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  1. I might be wrong, but my recollection of Hendry was that he had just broken through to the first team, when we were offered a transfer fee which we accepted. Fitzpatrick and Lindsay also commanded a fee (as has Penrice effectively). Lindsay, Penrice and O'Donnell have made a significant contribution to our first team.
  2. Or it will end up like Keown, impressive on loan, but once signed up...
  3. On this point, I just came across this bonkers statistic on p and b: “In the last ten years only one League 1 champion hasn’t finished in the top five, and that was Cowdenbeath who finished 8th and avoided relegation which I’m sure was success for them.” I’m sure we’re capable of bucking the trend though
  4. Being a pedant, I don't think we ever used Sylvia as a run out tune, rather a 14.45 tune as you're walking up to the ground/buying a pie. I remember the Banana Splits being a running out tune for a while. I couldn't tell you whether we have a running out tune now despite being a regularly attending season ticket holder (pre covid obviously). We did have a particularly hideous German-style football chant tune a few years ago (again as a "14.45 tune") which I'm very glad to see the back of.
  5. While Airdrie were indeed dispatched with some ease, Montrose were not- that was a close tie that took a late Morton winner after losing the first leg.
  6. I seem to remember one of the resident stattos on this site demonstrated that his penalty save record is not especially bad; fairly average in fact
  7. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/brian-graham-signs-one-year-contract-extension/?fbclid=IwAR1cJlbx4lv6i4TdPXoolbQLU6G2GDgC5ah3vgG6JzP-1_gnf6M0avBuc_g Graham also signed for another year
  8. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/ross-docherty-extends-contract-until-2023/?fbclid=IwAR391Vz7H6JL9GLHXpSDAVs93PMF_cWyjH7VA39gKr373SV1VI1lDVcoqq0 Docherty's contract extended till 2023
  9. Archie also scored a brace at Arbroath ETA- I think he only scored 5 career goals (for Thistle anyway) including two braces
  10. Obviously things probably would have turned out differently, and we would obviously have approached this game differently- but if that last minute Airdrie strike had gone in and all else remained the same, they would have pipped us
  11. Nice idea, but probably unfair on the players who won’t be at Thistle next season
  12. Nick Hayden, 47. Supported the Jags since I moved to the Glasgow area in 2000. Born and grew up in London area (Pinner) and still support England internationally, for all my sins
  13. That said, he apparently signed the pre-contract with Falkirk when they were 7 points clear, and probably expected to be playing in the Championship with them