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    i think if you continue digging deeper into 'tell him he's pele...' you will discover this yarn is of the apocryphal variety...let's just enjoy it as a lovely memory of a lovely man
  2. though it would be lovely to think the 'blond arrow' visited estadio firhill, i fear not...
  3. What a lovely memory for you both
  4. Name-dropping alert! In may 1977, I attended a Neil Sedaka concert in the apollo in the company of Ronnie Glavin and our wives at the time...
  5. i was 62 before i had my heart attack in 2012 - pretty good going for a jags' fan who first attended estadio firhill as a five-year-old...
  6. Rough, Hansen, Forsyth, Glavin and bone were all capped but, to me, frank coulston was what made the class of '71 the most exciting thistle team of all time - and that includes the 1963 side which should have won the league!
  7. john hansen told me the following tale when i interviewed him for the daily telegraph a number of years ago...: 'We'd been beaten in successive games so bertie called us in for training on the saturday morning before the next game, announced the team and explained. 'we're bottom of the league, your confidence is gone so we're going to have a practice game against invisible opponents..' "now it's actually really difficult playing against nobody. bertie was an intimidating presence and poor john kennedy, our left back, was supposed to ping the ball down the touchline to the winger. four times in a row john hoofed the ball into the terracing. eventually he finally succeeded in finding our outside-left whose job it was to cross the ball into the near post for joe craig. so what happened? three times in a row Joe headed wide - after 30 minutes we were drawing 0-0 with our invisible opponents. at which point four of the lads who were originally in the team were unceremoniously dropped...!"
  8. The afternoon before The Game ( the '71 league cup final for younger members of our family) David Mc and ally Macleod took lunch in the sadly long-gone Glasgow press club in west regent street. Using everything on the table - salt, pepper, vinegar, ketchup, brown sauce, tumblers etc., - Davie explained the tactics that would rip apart jock stein's mighty Celtic. 'So you think you're going to win, then?' enquired Maggie, the elderly waitress. 'Not only are we going to win, pet,' replied davie mc with a huge grin. 'We're going to shock the world of football,,,' and we did just that...
  9. robphil

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    Even as an poor old pensioner this could induce me to increase my pledge. Brilliant stuff admin - could you now explain brexit to an auld yin who is ready for the farm for the seriously bewildered
  10. the sainted denis mcquade missed many such sitters amidst his innumerable 'goal of the season' contenders
  11. square goalposts...old floodlights...tenements...a packed terracing...many thanks for wonderfully evocative picture of a bygone age. truly was 'firhill for thrills' in those days of my youth.
  12. Was at Starks park with QoS supporting friend last night; JC was interviewed on the pitch at half-time when he was very, very complimentary about thistle manager and players. Stressed how much he had enjoyed himself at firhill. Definitely sounded as though he wanted to extend his stay among us
  13. The reporter was quoting Caldwell directly. my Fleet Street days are long over...
  14. The quotation marks would suggest the words came out of caldwell's mouth. yes, reporters have been known to adjust the facts for all manner of reasons but tampering with direct quotes is a dangerous tactic