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  1. According to the Herald, the Hearts game is on Sat 26th. In Gerry's season ticket update video, he said we were playing Albion Rovers on Sat 19th, and that it might be streamed, but I've not seen any confirmation yet.
  2. Gordon MacIntyre of the wonderful Ballboy has been releasing weekly lockdown recordings on his Bandcamp page, and the latest one has a new song called Partick Thistle! Fast forward to about 17:45 at the following link for an intro and the song: Ballboy Lockdown Release 8
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    "15:00 – Meet the Manager in the Alan Rough Lounge for a question and answer session." ...and there's your last minute change of plan!
  4. Just noticed that if we somehow manage to draw against Hearts, the replay date is...Tue 12th March. So, not only do we have the Ayr game postponed, but it's then rearranged for another date where it could be postponed again. Anybody would think the SPFL and the SFA never spoke to each other and didn't care about the supporters...