to be one of those games where whoever hits the back of the net first takes points.Reckon if Ridgers had not made that great save in first half against BBG it would be a very different discussion today .
  3. Have to feel for the noisy fans who made that long journey North to watch what looked liked a very nervy Thistle side .A lot of food for though for Dools in the run in….not over yet for playoffs but need to improve on final touch . Fair play to ICT for digging it but we should have won this given the red card freebie .
  4. Stodgy game so far but best chances so far to Thistle.Need to be more fluid in second half and stop the nervy tippy tappy stuff at the back .
  5. Ref also seems a bit card happy.
  6. Was never fearful Dundee would score as they are bang average ,however,we really could be doing with a Scott MacDonald type up front for rest of season to tap home some of these glaring opporchancities.
  7. Arbroath gave us some space last night ,when Morton imploded along with Imrie’s parped out Chinos, and hoping Inverness and Accies can do the same today .As for us I have every faith in Dools ,however, am anxious about our defensive situation .Keep it tight and no nonsense at the back and midfield and let BBG,Tiff,Wee Stevie and Kyle weave their magic upfront .
  8. Aw Jeez ,you certainly know how to ruin a perfectly good Sunday .
  9. The Ton were apparently mince on Tuesday,got a doing at the hands of Sean McGinty (I know,that bad !) and have a couple of key players missing from an already small squad ……..so,on paper a good opporchancity of climbing further up the league.Our recent record at a horrible wee ,narrow Cappielow is poor but am mildly confident given our recent form under Doolan. 2-0 Jags and Imrie to split his Chinos .
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