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  1. At some point you have to stop dropping keepers for every howler and back one or the other.
  2. How would a v-passport work for someone travelling to the occasional game or concert from England work ? Do I have to appl for a Scottish v-passport ? I don’t know enough about the details of the Scottish plan, but the fact that down here the Tories are opposed to it makes me think it is a good thing.
  3. Should be good on the break Might see him take on some long pots
  4. He'll be getting himself into position in case Steve Clarke loses in Austria.
  5. Oh god. We’re doomed. The earlier these threads start the worse the result. Only hope now is if everyone is pessimistic about our chances.
  6. Always a former player seen with rose tinted glasses. He’s missed his chance to be Jag hero.
  7. Not even any rumours. Has nobody been seen on Maryhill Road ?
  8. Love the Morton guy defending the post for Holt's goal. When he jumped, his head was lower than when he was standing ! Takes some doing that.
  9. Why will Stranraer away be a proper test ?
  10. My concern before making such rash predictions is that our wins have been against Morton, QotS and Dunfermline. Morton are the best of these 3 and when we came up against Arbroath, it was us who looked like relegation fodder. The next 2 league games will tell us more.
  11. Suppose 3-0 will have to do. Be good if Killy could get a late equaliser
  12. Back 3 with Turner, Tiffany or Gordon at wingback ?
  13. I predict that I won’t be making any predictions.
  14. Not convinced by Stone. Rather see Sneddon
  15. With Rangers in trouble due to covid, I was sure there would be a change from the 3-0 forfeit. Make up the rules as they go along.
  16. I wonder if there are going to be changes to the COVID cancellation penalties
  17. You are not the first. see Sunday at 09:29 PM in this thread.
  18. It worked very well in the Championship winning season where ATS or SOD were always available for an outball and could carry the ball down the flank to start an attack. Not sure we have the same quality of player at wingback this time round.
  19. Why do us guys over 6' have to always be described as big this or big that. Why does our height have to come into it ? Some of us may be conscious of our height and take offense. I thought we were over all that when South Africa got rid of apart-height