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  1. Santala was originally a defender
  2. Very glad we made it out this season as League One looks to be a tough one next year. Queens Park and Falkirk will be joined by Alloa and at least 2 from Morton, Airdrie and Cove. I expect all will be targeting promotion.
  3. Resorting to cliches is when you’re close to the end. Taxi for Big Wull
  4. Let’s not pretend. Falkirk voted in self interest, it just happened to be our side. Our self interest is for Montrose to be promoted.
  5. I think we would be daft not to give him the chance to show what he can do in a Jags top.
  6. That boy Messi could do us a job.
  7. I’m sure that Docherty wouldn’t have been with us this year if he’d had any way out of his pre-contract
  8. Don't know. It was mentioned on here at the weekend or last week. Probably a load of rubbish
  9. If (as is rumoured) Penrice and Williamson have signed precontracts else where then they shouldn't start. Give the appearance money to someone who will be with us.