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  1. After today's further covid restrictions I can't see us playing again untill mid March beginning of April ..If ever this season.
  2. Sad to think where we are compared to Livi..how do they get there??.
  3. I have got a miniature P.T.F.C.whisky which I must have had for 20 years. Still unopened..
  4. Why don't we play tennis outdoors in the winter .Why don't we play cricket in the winter ..Why don't we have athletes in the winter ..No leave it up to the football guys they will fill the winter months..
  5. I seam to remember being in the Alan Rough lounge a couple of years ago and having a pint of THISTLE Lager.....At least thats what it said on the front of the pump,,,,
  6. There is nothing better than going to a game on a nice warm day wearing a team top and a pair of shorts I have had the pleasure of doing this while on holiday in Tenerife..It's crazy that we are expected to sit there wearing 4/5 layers for 2hours in the freezing cold..I also think that the players would prefer to play in better conditions.This is not a spur of the moment thought but a topic that I have had thoughts about for years....
  7. I am totally stone cold sober and agree with every thing you say...I have thought for some time that I wish he would have invested in the first team ...We have had 2 players Lindsay and Fitzpatrick who we got £350 grand each. Penrice has done ok but nothing special ....I thank him for what he done but what a missed opportunity for us to do something on the park......
  8. Someone remind me please who have we still got out??
  9. When we played Falkirk on boxing day there 50/50 draw was very well supported by players old and new urging fans to take part ..Would be good to get some backing from our players..
  10. Everyone is having a great Saturday night in and when we wake up tomorrow morning to that good feeling of not being beat..Keep the freeze going..
  11. Why do we need an inspection so early 9.45 ..No fans traveling .no hospitality to worry about let any sun there is work it's magic on the park..
  12. Put chilling the Cargo on hold for now Bobby..
  13. Collecting empty beer/lager cans putting them together to stand on to get a better view of the game....
  14. Lets hope that we get 2021 off to a great start with a emphatic win over the Gypos...MON THE JAGS,,,,,,,,,