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  1. Statistically speaking do we play better in hoops or stripes ? …..just curious .
  2. Thought there was not too much between the teams last night apart from the glaringly obvious fact they can bring on players from the bench who have a positive influence…. whilst we can’t ,don’t want to single out the young boy Alegria but for crying out loud , I predicted we would stumble into the playoffs but expect an exit on Friday….please let me eat my own words Jags .
  3. Would not be surprised if Tiff along with Big Brian get rested up for next week.
  4. Working tomorrow but will be listening to Radio for updates ….cmon e Jags ..we can stumble into the playoffs ….then stumble out .
  5. From a purely financial standpoint would like to see Dunf stay up as they tend to bring a bigger support .
  6. And a cheeky wee Hamilton and Ayr would top off a perfect Weekend .
  7. Nice to relax a bit on Saturday afternoon without that air of prematch doom and keep an eye on results elsewhere…..”mon eh Ton” ….yoiks,never thought I’d utter these words .
  8. “Dugmeat” ?….certainly not Winalot !….
  9. Yup, the heady air of the big city does strange things to our bumpkin brethren .
  10. Was there a game in Glasgow today ?….wondered why there was plethora of middle aged, pot bellied troglodytes squeezed into fitba tops roaring at each other today .
  11. Strangely looking forward to this one as I have no notions or illusions of us finishing higher than 5th given our current form and pool depletion .Arbroath have been a bit meh by their standards recently but have enough in their tank to out fox us .So will enjoy pre and post match swally and anything else is a bonus.
  12. 1-1 ….other than eternal optimism can’t see any other reason why.
  13. We need to turn it on .
  14. Graham a huge miss again tonight, just no fire or passion on show tonight without him although Tiffoney beginning to look good.
  15. Good grief…our bottle has well and truly crashed.