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  1. So disappointing. For the last few weeks the match day thread has been getting started much later, often in the last 24 hours. The result have improved dramatically over this time. We will see what happens now, but I fear the worst.
  2. According to wikipedia it is the highest - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excelsior_Stadium Always surprises me that West Brom is the highest in England
  3. I’ve not checked, but I suspect that Berwick would be the most Easterly where we have played Excelsior in Airdrie is the highest in the top 4 leagues
  4. I was judging him from what I’ve seen in the last couple of seasons where he has looked solid. I think he is a better player now than when he was with us.
  5. Banff is 3/4 of a mile south of Buckie, so the ground is also going to be north of Dingwall
  6. Stranraer is the most southerly, by a margin, but might not be a senior club for much longer
  7. The town centre of Buckie is at 57.6774 N. Dingwall is at 57.5953 N which makes a difference of 0.0823 degrees of latitude. One degree of latitude equates to 69 miles, so that means that Buckie town centre is 5.6787 miles further north than Dingwall. Even allowing for the grounds being out side of the town centres, I think we can conclude tha Victoria Park in Buckie is further north than Victoria Park in Dingwall.
  8. They must have got a wedge from last year’s cup final. I really thought they would be contenders.
  9. It could come down to where the grounds are relative to the town centre. Certainly very close on the map I have
  10. Looking at Mojo for the 82/83 season and he bagged 22 in the league, but 35 in total. That means 13 from cup games which is very impressive. That must be a record for competitive non-league games in a season
  11. I don’t think it is really an issue. You would still need snookers to catch elevenone
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