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  1. That’s why I was so happy for the lad and his obvious joy...long may it continue...might even put him on penalty duty again
  2. Agree with above,however, just to be different would go for Banzo’s....purely for he shear joy it caused him along with that wee Madness type dance he did in celebration .
  3. First time in ages I’ve gone for a single fish during a Jag’s game without trepidation.
  4. Wee bit nervous at Cardle not on from the off and Williamson too predictable and a tad fragile against big defenders ....hope to be proven wrong .
  5. I suspect Falkirk maybe more prone to Bottle crashing than us or Cove in this tight spread o games, their fans are just beginning to realise Connor Sammon “is not a striker” .I think our mental attitude, patience and grinding down of opposition will be the key as shown against Clyde....along with a fit and sharp Tiffoney and Cardle as well as an in form Rudden.
  6. Patience and grinding down was the key here tonight with Clyde breathing through their arses at the end allowing us more time and opportunities in the box ...well done all round but will need to be sharper against Montrose who’ll be desperate to get back in top four after Airdrie’s win tonight .