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  1. Given what we have seen so far this season does anyone think that if last season would have been played to a finish Mc call would have got us safe , I don't think he would have..
  2. I thought for a moment B.H. that we were going to be treated to a mock up picture of you sitting on the couch.......................
  3. I think you need to lie down in a darkened room Bobby...For the rest of the season
  4. Lost count of the the goals I have missed by going to the loo..
  5. If you listen to the commentary on Jagzone it was ahead of the video picture..
  6. Tried it with a hdmi cable but not very good. Back to laptop..
  7. I was just about to say that you could always watch from the canal.....
  8. The first half of the game should be shown to the players before the game tomorrow mite inspire them to victory........
  9. If the team put in as much effort on Saturday as we have trying to get to see them we should win by at least 5 goals..
  10. Good chance its the letter O..I only had one number in my secret code..
  11. I am in I am in thanks guys for the help...why write something in lower case when it should be upper... the mind boggles...
  12. Sounds like the same problem as I have..