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  1. So logically, the free bus travel initiative was also presumably done at the wrong time- correct?
  2. I suspect a full cost/benefit analysis on an initiative which has been paid for by another entity (Glasgow Council) would not be good value for money.
  3. So, potentially increasing ST purchases via one initiative (free bus travel) is OK, but potentially increasing ST purchases via another initiative (increasing visibility and goodwill within a particular local community, and increasing visibility generally through media coverage) is not OK. Have I got this right?
  4. I therefore assume you believe the free bus initiative should have also been postponed till close of the transfer window? Like the signage and HT entertainment, this was also a new intiative outside of the core business. The downside, of course, is fewer free busses for season ticket holders.
  5. As you say, the main purpose of a football club is winning football matches. Of course, it is well known that money helps achieve this. It seems that this initiative (free to PTFC) both increases our profile with, and wins friends amongst, Scottish/local Gaelic speakers. It also has provided us with significant free publicity. This type of initiative can therefore bring in money and therefore fall under the scope of the main purpose of a football club.
  6. Sneddon’s situation is beginning to remind me of Kenny Arthur’s about 20 years ago. Never quite winning the confidence of the manager, but seeing off each “replacement”in turn. We’ll see how it goes for him this time. Of course, KA is in the hall of fame, so no reason to write off Sneddon yet.
  7. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-season-ticket-holders-get-free-matchday-travel-with-first-bus/ A genuinely useful initiative- well done all
  8. I'm not sure how we can be described as a yo-yo club anyway. This to me describes a team which regularly fluctuates between the same two divisions. Norwich and Fulham in England are good examples having been up and down a few times in the past 5-10 years, as possibly Dundee is up here. We've been promoted (and relegated) to the top tier twice in the last quarter century. We've actually "yo-yo'd" more between the second and third tiers in that time, although I don't think this is what was meant in the original post.
  9. Definitely Airdrie-a last minute Coyle equaliser after Klein had flapped at a cross. He was culpable in us giving away a two goal lead to lose in Dingwall soon after and was never seen again
  10. For as long as I remember, the Scottish cup and English FA cup has always introduced the top teams at a later round, so it’s hardly new
  11. I’ve seen us win promotion, and expect I probably will again. I’m 47 and we’ve not even reached a (proper) final in my lifetime. So definitely a League Cup win.
  12. Hemming most certainly not doing his homework on Graham’s penalty technique. I could have told him exactly what to do
  13. It’s always more difficult when you have perfectly good goals chalked off