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  1. The Jags Foundation have now got 1,000 members. Well done to the TJF board, and our club future is looking rosy.
  2. The football matches on the football on BBC website shows fixtures listed till the end of March, so in all probability the next set of fixtures chosen will be done sometime next month. Don't know what your timeframe for booking accommodation or travel is, but you can bookmark this website. As previously suggested, you might get some joy from contacting BBC Scotland Sport.
  3. I must say that as a member of TJF I'm very pleased at the donation - however much it is, to the club's player budget. I'm also pleased with TJF sponsoring matches including the upcoming Scottish Cup tie. Ever since the previous board buggered off, supporting the Jags has become pleasurable again. C'mon the Jags!!
  4. Numbers are 18 and 32. Good luck to all of you. I wish you could all get prizes!!
  5. Hi BB. Predictions are:- A H H H H A H H H H A A A A H H. As always, thanks.
  6. This was indeed the Alan Munro who joined us from Clydebank. I've attached his Archive profile below. He only played for the first team on three occasions, and he did score one goal, in an away friendly against Stenhousemuir, which we won 2-1. The 3rd match he played in ( Not listed in the profile) was a friendly against Rot-Weiss Essen at Firhill on Monday 4th September 1972. We won 3-2. I used to attend quite a few matches at this time, but I don't remember him either.
  7. The photo is included in the Official History book. Copy below- with names. 👍
  8. LLD, I've a fair bit on next year, so when I attend a match, it'll be at short notice. Can you leave me out of the draw for the hospitality, as other donors are better placed to use it. I should say enjoy it! Good luck to the other donors.
  9. Stepped up from the Weir Academy, played against East Kilbride in a pre-season friendly in 2021. Also loaned out to Petershill. Profile in The Thistle Archive below.
  10. Well done fifexile. Unlucky lib. Not often a player scores a hat trick in a final, and ends up on the losing side. Thanks bb. Good competition!!
  11. Conversely the same contestant would be last........ and relegated again. Don't breath a word of these suggestions to the SPFL. They might get ideas. But there again, that means using a brain.
  12. PM sent to you, BB. Many thanks for organising the competition. After Sunday, back to the Scottish Cup!!
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