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  1. Yup,it was obvious from team selection we had no intention of wanting to progress in a distractionary “diddy” cup which is fair enough if Promotion is the goal.However, if we don’t get back on track next Sat and then a string of league defining away games questions will surely be asked
  2. I think 5 scud put paid to that rumour .
  3. We need to keep our eye on the prize which is promotion .Following our home game against Morton we have a string of difficult away day fixtures where a fully fit squad is imperative .We should treat this game as a friendly and let those who have not had an automatic start a good run out and bench those still harbouring knocks .In saying that it would be good to [email protected] this manky mob again .
  4. Agree with Dowds and Fitzpatrick coming on earlier as Big Brian and Tiff both off the boil.
  5. Home and hosed and another monkey off our backs .
  6. Arbroath down to 10 men…surely finish them off now .
  7. I saw a stat saying we have only won there 3 times in last 50 years .In saying that recent encounters have been close .
  8. That away section at Pittodrie is a cold hoor of a place even in mid Summer…..wrap up and bring your own pies as they usually run out after 5 mins if memory serves !
  9. Could very easily have been 3 or 4 nil if we had been a wee bit slightly sharper up front .We seem to play it too deep again after we scored and almost paid the price……think it was Milne that saved the day ! . All in all another good all round performance which is pleasing .
  10. Have to be happy enough with the result and attitude as it was the sort of game we would have dropped points last season .
  11. Great to have a Saturday free of the 3 pm pre match stomach knot ! ,well done to all concerned last night on a consummate and pleasing Teuchter horsing .
  12. QP will be up there ,they have a settled organised side in comparison to us .Hoping next few weeks will see our squad gel properly and our glaring central defence deficiencies sorted .