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  1. Stephen Hendrie signs on till January https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/signing-news-hendrie-signs-deal-until-january/?fbclid=IwAR0eVeo406P-cC_TAa83PivXejZVakvucqrmGLgGbzvSO2l8yRo14G80E1s Looks a good signing to me
  2. Now up https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/tickets-for-saturdays-game-against-inverness-on-sale-now/?fbclid=IwAR0IwvQpGeCX-rmMDYm9iMl1Qurfr5vmWEGlr7NihY3JXCraBtBbBF3ctsw
  3. 60% to 70% effectiveness is still good. I don't understand why people expect perfection. It's like being against the law requiring the wearing of seatbelts or motorcycle helmets because they are only 70% (or whatever) effective at saving you in a high speed accident.
  4. It's amusing to me to see what the Morton highlights editor has felt forced to include by way of Morton's attacking highlights here. It's truly desperate stuff which includes a failed free kick routine and a routinely cleared corner.
  5. The one thing that all Thistle fans should surely know after that past 20 years is that taking a sports body to court for making the rules up as they go along, no matter how unfair or damaging to that club's profitably and business, gets you absolutely nowhere.
  6. There is another possible scenario- Finish 9th and lose the first playoff tie to be relegated
  7. It's offside if the defender deliberately blocks a shot or the ball deflects off him. If he deliberately plays the ball (e.g., goes to control the ball but miscontrols it, or tries to pass or clear the ball and fluffs the pass/clearance), the player is played onside by this action. I think in this case it is a blocked shot, so correctly disallowed for offside.
  8. Keown was the most disappointing signing of all, as he appeared to be a completely different player to the one that had performed so well for us on loan the previous season. I think Santala was taken on predominately as a forward anyway. I can only remember him playing in defense for 45 minutes, and I remember DC talking up his striking prowess when he borrowed him.
  9. One of the few games I missed that season . I think by then he'd been moved forward into midfield at least
  10. Jean-Yves Anis came from the Chelsea reserve team and had played for France at various junior levels. He is also possibly the defender with the worst reading of the game I have ever seen. He was like a child chasing the ball from player to player in a school kickabout
  11. An important factor in our premier league relegation was the unexpected January recall of the loanee centre back (who's name escapes me) who had looked decent. Bailey Cargil was a downgrade unfortunately.
  12. I thought the game more even than that- both teams had sustained periods on top, and I thought us more likely to score when we were on top than they were when they were on top.
  13. One positive worth mentioning- when we scored the third I was expecting a very tense final 5 minutes, but we saw out the game superbly and professionally
  14. The cards are indeed printed out- and yes you can print out on plastic. The cards have the QR code printed on.