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  1. And of course if Colin weir gives his shares to the PTFC trust they may well have 75%
  2. Of course there are but is a dispute not often about interpretation of facts
  3. I never said we were nor was I implying the situation you outline
  4. I wouldnt disagree with that and you would hope any disagreement would be resolved internally
  5. It won’t necessarily be about finding evidence - the facts may not even be in dispute - but about the interpretation of a course of action as I said not necessarily black and white
  6. I did say difficult to establish not impossible ....it’s a general rule that requires specific interpretation
  7. Yes directors are responsible but in reality whilst directors have a responsibility to act in the interests of all shareholders proving they are not doing so is not black and white and can be difficult to establish
  8. Cheers I so hate yeahs not being in threes
  9. And I know some rules are general and some are specific and that there can be as a result different interpretations as to whether a particular decision or course of action is complaint with said rules(s) .....it’s not all black and white and for good reason
  10. Me neither....but as the board have indicated resources will be available ....maybe Colin weir
  11. And you didn’t disappoint...... since I’m a company director and have been for many years I think I know how it works .....thanks