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  1. Does anyone have a rough idea of what the prize money is for winning League One ? Also, without a sponsor, does anyone know where this money comes from ?
  2. If Dundee have signed McMullan on a precontract, it doesn’t sound like they will be struggling enough to stop them spending. Of the 3, I think that Kilmarnock will be the weakest if relegated.
  3. Messi, Ronaldo, van Dijk, Modric and de Bruyne. Or am I being fanciful?
  4. Forgetting the voting fiasco with Dundee, I'd be happy (in self interest) to see them promoted. Killy and Accies will be wounded financially from relegation, so I would suspect that the league will be weaker with them promoted and Killy and Accies relegated
  5. Not forgetting that we already have Rangers (Edinburgh) and Celtic (Edinburgh) polluting the leagues
  6. Compensation depends on whether Livvy have offered him any sort of contract. If they have, even if it isn't one he is ever likely to accept, then compensation is due. If they have been stupid enough not to, then Tiffers is up for grabs. Also, if he does sign for someone else, do we not get a percentage of the compo for having helped with his training ? Did we not fall foul of that with Adrian Madaschi
  7. I think we need to stay in the Championship before we even think about promotion. Don't think we are even close to that for next season. Anything 8th or above would be a success.
  8. Using this generator, what is your Brazilian nickname and forum nick name - https://www.champman0102.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1943 My name comes out as Jaldo and forum name rather retro cool sounding Disco
  9. I'm not playing this stupid game. Only 16 Ian's or Iain's have played for Thistle, 10 of them midfielders and none of them keepers. I wouldn't want McCall or Maxwell anywhere near my team and half a dozen are before my time. I could confuse the opposition with a midfield of Cameron and Cameron
  10. Santala was originally a defender
  11. Very glad we made it out this season as League One looks to be a tough one next year. Queens Park and Falkirk will be joined by Alloa and at least 2 from Morton, Airdrie and Cove. I expect all will be targeting promotion.
  12. Can I be a keyboard hard man ?
  13. Resorting to cliches is when you’re close to the end. Taxi for Big Wull
  14. Let’s not pretend. Falkirk voted in self interest, it just happened to be our side. Our self interest is for Montrose to be promoted.
  15. I think we would be daft not to give him the chance to show what he can do in a Jags top.
  16. That boy Messi could do us a job.
  17. I’m sure that Docherty wouldn’t have been with us this year if he’d had any way out of his pre-contract