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  1. Good to see the club are confident enough to give points away. Maybe they were as surprise by the win as we were https://ptfc.co.uk/fixtures/first-team/
  2. No it isn't. We can barely field a first team for Saturday as it is. Nobody cares about the Glasgow Cup Besides, what would it do for confidence if the 1st team took a beating
  3. I know fifeexile was joking, but I suspect the problem is a clash with televised games elsewhere in the uk. And I don’t get the Genesis comments. Couldn’t stand them. I was more King Crimson and Tangerine Dream back in the day.
  4. Because we’ve always done it like that. Can’t just have change for change sake even if there is a global pandemic going on we know what we like and we like what we know.
  5. Huge sigh of relief after that. I was convinced that EF would get a late equaliser until Graham got the second. Need to get a bit of a run going on the back of this.
  6. You’re full of good cheer tonight ! Don’t listen to him @exiledjag and congrats on your 48th years together. I hope to hear of many more, although I hope you’ve noticed that we’ve won nothing of note since you got hitched !
  7. Any odds on us being relegated ? Looks more likely than winning the league
  8. I’d think Foster in the middle and Penrice at left back. An early injury or red card will see us in a bit of bother
  9. To be pedantic, the team at the bottom of the league at the time were demoted. That just happened to be us. There was no vendetta against Thistle, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And in my opinion, Ian McCall has to take a huge chunk of the blame for us being in that wrong place.
  10. Seriously, you expect us to win 4 of our next 6, or go unbeaten in 6 ? Have you seen our results this year ?
  11. That boat has sailed. TBC will be working under legal guidance from Colin Weir’s estate and most likely can only sell to a fan ownership group. I doubt if even Jeff Bezos would be able to buy the club under the current circumstances
  12. Even with a win we are unlikely to get out of the group, so I’d be tempted to not risk any more injuries and play a second string team
  13. And a Jaggy influence from Maxie who appointed Clarke !
  14. He controls it further than he can pass it.
  15. Agree that it is unlikely that we will progress even with a win. Is this the first time since the recreation of league cup groups that we haven't progressed ?
  16. We must have been making some excess revenue to have built up the reserves which we previously had.
  17. Not for profit just means that shareholders don’t get a dividend. Any excess of income over expenditure will go to reserves. Of all the things in the list I think this is the one which we should all agree on
  18. Have you got any thoughts that might cheer us up ?
  19. Stoke fans have written him off as a dud.
  20. Wake up and smell the coffee. We are on track to get out of this league via the playoff. Out of this league and into the 4th tier.
  21. Sure, but for today, the win is more important than the performance. A good performance will come if we start winning
  22. I think we just need to win. Pummelled for 90 mins then get a comical flukey own goal and 3 points will do me. Honestly don’t care how we get the win.