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  1. 86th minute penalty knocks us off top of the league. Who was the ref in the Killy v Ayr game. He must have it in for us
  2. Niall Keown came with a reputation based on who his dad was but didn't really deliver Juuka Santala was a pretty awful defender
  3. I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed when Graham signed. He looked like just another journeyman coming to extend his career. I have to admit that (for once) I was wrong. Not only is he far more of a goal threat than I could ever have hoped for, he is absolutely committed to the club and gives 100% every game. A great player to have and probably a horrible one to play against.
  4. Sigh of relief now that 3 points are in the bag. I don’t think that QotS will be among the best in this league so we will probably need to play better. Looks like this may be a very competitive league and I don’t see anyone running away with it.
  5. Let’s be honest, first game of the season is not a must win or 6 pointer, but it would be nice to make a good start and not be struggling for the full season. That said, I am very apprehensive. What is the opposite of buzzin ?
  6. Like many, I celebrated Tam's arrival and had high hopes that he would be a top player. For whatever reason, it just didn't work out, so probably best for both parties that the ties are broken. I do hope that he does find something of his Morton form, but not when he plays against us.
  7. We need them. The League Cup campaign was far from encouraging. Leaky defence and predictable in attack didn't fill me with much confidence. Saturday will be a big marker on our ambitions for this season.
  8. Also very Thistle would be to be leading 3-0. In injury time the ref gives Saint’s a very dubious penalty.
  9. Welcome Cammy Were we not linked with him a couple of years ago
  10. But what about the situation where a team needs better than 3-0 in the final game to progress ? Currently they forfeit the chance to even try. Making it 2 points makes that scenario worse as a team needing any win gets denied the opportunity through no fault of their own
  11. Looks like there is no best runner up this year, just the 6 group winners. So 3-0 will do if Pars don’t beat Stenny. 5 goals better than Pars if they do.
  12. 9 points should get one of the best second places
  13. Coincidentally, a 3-0 win against St. Mirren is probably what we need.
  14. If a team needed a 4-0 win in the final game, but the other team forfeited to give a 3-0 win, would that be fair ? I don’t know what the answer is, but however it is decided, some innocent party is going to suffer.