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  1. Not bothered once we were out. Did Bobby Linn miss a pen at Balmoor when we beat Peterhead ? Anyone got a video of Billy Gibson’s injury time free kick. Love to see that again
  2. Ah but then he wouldn’t sign as he’d be looking to be a first team regular, not a backup squad player
  3. Are you sure that geology isn’t an issue at Firhill. The pitch drainage issues could well be down to geological issues.
  4. I was thinking about this and a team of ex-Jags that could still do a job for us. This would not be a bad line up and all still playing ------------ Nisbet - Rudden Lawless - Welsh - Craigen - Fitzpatrick Penrice - Lindsey - Hendry - O'Donnell ---------------- Ridgers
  5. I think Jack Hendrie, Liam Lindsay and Kevin Nisbet might be ahead of him, but I take your point
  6. The more I think about it, the more I think that accommodating Tiff and Turner at the same time in any formation is the problem. With your 3-4-3, it would have Turner on the right, which we know doesn't work. The missing piece is the holding midfield hatchet man who could release all of the central midfielders to roam forward. Obviously we need a rightback, but a 4-1-3-1-1, with Tiff playing behind the striker and given freedom to go down the left, right or centre would make it hard for teams to double up on him, and allow the host of central midfielders more freedom to play their natural game.
  7. If we did go for 3 at the back, presumably with Milne as left wingback, where does that leave Tiffoney ? Could he play more central, in front of Doc/Banzo ? In which case, where does Turner fit in ?
  8. Milne is a left back. That was not a line up. I don't think 4-4-4 is a permitted formation !
  9. Player Manager can work, but like any appointment, it has to be the right man. Kenny Dalgleish at Liverpool is a good example of one that did work.
  10. Hendrie .... with Milne and Holt ahead of him for left back, he would be an expensive player to be 3rd choice left back. I suspect there is another right back lined up otherwise I'm sure that McKenna would have been kept on.
  11. I agree, but we have Brownley back, so do we need any other central defender when we also have Akinola and Holt ?
  12. I think that you have summarised exactly why we do need to go for a "Scott Brown type". Just going down the tried and tested route we are only ever going to get someone who has failed at another club. You know as soon as they join that it is only ever going to end (as it will eventually with McCall) in a sacking or resignation, probably costing the club financially. Anyone with any good track record would be out of our price range or looking at a Premier League club rather than us. The other advantage of someone like Scott Brown, or Andrew Considine if he has done his badges, or another ex player is that they could be a player manager and thus cover 2 roles with one salary. Obviously he would need an experienced assistant, but as we already have 2 of them, that could be another salary saved. If they turn out to be a success, they are likely to move to bigger and better things bringing in cash. For what it's worth, my preferred option last time would have been Kenny Miller (like Brown another of my least favorite Scotland players) for precisely those reasons.
  13. I am reminded of a quote from Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
  14. I think he has had 31 months, so nobody could accuse it of hire ‘em fire ‘em. Predominately that period has been mediocre at best and arguably getting worse. I would consider the last 4 months to be some of the worst I have ever seen from any Thistle team, especially over a prolonged spell. And before you say “the pitch”, both teams had the same pitch and it is our pitch so we should have adapted better