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  1. There is a lot of watchers ,my thoughts as well..Richard Foster coming across well in summarising..
  2. Suprised that Banzo remembered the stepps to his dance its been a while since he scored ...I would go for Ruddens 2nd some hit from outside the box,,,More required over the next 5 games..
  3. Only another 5 cup finals to go guys .win them all and we are Champions..Believe in yourselves....
  4. Quite appropriate that ZAK is wearing PELE,S no 10 tonight..
  5. I see that Man.U. are changing the colour of there seats from red to black to improve their home form! Why did we not think of that 6 months ago if we did we would be romping this league..Big question is what colour would we have went with..
  6. Ok guys got it wrong who would have thought that Rudden would get 2 ..More the same on Thursday...
  7. Surly someone else can take corners from the rhs with a left foot!!!!!!