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  1. Just watching Fake Thistle Vs Arbroath and looking at ex Jags players Devine,. Welsh, Craigan,, and even Riddgers..all playing well and not thought good enough to play for us..
  2. Yes we got searched by a very nice young girl, who I then asked to take a photo of us,all very pleasant, but obviously no checks on the home fans hence the flairs...
  3. Choices I do have a Barcelona top as well............
  4. I have had a change of heart ,I said after Tuesday night that I would be watching on the telly, but now going up to Inverness. Should I wear my Real Madrid top for luck????
  5. Anyone know if we can recall McIver for Friday ,far better option than Alegria..
  6. Just watching the game back Aligria should be sent back to Govan tomorrow morning for that miss..
  7. Just in from that, well that's our season over and out, what a contrast to end of last year..I was planning to go on Friday night but that's now what 14 games without scoring more than 1 goal so where are we suddenly going to score 2 or more from..So it's Friday night on the telly for me..
  8. Got my ticket for tomorrow night and I will be going to Inversneky on Friday night..
  9. Glad that I am sitting in Tenerife airport and not at Somerset park watching what everyone thinks is an horrendous performance..
  10. So how did we loose 4 goals to them s few weeks back after being in front, the mind boggles..
  11. Been a wee while since you have a posting Camallain , still worth waiting for..
  12. Listened to the game on Jagzone due to being on holiday, the guys commentating were a bit doom and gloom, IE yes it's it's at this time last week Dunfermline scored there first and 5 minutes later they scored there second goal,and then as we approached the 90 , minute it was this when Raith scored last week, try and think a bit more positive guys..
  13. I never said that I wanted him back as manager but credit to him for taking Arbroath to were they are in the league...He has got a team of binmen fisherman, postmen, playing for him as a team. Mc Call always says that he is a Thistle man , my team but they are not playing for him..
  14. To think That Dick Campbell was our manager years back, got to hand it to him part-time team only lost 4 games all season ,we have a management team of 3 and our performance for months has been dire,, only glad that I am off on holiday and miss the last 2 games..