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  1. Now you’re jinxed it. How long have you supported Thistle ?
  2. Could have used a wee favour from Hamilton, but doesn’t look like we’re going to get it.
  3. Mitchell is contracted for next season, Sneddon isn’t. I think that Mitchell should keep the gloves unless Sneddon signs up.
  4. Mitchell, Fitzpatrick, Dowds and Graham are all contracted for next year
  5. Who’s the impostor in the Cammy Smith shirt ? 😀
  6. I think that is harsh on both keepers who have not done much wrong, and have won us some points, although distribution could be improved. I would also keep Holt who has been mostly solid in defence and does offer some threat at set pieces.
  7. Post when we’re scoring You only post when we’re scoring
  8. The difference for me was that Doolan at least tried something different by putting on some more attacking players. OK so it didn’t work, but it wasn’t an attempt to keep trying the same thing. Special mention to Brian Graham’s first touch which must be the longest I have seen. ICT were bigger and stronger and, like the first game up there, bullied us off the ball, especially when 11v11
  9. A third consecutive 0-0 draw would not be the worst result.
  10. Reminds me of Gerry Collins comparing John-Paul McBride to Juan Sebastian Veron.
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