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  1. How many players have we signed over the years that have been DUDS ...IT would be interesting for us to remember them all..Names please..I will start with Mitch Austin..
  2. Can't you change ends at H.T. and get a better view of goals at the City End!!!cheers...
  3. Great to be back and a win in the first game and top of the league all makes for a good Saturday night.. Down side is apart from Graham.Rudden. and Tiffany can anyone see where we are going to get goals from this season..Nobody else seams to be prepared to take a shot at goal....
  4. He joins the long list of players we have signed and never lived up to there billing..
  5. Hard to believe that he made 40 appearances for us as per O/F site...
  6. Agree with you Stone has got to start on Saturday..He has had very little to do in the 2 games he has started except pick the ball out of the net from 2 dodgy penalties ..
  7. Surely nothing to do with ground sharing,it is our ground after all..Maybe at the dry cleaners..
  8. Always liked him,,Could have come back and done a job for us.............
  9. Where does one find the Patrick Thistle ticketing app...
  10. What's the situation for the game on Saturday , is it a case of just turn up and pay at the gate and hope it is not over subscribed ?????
  11. Turn up at that time and you mite get a game..
  12. My wife has just shown me a picture from Facebook of a screen been erected at the canal blocking the view into Firhill..I don't know how to post it...
  13. All that I am going to say is Nothing that special......................
  14. Far to many teams already...No need for more...
  15. If I was you I would have a long lie in.....................