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  1. The board don’t pick the team or set the tactics. That goes down to the management team. What the board are guilty of is failing to acknowledge an manager living in the past and taking the necessary action. This team can play much better but only rarely do. edit to add …. 1 league win in last 6 !
  2. So all you need to beat us is a decent, well organised outfit. Pathetic. Anyone think QP will be in the playoffs ? We should be beating them comfortably with the squad we have.
  3. As Meatloaf said …. “Two out of three ain’t bad”
  4. I don’t disagree with any of that, but it is an argument that someone could make that they have twice the membership and in straight numbers, looking at nothing else, that is a fact.
  5. Just to play devils advocate, a group representing season ticket holders could be argued to have more members than TJF. It is not my idea of what was required for engagement, but it could be argued that way.
  6. Basically I don’t believe a word McCall ever says and however you interpret it, I don’t believe it. Maybe he was the number one target after he didn’t get all the other number one targets for whatever it was. Dont get me wrong, Lee will probably do a good job in a number of roles and we certainly need defensive cover.
  7. Looks like a good addition and the type of versatile defender we need. However I don’t believe a word of it that he was the “number one target”.
  8. I’ll go out on another limb and say there are zero signings that we would have got if we had not done this. It is irrelevant to the players put on the pitch, other than it might improve some fans experience and they might be more likely to come back, generating revenue. Having said that, I’m not sure it is the first job that needs doing on the stadium.
  9. So do you think that was a good performance and the sort of football you would like to see us play ?
  10. Can it change with McCall in charge ? This is the third or 4th set of players showing exactly the same tendencies.
  11. Been mentioned so many times that starting the match thread early has a negative impact on the team performance. But still people do it. I have therefore initiated a new strategy where I will not read the thread until after mid day on a match day, which I hope will negate the early opening voodoo. Let’s hope it works. ‘Mon the Jags
  12. I very much approve of the free busses for season ticket holders. Keeps punters off the roads so that I can get around quicker