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  1. I suspect null and void To early to be talking about a return to playing
  2. I think she has more important priorities ...... like full hospitals and people dying
  3. Lennon is available (runs for cover)
  4. So, Tennis, F1, cricket and snooker all did what was required to preserve the TV and sponsorship money. Scottish football is not so different (except for the lack of a sponsor) Stop the Premier league and all income stops, which also costs L1/L2. Arguably prem needs champ to keep the jeopardy of relegation.
  5. Maybe not all full time, but the vast majority are. Just like Arbroath who are in a primarily full time league. Playing devils advocate, by stopping our leagues they have prevented 17 of the 19 part time clubs from travelling the length and breadth of the country. We just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  6. Lateral flow tests twice a week. And all the clubs are full time, so no plumbers or cabbies or posties mixing with the public
  7. I recall him applying at some point in the past, but I think Phil Brown (even if I dislike him) would have been a good match
  8. Didn’t like him at the time but you have to respect what he has done at other clubs.
  9. Big difference between a full time League with mandatory testing and a part time league with none. Also the lower English leagues have sponsors to satisfy and TV deals to fulfill. I’m just surprised that you are surprised.
  10. 15th March is just for 12-17 year olds, there is nothing that is specific to us. I was basing end of April on the move fully back to a levels system of restrictions from the last week in April. "At that stage, we hope that all parts of the country currently in level four will be able to move out of level four and back initially to level three - possibly with some revision to the content of the levels." I can't see any fast tracking of lower leagues of football before that. Question is can we restart training in advance of that ?
  11. Looks like end of April before we can get going again. Not sure what sort of season can be salvaged from there
  12. And he got us into Europe Well Anglo Scottish Cup, but close enough.
  13. Bugger all else to speculate and pontificate about. I'd take him if it meant the end of McCall
  14. I’ll tell you on Wednesday when I’ve won the Euromillions.