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  1. I think he sneaked back inside for a quick change .
  2. Happy enough with result against a well organised QOS.Big Graham really is getting into his stride not only goal scoring but getting back in defence when needed and marshalling the troops. Also impressed again by Holt.
  3. Nice way end the week…welcome on board the good ship Thistle Cammy .
  4. Still sitting at back of JLS …just need putting up .
  5. Volunteers back in and believe they are going up before next home game.
  6. Does anyone know why the supporter’s banners are not back up in the JLS ?.Is it something to do with us ground sharing ? .
  7. I thought Holt looked the business tonight and will be very important for us this season if he keeps up these performances .
  8. Winning away on a plastic pitch has to be a reasonable result especially after being behind against a stuffy wee outfit like Stenhousemuir,however, we need at least another two signings of the calibre of Tiffoney if we are to make any threat in the league.
  9. Probably dropped after last week’s performance .
  10. Off topic but noticed Steve Lawless scoring at Firhill again last night for Motherwell against a very decent looking Queens Park .
  11. Thought Murray looked the only Jags player on the park fresh and fully match fit yesterday .Foster tried to be foil for him on then right but kept stopping short when in mattered.
  12. There didn’t seem to be anyone in command at the back..no shouting or basic communication going on.Also felt with Foster roaming up the park we were badly exposed at right of defence for at least two of their goals .
  13. I take it no food or drink on sale on Sat in ground ?
  14. Got through on line ,however, did not recognise by password initially.