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  1. Fantastic play by McKenna!!! Great goal!
  2. What an utterly ridiculous post!!!!
  3. Rudden was outstanding today!!
  4. Almost stonewall red card not given to a killie player bringing rudden down!
  5. Tiffoney has been unbelievable second half!!!
  6. That would have been a great goal there!
  7. Great win and we scored goals at great times. Thought their big centre forward was a bit of a handful in first half hour without creating many chances. Sneddon was solid and did everything he was asked to do. Tiffs came onto a game in second half and caused them load of problems. Other results great as well! Happy days!
  8. A promotion challenge this year??? That’s the expectation bar being reset perhaps……
  9. Regulation pen to rangers with 8 minutes left… which they missed!!