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  1. Thanks jaggernaut, I feel like brain has been turned to blancmange. Will stay off the air until I come down from eight miles high...
  2. Sorry, all, I am bit high on morphine and thought I was mesaging Airdrie jag alone. Apologies to all...
  3. Hi, as a matter of some urgency could you PLEASE ask Jim to phone my wife Yvonne on 07977 696418. I would not ask if it were not virally important. Thank you
  4. £12 for the dunfermline stream and £9 for a bottle of australian red made it a perfect afternoon. even the dunphy commentator admitted there was not a player on the pitch to compare with our stuart... sometimes, nay all the time, it's great to be a jags' fan
  5. my first visit to Hampden. Thistle had three members of Scotland's 1954 world cup squad but the jam tarts broke my eight-year-old heart...
  6. great, many thanks (i am at two with technology...!)
  7. nor mine; i presume the electronic ticket will be enough to grant us entry?
  8. There was something magical about a snow-bound pitch, an orange ball and floodlights...
  9. Robert philip, 71, first taken by my Partick raised dad to firhill on a trolleybus from the south side in 1956. How lucky was I to be born into a jags' family?
  10. many thanks, af; aye, what a team that was...
  11. as maurice chevalier put it: 'Ah, yes, i remember it well...' 'Twas a great time to be a youngster clicking through the firhill turnstiles.
  12. i reckon you are right, l-i-b; rewinding the old memory I seem to recall dundee were reigning champions rather than champions-elect. could it also have been the afternoon of george niven's debut in a startlingly green goalies' jumper or am i hallucinating?
  13. seem to remember sandy brown scoring an absolute belter in off the cross bar against league champions dundee in season 61-62.