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  1. Dunfermline voted to end the Leagues on Black Friday. You may well be thinking of the final vote, doomed to fail before it was taken, where Dunfermline Morton & I think Hamilton knew which way the wind was blowing, & tried to get back in victim clubs' good books by voting for League reform. Needless to say, no League reform was forthcoming.
  2. Not forgetting Queen of the South's chairman Billy Hewitson - " There'll be winners & losers" & Brechin City further languishing in the Highland League. What joy!!
  3. Maybe SCOTLIS should look in their spam folder........
  4. Lovely thought PTD. If I forgot to turn to port at Fraserburgh, missed the Orkneys & Shetlands I'd not end up in Stavanger but in all probability in the Norwegian territory of Svalbard, watching Philip Pullman's lovely shaggy creatures instead of Richard Foster at the Caledonian Stadium! Regrettably my snorkeling days are long gone! By the time I'd got there, you would have had to send me a text telling me the St Johnstone score I have been to the lovely city of Stavanger three times, walking in the hills above the city on the last one. Memorable. I suspect that we will be back there later this year. Hopefully the Jags won't have a mountain to climb after tonight.
  5. Why don't you take Alegria's place on the bench as a warm up for the run That way you certainly get to wear the shirt. I'll be watching both matches, following my usual rituals. As for the bottom qualifier never getting promoted, there's always a first time for everything. I enjoyed meeting both AJ & yourself on my recent Firhill sojourn.
  6. For me Sneddon got an out of jail free card there. But the psychological failure for Dunfermline to score killed any hope they had of getting a result. It for me defined the match.
  7. The pivotal point in the match was the multiple block at the close of the first half. Not just Hendrie - other players got blocks in. The mind set of not conceding was pivotal. I don't recall any real threats after that.
  8. Thanks to you & Auld Jag. Good to meet you too, AJ. Enjoyed the match (completely unexpected!). My previous track record wasn't good - Falkirk matches usually, & null points. Wish I could be at the play offs, but I won't make them, but I'll be in the JL stand in spirit. Pleased at today's win. A sizeable (disappointed) Dunfermline support. I'll be back!!
  9. Can my name also be added to the ever growing list of disgruntled supporters. The contempt shown for hard working people with the Club's future at heart is breathtaking. Donnie MacIsaac.
  10. You must have some size washing machine!!
  11. Lovely touch by Graham for the goal.
  12. Thanks AJ. All well. I'm coming up to Glasgow for the Firhill Dunfermline match on 23 April. I'll be in the JL Stand, & will come down to see you either before or during the match. I'm sure I'll find you in your usual spot!
  13. Done in the Kentish countryside. All the best to you & your wife, AJ. Donnie
  14. The form table for the most recent 6 games (below) graphically shows Morton as the form team, with ICT & Raith Rovers bottom of the table. A lot of teams in the top half of the league table proper will be glad now of their early season points. The truth is that all of the teams in this league are poor.