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  1. We got one of the uglies not sisters but second cuzzin......... section B guys will be there in there zimmers...........
  2. Sorry elevenone I got first prize this week..I hope the cheque is in the post..
  3. The way they came at us in the first 15/20 minutes I thought that we were doomed, but we came through it and what a goal from Doc to win it...
  4. Was I hearing thing's or did the stadium announcer not say that was Hendrie coming on for Graham..
  5. After a torrid first half we came to life in the second..It looked like a 0.0.all day long until till Mayo.s goal...
  6. R.I.P. Bertie ,now up there with Mc Parland and Lambie our 3 greatest managers ever...
  7. Great all round performance today ,for the first 15/20 minutes we were terrible, could not string 2 passes together..More strong drink tonight...
  8. Who do we bring in for Mayo?? The posted missing Stephen Hendrie comes to mind..
  9. We had the sun in our eyes for most of the first half ,Jags hats on with a skip..
  10. Great result today guys and in front of a massive Jags support ,the tractor song should have been sung more than it was...
  11. That's the 3rd game Camallain no goals recorded,... you are down to filming penalties ,what is it next game .Throwins..LOL....
  12. I would like us to get the ball into the box quicker and more often.There are times when we seam to make 4 / 5 unnecessary passes and get nowhere.
  13. That game was the exact copy of Saturday,they could have won it in the last minutes..
  14. Just back in from a fantastic day at Hampden With all the 71 team in attendance...Thanks guys for that day and today................. .