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  1. Yes, but QotS or Thistle players catching the virus is not going to impact in the Premier League and it’s TV income stream
  2. Is that another word for what brothers and sisters do in the highlands ?
  3. The role could be merged (what happened when I was made redundant a few years ago). So a coach could be made redundant and. Player become player/coach or the chaplain could combine his current role with coaching duties. The club could not recruit or move existing staff to be a direct replacement
  4. I can easily see O’Ware being a great player for some other club
  5. I think that Wigan also applied and possibly Carlisle
  6. Do you really want a list of permanent signings who haven’t made our team better ?
  7. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I just hope I'm not cold by the time we get round to serving it.
  8. Aye, but we need a goalie. Sure he could do a job.
  9. Is such behaviour allowed on this forum ? Surely the etiquette is to have a petty squabble ending in name calling over the next 5 pages. Forum standards must be upheld at all times.
  10. Or to put another way, if the number of currently infected people is growing, R is above 1. If it is reducing, R is below 1
  11. If UK was boarderline, would it be red and yellow ?
  12. Let us know if you get a reply
  13. No chance (assuming that the season starts in 2020)
  14. Not that I can find or that anyone has been able to show
  15. Forget about the legality and redundancy law, how can a player be in the first team bio-bubble and be a coach for the youth team ? (Not that I believe Doolan coming back was ever a real possibility other than in the eyes of the rose tinted glasses brigade, or that there were any redundancies from the Weir Accademy)