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  1. Wrap Tiff in cotton wool from now until the end of the season.
  2. Must Win Tuesday, Five Cup Finals, In Our Own Hands. We are all thinking it, what a difference since HT v East Fife. Mon the Jags.
  3. Although I initially thought a draw was the best result, the current 2-0 score line has given us a good goal difference advantage. That may come in useful...
  4. Also watching Graham celebrate with Rudden shows the team spirit. I’ll go with number 2 too.
  5. Playing Graham, Zak and Tiff together was exciting. Hope we keep that as much as we can in the coming weeks.
  6. Big shout out to the 3 clean sheets after a ropey defence since the restart.
  7. If Falkirk fail to win on Saturday, it will be in our own hands. Who thought we would saying that last week? Many thought we would struggle to make the play offs. That is why we love our team. Mon The Jags!
  8. Great win, they could have scored that second a bit sooner but I’ll take it. Tough game next, but love the back to back clean sheets.
  9. And tonight, after a decent showing against a Premiership team confidence should have been high. Destroyed in that first half once more.
  10. Can we miss an injury time penalty to get a bigger kick the...
  11. Peterhead score to drop us down the league further...
  12. HH. Thanks BB. (Anything to take my mind off the current game)