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  1. Tunji Akinola named in the SPFL team of the week again. I'm a bit surprised that the SPFL have included the Scottish Cup players in their team as its an SFA competition ?
  2. Where did the close ball control and confidence come from? He's come on well at Alloa.
  3. Not too happy at John Beaton as the referee. I'd rather have a neutral in charge.
  4. A draw in this round gives a replay. Next round onwards sudden death.
  5. IIRC it was Bobby McCulley. (Eh??)
  6. Excellent article and site. Quite a sacrifice. As I went to primary school in the 60s in that area, the map of the location was good to see. I recall Woodside Baths, and the steamie in the lane round the corner. Many thanks.
  7. Was that no oor Bobby without his cargo?
  8. I believe season tickets won't apply for this match. My concern is that being a Friday evening, there is a Cup match live on TV, as this will certainly affect attendance.
  9. Evening BB, Selections are as follows:- H H A A H A H A A H H A A A H A A H H H Thanks for doing this, and bon chance to all!
  10. Just noticed. Tonight's match at Cappielow kicks off at 7:30, not 7:45.
  11. Listening to the interview with Alan Archibald on Jagzone, Holt had stitches inserted, but doesn't have concussion. Archie said he will be in the squad for the game. Personally speaking, after eight or so stitches in a gash, I'd be surprised if he did play at all. Eight days is not long enough for a wound like that to heal.
  12. Brian Graham not only in the SPFL team of the week, but also named as Star Man. David Bowie eat your heart out !!
  13. In the report of the directors, the following is of interest. "At the time of this report 55% of the shares in PTFC and title to the land is held by Three Black Cats Ltd (3BC) although the Club has a legally granted Licence to Occupy. It is planned that by the time of the Club's AGM, a timetable will have been made public for the majority shareholding to transferred to the new fan entity, The Jags Foundation immediately followed by the land being transferred to the club as per the late Colin Weir's wishes and that of the publicly stated intentions of the directors of 3BC." It would appear to me that the Estate of Colin Weir has been finalised, although looking at the progress of the Foundation of Hearts, the road to final fan ownership may still be a rather long and rocky path.
  14. I'm out of likes and HAHAs! Perhaps I can borrow a HA HA from BB !