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  1. Well, wasn't't that quite a nice interview?
  2. No chance. 400 at most. Vile stadium, vile viewing position, vile atmosphere, vile people.
  3. Very good point. Totally embarrassing whenever viewed.
  4. Many Jag fans will indeed be interested in things like this. As many want to follow the progress of current and past Thistle players, Aka Liam Lindsay for instance.
  5. Perhaps it's that the organisation in which you devote part of your time to?
  6. Dr.D

    Conor Hazard

    Guy's not ready for Championship football. Think Caldwell should bump him back to Celtic and concentrate on our own players. Sneddon's the obvious choice to get experience at this level.
  7. Once upon a time we got reports and line ups on Reserve Games. Now we get zilch. Surely, even Jagzone contributors should be given some information.
  8. I would have thought that dropping a division would lead to increasing crowds due to expectation of winning more matches.
  9. Agree. Very good performance from a Newish Championship team against the Premier team in Scotland. Also must comment on pathetic Thistle support of about 200 in Lambie stand and about 800 in Main stand. Shame on all you so called stay away supporters.
  10. Remember that and was freezing.
  11. Unsung heroes. These guys often miss the kick off to further support the Youths. Appreciation for your efforts.
  12. 19 quid for concession ticket. Pretty high for a middle of the league team. Especially for being stuck in a corner.