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  1. So do you think that McCall is a better manager than McParland ? I rest my case m’lord.
  2. If he’d stayed at St. James’ a bit longer he might be first team boss by now (for a couple of weeks)
  3. I'll get over it .... actually, I already am.
  4. Can't say that I am in the slightest bit fussed by womens football (sorry if that is not PC, but it does nothing for me) I was prepared to be outraged. However, when I tried, I couldn't find any of the Scottish Womens teams listed specifically, only the "Scottish Women's Premier League".
  5. Doubt it would be worth it. How many would need to be sold to cover the production costs + bbc rights. Most supporters have already seen the game.
  6. I'm very much on the fence. We have started better than I expected, Start of the season I would have been happy with 8th or above, so first 1/4 is ahead of expectations. I have doubts about whether we can keep this going. So much depends on keeping Tiffoney fit as pretty much all of our creative threat goes through him. I worry also that teams will start to regognise this and put 2 men on him to cut out the threat. If other teams get wise to this and we don't find an alternative then we might struggle next 1/4. Getting Brownley back will certainly help the defense, but I'm not sure where Bell would fit in. I suspect that Holt, Akinola and Mayo are all ahead of him in defense and I don't see him fitting into the midfield. People talk about January window, but I'm not sure where they think we need players.
  7. @Fawlty Towers thank you for bringing this to my attention. I unconditionally apologise for any offence caused or taken by my previous comments. None were intended on any individual or group and I will be more careful in the language that I use in future. Mental health and education are serious issues in our society and should not be taken lightly.
  8. Tiff and Rudden may have accepted is as banter, but what about a viewer who may suffer with learning difficulties ? Some types of banter is fine in private, but you don’t know who you you are speaking to on national TV.
  9. Would you say a racist, homophobic, sexist or sectarian comment ? There is no difference in this.
  10. Whether he was or not, you just can’t say that.
  11. It didn’t look like it to me and even if it was, it is cast iron workplace bullying from an employee with authority. I did our course last week and is a text book case.
  12. I thought that was disgraceful. If my manager said something like that about me I would be straight on to HR with a complaint. It wasn’t even said with any humour. I hope he apologised to them afterwards, but I wouldn’t bank on it.