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  1. Does this free up the compensation he was getting from us, and if so, will the cash set aside for that go towards a January transfer budget? Has he given back that company car, so he,won't be advertising Thistle in Byres Rd? 😄
  2. Free online match programme at the link below http://queensparkfc.co.uk/match-programme-queens-park-v-partick-thistle-3/
  3. No Bottles or Bumbles, but I can find three Ricky Little - 2008 - 09 season Robert Little - back in 1895 Willie Whittle- from 1914- 1920. Willie made more than 150 first team appearances for the Jags, and despite the times he lived in, lived to the magnificent age of 84!
  4. In the horrible event of Thistle ceasing to exist ( the previous board did, IMHO, make a good attempt at this) I too wouldn't support or even go and see another Scottish team. I would still contribute to the Thistle Archive, because club or no club, that would continue to find new material, I'm sure. I may go and watch local clubs in my area in the Southern Leagues, and Dover Athletic - but very occasionally.
  5. According to the BBC the Commissioner has listened to the strong opinion against the busses review, and has "shelved" the review meantime. This may, though, return, when they actually do proper research. I trust Scottish Football will use the time this rubbish sits own the shelf to carry out their own review, and be prepared for the battle when it returns.
  6. That's where you whip on that ever present balaclava 😉
  7. Thanks, BB, I hope they give the average number of busses per club in their response to the Commissioner. With the potential loss of revenue for home clubs and bus operators, at the very least a deminimis figure of , say, 5 busses takes out most of Scottish football- leaving you know who with the need to comply! I suspect the Match Commander or whichever officer gets lumbered with this will be happy with that.
  8. This consultation mirrors voluntary compliance with set out guidelines that have been in use in England for some time. Interestingly the English guidelines make it plain that non- compliance by coach operators will result in legislation being introduced to make mandatory rules. It may seem logical for the Government to extend these rules northwards, but apart from less than a handful of clubs, most football clubs in Scotland have single digit numbers of supporters buses. My first reaction was that this smacks of dog whistle politics at an election time, cheap for the Government, although I doubt that there will be any increase in police resources to operate the scheme. I do wonder if someone thought it a logical extension of what applies in England, without considering whether or not there is a problem with this in Scottish football. I hope that the SPFL provides a robust reply, with the average number of busses per club, to demonstrate how stupid this idea is, and also makes it plain that at a stroke it will kill away support at Scottish matches, and will seriously affect small coach operators.
  9. Back in the distant past the Shed used to sing:- "Aye, aye, aye aye Niven is better than Yashin Flanagan's better than Eusebio We'll play the h*ns and we'll thrash them." Sung to that most memorable of songs "Aye Aye Aye" by Count Owen and His Calypsonians. You can even listen to the magnificent Count Owen singing it on You Tube! (His version - not ours.)
  10. LLB, £20 transferred to the same account as last year. (See my PM.) East Kent Jag ii used as reference. Again, thanks for doing this. Any issues, give me a phone call, mobile number included in last year's exchanges.
  11. The official Morton site on Twitter has announced that Benny Rooney, our former player and manager has passed away. RIP Benny.
  12. LLD, I'm in town early next week, & it would be a good opportunity for me to go to my bank and transfer the dosh to your preferred account. I remember last season you sent a PM to everyone with the details. Can you send that to me this weekend? Thanks, & thanks for organising the sponsorship.
  13. Any of these players will be fine by me. I wish we could sponsor all three, but that's wishful thinking! Happy to go with the majority verdict.
  14. I've been abroad for the past two weeks, with very little Internet & phone availability. So I'm in for £20.
  15. "VATis a simple tax." Anthony Barber, Chancellor of the Exchequer on April Fools Day 1973. 😄
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