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  1. We are at an all-time LOW ........................
  2. Jim Goodwin is available... that today was an embarrassment, Hamilton are the worst team that I have seen this season, and we just huffed and puffed the whole game..
  3. Great to see Millwall offering £2.000.000 for our X player Kevin Nisbet, what might have been..
  4. The only people that would be able to give an answer to your question is the BBC I think,
  5. Bring them on, its the cup , nothing to fear..as long as we get a good ticket allocation..
  6. We were robbed that night.
  7. Anyone know if the draw is being televised??¿?
  8. Got you working overtime again Cam.. well worth it..
  9. Surly it will be after the Darval v Aberdeen game on Monday night..
  10. I asked the question before I left for the game did we have 5 penalty takers answer yes we had great result in the end but terrible performance...............
  11. Have we got 5 penalty takers if it comes to it....No Lawless for a start............
  12. Playing for a team higher than us in the league, and scored today, when he used to run through from defence there was no stopping him....
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