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  1. I don’t think Banzo lost the ball once all game - he is such an intelligent footballer who would have played at a much higher level had it not been for that freak injury at Tynecastle! Speaking of higher levels, how is Akinola playing in the Scottish Championship? His positioning, reading of the game and timing of the tackle are outstanding
  2. It seems Sena is getting good reviews playing in midfield for Alloa. Don’t know if it is too soon for him or potentially damaging to pull back from loan, but potentially an option?
  3. We’ve been a bit up and down but that is a vastly better team than the one we went down with. The likes of Akinola, Holt, Rudden, Graham, Tiff are a major upgrade on McGinty, Saunders, Robson, Jones, Mansell etc. That team still makes me shudder
  4. I think we are now the highest scoring team in Britain on a goals per game basis. Fantastic stuff tonight. I was actually a bit surprised at the negativity after last week, where I thought we controlled the game but just weren’t clinical enough. In any case, it won’t be a dull season with this team, 37 goals across our nine matches this season I think.
  5. A comfortable 90 minutes even if we weren’t at our best. Winning is all that counts in the cup and we were missing 6 players today, so job done. Sneddon was good again and Holt and Akinola are a good partnership. Sadly probably need to break it up next week to put Akinola at right back if McKenna isn’t fit. Never convinced of MacIver as a Championship striker but his aerial ability is excellent, times his jumps so well. Won several balls ahead of much bigger defenders today. Graham has to cut out the petulance. Had a kick out at a player at Arbroath off the ball, booked last week for throwing the ball into the ground in protest and got involved in a wrestling match today. His edge is part of what makes him the player he is but he needs to cool it at times. Onwards to QoS or Broomhill
  6. The same penalty type O’Ware got sent off for last time and we lost 5-1
  7. We were unfortunate to lose that in terms of the balance of play. The conditions were awful and we dealt with them better than we did back at Arbroath in January. However, as noted above, concession of a single late goal shouldn’t matter and we are already 6 points adrift after three games which isn’t good enough. Some of our passing and our final ball was terrible. No idea what Gordon is supposed to offer, complete passenger most games, would far rather Cardle, Lyons or Murray. We also had two good chances to break and Bannigan turned back both times, let them get their shape back and passed sideways. Very sadly, I don’t think we will ever see the pre-injury Banzo driving from the middle of the park again. Pluses are that Wright and Breen look decent backups, Docherty dominated the middle albeit cost the goal from what I could see, Sena added physicality and Graham is a good focal point (but poorly supported).
  8. The one redeeming point for Dundee is that the majority of their fans seem to be as seething as us about it.
  9. If I was a fan of say Ayr, Airdrie, Inverness etc and my club voted in favour of this, I would be fuming. These clubs are in with a chance of going up and to be blackmailed into losing that would be awful as a fan.
  10. And added to that they had Flanagan, Barker, Polster, Hastie and Jones playing, so hardly a poor side. In any case, I never read much into any friendlies
  11. Very young Thistle team against a very experienced Clyde side including Goodwillie, Johnston, Lamont, McStay and McNiff. Sneddon was excellent, some very good saves, handling and kicking. Watson looked good up top, Sena ok in middle but beyond that didn’t learn much from it such as the gap in experience. Not sure why we didn’t play Austin, Robson, Mansell, Barjonas etc tonight to get them some match sharpness
  12. 1-0 Clyde at half time...which came from our favourite of failing to defend a corner Looks a much more experienced Clyde side. Sneddon with a few good saves
  13. All ten players back and Benedictus gets a completely free run at it. The corner also came from Saunders just getting brushed out of the way as usual to concede the corner
  14. Not a meaningful shot on target in 90 minutes