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  1. Is the detail of the how clubs voted yesterday available anywhere or have i just missed it?
  2. No loss whatsoever!! Flattered to deceive and inevitably did nothing! Two of worst offenders from last season away... things are looking up!
  3. Mcconalogue is up there with the worst player I have ever seen at thistle!!!
  4. I struggle to see games with fans being played this year in Scotland. Will there be a full complement of teams left by the time we start again? I would be very surprised if there was. What are players who are out of contract soon going to do as well? Can’t see many teams signing players anytime soon so what do they do to make ends meet until we get going again???
  5. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. a fantastic player for us not so long ago
  6. Saunders and oware are an utter disgrace!
  7. This is as bad as anything under Caldwell!!!truly woeful. O’ware is really pretty poor!
  8. Alloa pick up another point!!
  9. When was the last time we got someone from old firm who didn’t turn out to be ‘disappointing’???