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  1. Barton and Keown’s first 6 months- they both looked a class apart. They really weren’t
  2. Genuine question- does pitch overuse make a pitch more likely to be waterlogged? I understand that it makes the pitch more bobbly, barer and generally worse to play on, but does it affect drainage/saturation?
  3. I'm surprised that any Thistle fan thinks this. A better than 1 in 3 striker is certainly a rarity for us, we've had countless strikers over the past 10 years or so that have got nowhere near 1 in 3. In fact, 1 in 3 is a decent return for any striker. Doolan was "only" ever a 1 in 3 striker, for example.
  4. Being vaccinated reduces the risk of catching Covid and therefore reduces the risk of spreading Covid. It really is that simple. I genuinely do not understand why you wouldn’t get vaccinated.
  5. I still believe the loss of Azeez was second only to Lindsay in our fall from 6th to 11th and relegation. Azeez played in every game pre-split that season, and absolutely terrified defences. Of course his finishing was rubbish, but he offered so much more. I absolutely believe we would not have gone down that season had we kept him
  6. Maybe he was just shy and awkward in social situations?
  7. Slightly odd to be sacked after an abandoned game.
  8. For all the recent doom and gloom, we’re now only 3 points off top going into the Christmas break
  9. The part time thing is irrelevant- Arbroath are one of the best teams in this division regardless of status. While I think we are some way away from the top 3, we are not really any worse than Killie. Their record against top 5 teams is the as bad as ours (4 points each- 3 coming from the other in each case), and they are on a worse run. So the play-offs remain a real possibility. Can’t see is going up though, to be fair
  10. According to a Queen’s fan on P&B, the second one was a wonder save by Sneddon
  11. I'll put this here as it's from another cup tie in this round. Niang scores two very good goals against Bonnyrigg. The first shows some great improvisation from a corner, the second he starts and finishes a quick break. (About 1.30 in and right at the end of the highlights).
  12. Maybe these are general warning signs. However, we have his former long term manager and team mate on our payroll, who will know better whether he is trouble or not. If we were considering taking him on, I would take his advice (whatever it may be) over any possible inference we might make over his present employment cirumstances
  13. That’s only true had he been a free agent at the closing of the last window. He wasn’t and therefore isn’t free to play for another club till the next window opens