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  1. Good luck to young Sena down in England. Would imagine that standard down there will be at least comparable to the Scottish championship. Good move for him! (Still think he would do a job for us!)
  2. Yes was truly dreadful….. and both of them are better than us which is even more depressing!!!
  3. Regardless of recent not great form ( maybe bit of an understatement arguably!!) this is still a big opportunity so let’s make an effort to get along and support the team…. Remember ***** Campbell team of 2006 pulled the rabbit out of a hat!!!
  4. The bold Gazza is available again if we are needing another coach… maloney and all his team binned!!
  5. Truly awful performance… terrible pass back to sneddon for first goal and then downhill rapidly from then! Don’t think anyone with pass marks or even close!
  6. Would echo all the comments re sneddon last night! Was excellent with all the pass backs on a night when any keeper in the world could have had a disaster and also made some excellent saves. One ball he could have claimed but otherwise fantastic performance.
  7. When did we last score???
  8. Can you still buy a stream for the game?
  9. Let’s shut up shop now!!!
  10. Great win… the pitch is unbelievably bad tho and is only going to worse over next month or so!! Pretty much impossible to try and play on it!
  11. Utterly ridiculous decision!!!
  12. The bold Gazza may be on verge of joining Hibs as assistant to Shaun Maloney! Have they any clue?
  13. Arbroath were the best team I have seen this year by some distance. There forward like run our defence ragged and caused us untold problems all game. Very sobering day… a long long way off even thinking about challenging for title!
  14. Fantastic play by McKenna!!! Great goal!
  15. What an utterly ridiculous post!!!!
  16. Almost stonewall red card not given to a killie player bringing rudden down!
  17. Tiffoney has been unbelievable second half!!!