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  1. I don't think taking screenshots of a whats app group conversation and showing them to the world is an acceptable thing to do and would imagine those that did so will now be regretting it, even given their anger at the time.
  2. That's a very good point. I haven't seen any in support of a yes vote. They are of course handing their bitter rivals the title but I think they all knew that was going to happen anyway.
  3. This is exactly how I feel. Don't think I would go back.
  4. Possibly but I'm just curious as to why? Given Dundee vote wasn't received, I'm surprised more hasn't been made of the missing Leagues One and Two vote. Whether it counted or not is irrelevant.
  5. No they didn't. Only three teams voted no. 16 voted yes. Hence the reason I am asking.
  6. So, who out of Falkirk and Stranraer either voted yes or abstained?
  7. So if Edinburgh City and East Fife both voted no, which one out of Falkirk and Stranraer either voted yes or abstained?
  8. The problems that Italy are now facing were caused by their slow reaction to the situation. The quicker we do this, the quicker we'll come out the other side.
  9. If they abandon the season it would need to be declared null and void - there is no other way. I think the most likely outcome is a postponement for a few weeks, with a view to completing it later than scheduled. However, depending on how quickly the UK Government respond to the threat, that may not even be viable.
  10. This is madness indeed. Just like the thousands of Atletico Madrid fans at Anfield last night. Largest area affected in Spain? Madrid.
  11. In all seriousness, a decision is definitely going to be taken shortly that will affect the season being completed on time, with fans, or indeed at all. I can see a suggestion that the country has a lockdown for a few weeks with a view to finishing the season at the start of the summer. Italy has proven what can happen if a country doesn't react quickly enough to the spread of Covid-19. I would like to think the UK don't make the same mistake. Denmark have just gone in to a two week lockdown and they have not even experienced one death. There is no way Euro 2020 will go ahead.