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  1. Lovely day today, warm and dry. Might need the sprinklers on overnight if we are determined to postpone the game.
  2. Sivad

    Happy 2022

    Good to see Richard Foster starring with Amy Macdonald on STV's Hogmanay show. He mentioned winning the Championship as one of his hopes for 2022. Credits at the end included Camera : Ian McCall. Glad he didn't feel the need to make a public apology for the appearance of one of his players on TV.
  3. Thistle fans checking the score from time to time are used to nailbiting experiences, but never as long as from three minutes past three until ten minutes past five, for the final score to come through.
  4. Six goals in July. Three seasons ago, our top scorer was Blair Spittal, who totaled eight goals for the entire season.
  5. St Mirren were awarded a 3-0 result when Dumbarton forfeited. When Dunfermline got to play Dumbarton, they won 5-1. So in this instance it could be argued that St Mirren lost out. A three goal win for Thistle on Sunday would get us above St Mirren, but we'd also have to rely on Dunfermline failing to beat Stenhousemuir.
  6. Today is a significant day in the history of football. The home of international football is not London, it's not Baku, it's Glasgow. Partick to be more precise, with its obvious connections to our club, an independent burgh when the first international football match was held there in 1872. Today is the first time a match in a major international tournament has been held in the country where the first international match took place. So I make no apologies for starting a belated thread for discussion of the matches in this tournament. I realise that many fans are punch drunk from repeated disappointments in both tournaments and qualifying matches from previous years, and may be put off the national team by its association with the often incompetent SFA, but it's time to get behind Scotland today, represented by a squad that includes three players who have plied their trade at Firhill. We actually have a reasonable chance of doing well. Teams with home advantage so far have prospered, with the exception of Denmark, where special circumstances were in play. Hampden may be only partially filled, but the crowd should make a difference. We have a manager who knows what he is doing, and players who have experience at top level. There are limits to what can be expected, but there is no reason why the national team cannot make history by progressing beyond the group stage.
  7. Neil Lennon is currently part of the commentary team for Newcastle United v West Ham on BBC Radio 5 Live. So it looks like he is in Newcastle for work, and thus not in breach of travel restrictions.
  8. Tiffoney's goal gets my vote, if only because it was musically inspired. As he cut in towards goal from the left wing, he stumbled to the right, to open up an angle to the near post, then slotted it home.
  9. I got it when I saw him stumble to the right.
  10. Maybe Airdrie missed a trick on their recent visit to Firhill. When they scored first, they should have gone to court to get the game stopped. Teams like Thistle, when they get a result they don't like, are often told, "get on with it, it's not the end of the world". Given his attitude to climate change, a Trump victory might be exactly that.
  11. Probably looking to raise his profile ahead of the impending vacancy at Celtic.
  12. Celtic could end up benefiting from having two matches postponed due to fielding an illegible player following Bolingoli's breach of quarantine regulations. Due to their European commitments, it is unlikely that the games could be played before crowds are back, which would be to their advantage.
  13. Not even confident that there will be promotion from League 1 next season.
  14. At no point have I suggested that it was feasible to restart the Scottish Championship season. Merely pointing out the evidence from England that a snapshot of the league table with eight or nine games to play is a totally unreliable way to project final placings. This leads to teams being unjustly penalised, as I expect the Arbitration Panel to recognise today, even if they fail to remedy this injustice. Final league tables for the season should be amended to show the points per game standing, with an infinite number of decimal points. Then it would not take an asterisk to show future generations that something went badly wrong in 2020.
  15. When the season was shut down in England, Aston Villa were in the Premiership relegation zone, two points from safety, with a game in hand. Sounds familiar? Today they survived, finishing fourth from bottom.