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  1. Is there a long sleeved version of yellow top ?
  2. Terrific effort all round .MOTM for me was Tiffoney who is at times unplayable .Only downside was the needless yellows which might prove costly over the next 2-3 games if the likes of big barnstorming Graham sees the red mist again .
  3. Think it’s on the BBC Scotland channel .
  4. Plastic pitch, TV cameras and a pm kickoff….what could possibly go wrong ? .
  5. Did not see the match ,however, a QOS supporting mate who was at the game said we “were brilliant” in first half but floundered in second half.Pretty much sums up our season so far …just can’t turn the screw enough when we’re on the front foot .
  6. Time to experiment a bit ? ..perhaps weave Turner into the team again to balance Tiffoney and get more accurate corners converted ?
  7. Missed the game so can’t comment to much on what seems a very emotive and divisive pumping of Ayr ,however, one burning question I have is how was the new Pie of the month ….the Balmoral Pie ?
  8. Looks like a marginal red to me .Not sure why players find it necessary to make rash tackles when their goal is not being threatened .
  9. “You can come out now Jim…the pumpins over “
  10. Missed the game again due to pulling another hideous backshift but fair chuffed for the team in what looked like a very comfortable win against an albeit rubbish Ayr.Just hope the team’s shape is now settling down and onward to better days .
  11. Hopefully after the negativity of the last few weeks we’ll get a positive reaction today and the beginning of a wee surge up the league…clean sheet a must and at least one goal from our strikers thank you very much .
  12. Why in the name of the wee man could we not kick up a gear earlier ? .
  13. Oh dear, this is embarrassing now .
  14. Hoping our fans will be “dancing in the streets of Raith” later on today .